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Plasma 5 Applets 9 comments

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Jan 01 2018
Not github,

I'm not familiar with pull requests, for kde repo it needs phabricator I think.
you can also just send me the file.

Thanks for helping
- Jan 03 2018
What distro do you use, the plugin should be installed in ${QML_INSTALL_DIR}, for me on opensuse this is /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/ - Sep 14 2017
Works for me, tried to install to system as root?, or how, it uses a private c++ plugin, - Sep 14 2017
No repo yet, I'll look how to setup one up. I hope in the next 14 days. - Sep 14 2017

Plasma 4 Extensions 298 comments

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Mar 15 2015
Sorry, no time currently,
but not dead (will need it by myself).
Porting needs to learn QML too. :-( - Oct 10 2015
Well,active. ;-)

Not much time currently.
I try to make a 0.7 release soon.

Next thing would be porting to Plasma 5 as there is still no other good calendar/agenda plasmoid, imho.
but as i'm still using 4.14 this will be not before 2015. - Nov 15 2014
Sorry for the long delay, not much time. ;-)

pushed it now. - Nov 15 2014
There is no crash report by Dr. Konqui?
Try to run in from plasmoidviewer, maybe you need to install the program. Then in the console
"plasmoidviewer plasma_applet_events"
and try to reproduce it here. - Jun 12 2014
what version do you use?
how do you create these events, as repeating events? - Jun 12 2014
enable debugging for plasma etc. with kdebugdialog.
Then maybe you can find something in .xsession-errors.
Or try to reproduce within plasmoidviewer with debugging enabled. - Jun 12 2014
There are some options to limit the general timeframe and count of repeating events in the context menu -> settings. - Jun 11 2014
Is this related to eventlist?

If, then more info needed, debuglog/trace, output of Dr. Konqui. - Jun 11 2014
Sorry cannot reproduce,
works for me at least up to 5 plasmoids. - Jun 11 2014
It's in the svn repo, the webinterface link is

There's the desktop and the application pot file.

If you need help there are some articles on techbase. The program lokalize can help you with translating.
- Jun 11 2014
Would be nice if you can try current git,
if fixed a bug in last version, should not cause empty plasmoid though.
Also has a problem with recurrent events, also different story. - Oct 11 2013
What if you just restart the akonadi server?
aconadictl or applet?

You can also try to wait for the server setup really long.
set the timer in eventapplet.cpp line 173 to say 30sec (30000), does this help? - Oct 03 2013
And after reboot?
Sounds like old ones are not removed after resource is deleted.

Is this with 4.10 or 4.11? - Oct 02 2013
Possible to try current git?
Hard to test for me as I have no doubled entries on my installation. - Oct 02 2013
Can you try current git? - Jun 17 2013
Hmm, times should be translated to local time already? have to look at it. - Jun 07 2013
It's like every other plasmoid.

unlock desktop - right click on desktop - "unlock applets" or so (in german miniprogramme)
then right click on desktop - add applet (miniprograme)
look for eventlist (german Terminliste) - May 12 2013
yes, but this will take a longer time,
something else to do currently.

as workaround you can try
1. use categories with different colors or
2. format the items with qt html subset - Feb 02 2013
What version do you use?
with 0.6.95 I switched to filter collections what should do what you want? - Oct 22 2012
Thanks, I updated the link in the description to your location. - Aug 06 2012
Can you try the new package from obs if this still occurs. - May 13 2012
I pushed a fix to the git repository, please try if possible. - May 11 2012 - May 11 2012
Thanks for reporting,
5 seconds seems to be enough then. - Apr 02 2012
If you can compile from source, if you change line 173 in eventapplet.cpp
QTimer::singleShot(0, this, SLOT(setupModel()));
the zero to 5000 or so, does this help, for it does. - Mar 16 2012
There is incidendeditor-ng, but there are no installed devel files so the lib is not usable outside kdepim.
it would be possible to use the kincidenceeditor binary instead korganizer.

For the layout problem dont think its directly related to the plasmoid, I just use a QTreeView with some overridden mouseevents. - Mar 14 2012
I think the problem is Akonadi:Control:widgetneedsakonadi, dont know what changed there, have to ask on mailing list or open a bug report.

For the second, I was waiting for this since the beginning of the plasmoid, can you point me to? Are there independent widget now? - Mar 11 2012
It is not implemented. And currently I dont know a way to do this.
May it's possible somehow as the taskpanel works this way. May take a while to figure this out. - Nov 27 2011
the description is truncated to 120 signs in kcalutils already. - Oct 31 2011
I have no influence on placing the tip,

up to now the tips are updated on every mouse move,

I you could try current git, I tried to fix this (although I cannot reproduce the blinking). - Oct 30 2011
can you try current git and the auto group option - Sep 10 2011
add a resource for ics calendars (with the akokandi tray utitlity or akonadiconsole) pointing to your calendar (e.g. $HOME/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics). - Sep 07 2011
Hmm, more info please.

have you setup akonadi right? - Sep 06 2011
playground-pim - Sep 05 2011
Thanks, how about posting it on kde-i18n-doc to have it svn (I can do this also)? - Sep 04 2011
Good point, sometimes thought this too but forgot.
0.5 uses the name of the collection now. - Sep 04 2011
I thought task = todo,
hmm, in korganizer you can assign categories to events and special colors for categories,
they would be used in the plasmoid also for not passed events,
it this sufficient for you or do you want a special background for passed tasks ( I like them more plain)?

Or is this still not what you mean? - Jul 20 2011
1. this is possible
2. should be possible already? config->colors->colors for todos?
2. the tooltip is a plasma tooltip, after looking at the docs placing it should be possible, have to evaluate if this makes sense - Jul 19 2011
the custom format uses a qtdate method that takes the local from the system environment.
Is $LANG set on your system?

Try e.g. on konsole
set|grep LANG

For me here it shows LANG=de_DE.utf8. - May 24 2011
localization is done via qt and the environment here, can not be influenced by the plasmoid.
You have set german in systemsettings?
Works for me here with ddd dd.
(geht auch in Deutsch)

Gruß, Gerd - May 24 2011
Can you please try current git (now on!) if it fixes that? - May 20 2011
Hiding not, you can change text color in
settings->colors - May 16 2011
That are kde standard resources.
You need to add akonadi resources pointing to your calendars.

You can do this with the akonaditray utility or akonadiconsole. - May 16 2011
Have you set up any akonadi resources? - May 15 2011
what resources are you using?
events are shown in the plasmoid? - May 15 2011

Utilities 43 comments

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Sep 03 2011
Yes, but has to wait for a later version.

A generic cover fetch for kde would be nice as we have a few apps for that (amarok, kid, audex, ka...) - Jul 10 2011