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Plasma 4 Extensions
Google Calendar Agenda (ownCloud too!)

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by GDR
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Feb 28 2013
Yes, that's just a demo iCal feed, it disappears as soon as you add your own URLs. - Sep 16 2014
The clue of your error is that it's already installed - May 06 2014
Because it's an one liner, easy to copy and paste. - Mar 20 2014
I would be grateful if you helped me debug this issue by:

1. unpacking the plasmoid somewhere in a new directory

mkdir plasma_gcal
cd plasma_gcal
unzip /path/to/plasma_gcal.plasmoid

2. Running the plasmoid by typing the following in console (while staying in new directory):


3. Pasting console output into some kind of pastebin - Mar 01 2013
Also, AFAIK mint has the same packages Ubuntu has. If this is the case, in latest versions the package's name is kdelibs5-plugins - Feb 28 2013
I've updated the plasmoid, try now. - Feb 28 2013
There's a patch from tacaswell which fixes repeated events. I was going to publish a new version but I never had the time to test it and release it.

So here we go: - Mar 12 2012
Try updating once again, I've uploaded the old version. Looks like the new one is less ready than I thought. - Jul 05 2011
And can you add/remove URLs? Because this is what's broken if that package is missing. - Jul 05 2011
Did you install it fresh with the latest version or did you upgrade and it broke?

Also does the settings panel work? - Jul 05 2011
That would mean that my method of detecting whether everything's installed nicely is wrong...

Please download the plasmoid again, I've reverted the changes. - Jul 05 2011
The private iCal URL is as confident as your password. If you don't keep it for yourself, you're the only one you can blame.

I'm not going to make it use Akonadi, I want it to stay what it is: a lightweight iCal reader. I don't use Akonadi/PIM myself so I don't have the need to make whole heavy-weight framework run in the background. - Jan 17 2011
Yeah, I know about the display issue and will be working on it next time when I have more free time.

(the qt labels aren't quite as controllable as I wish they was and I'll be moving to custom rendering) - Dec 15 2010
Nice to hear it worked, but I'm surprised to hear about high CPU usage, it should be close to nothing.

I would like to reproduce and fix this. How do you show dashboard and how did you detect that gcal agenda uses lots of CPU? - Dec 14 2010
Make sure you have kdelibs5-dev installed - it's needed in 10.10 to make settings work. - Dec 13 2010
It's a feature I have no need to implement. Maybe, some day, it will be there, but I personally don't need it so I have little motivation. - Nov 16 2010
Thank you for both code sample and this answer - a version with KIO backend is now working :) - Nov 13 2010
Version 0.21 caches previously stored ical files locally, so that should fix this issue. - Nov 13 2010
There is one more thing that stops me from doing that - maybe you know the answer to this question: - Nov 13 2010
I think I know what the problem was - could you please try downloading the new version and let me know if national characters now work well? - Nov 13 2010
I'm using national characters all the time, are you sure that the ical feed is encoded in UTF-8? - Nov 12 2010
Not really. I will try to fix it and release fix with next update (so watch for updates :) - Nov 10 2010
I didn't know that plasmoids are all running in the same process, thanks. However I've tried googling for documentation or examples and couldn't find any that I can reuse in Python. Any tips? - Nov 06 2010
Two things could have happened:
1) you have a space before or after the URL (I bet it's before URL)
2) you have added 2 URLs, one of them is empty

Both of these are possible because this plasmoid is still in version 0.1... - Oct 25 2010
Could you enter the following command:
plasmoidviewer gcal-plasmoid

The plasmoid will open in a window. After a minute you should see some error message that I'd like to see too. - Oct 25 2010

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Jun 02 2020
Drag and drop support would make this app so great. Why there isn't a good KDE archive manager with drag'n'drop support, that's all I ask. - Mar 01 2013
Eee plasmoid

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Jul 05 2009
You will want to add the following to kernel parameters (/boot/grub/menu.lst):


Then the eeepc_laptop module will likely load automatically; if not - modprobe it. - Mar 01 2013
It doesn't work (red X) on my 1005-px because there's an I/O error when reading camera state. Change this function and you will be fine:

def checkEnabled(self):
f = open(self.fullfile).read().strip()
self.enabled = True if f is '1' else False
except IOError:
self.enabled = False
- Mar 01 2013
ActiveWindow Control

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Oct 14 2008
I patched it so it compiles on my 11.10, it should work on 12.04 too. - Oct 14 2012
KWin Button Applet

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Mar 25 2010
It stopped working after my recent upgrade to Kubuntu 11.10 - it looks like libtaskmanager is missing and not in the repos. Any idea how to fix it? - Oct 14 2012
Bitcoin Rate

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Feb 17 2013
This is a historical screenshot now, when was the last time you could get a bitcoin for $0.88 :) - Jul 01 2011
Nagios Plasmoid

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Feb 25 2011
Unfortunately it throws exceptions, first one was on start and the other one - when I tried to open settings. - Dec 10 2010
Bitcoin Rate

Plasma 4 Extensions
by joelthelion

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Mar 01 2013
KWin Button Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions
by majewsky

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Oct 14 2012

System Software
by Sho

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Jul 01 2011
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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Dec 14 2010
Bitcoin Rate

Plasma 4 Extensions
by joelthelion

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9   Mar 01 2013

System Software
by Sho

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9   Jul 01 2011

System Software
by mrdebug

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9   Jul 01 2011
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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9   Dec 14 2010