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Plasma 4 Extensions 14 comments

by GCN
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Apr 19 2009
Thanks for making a binary package. - Mar 20 2009
Just put "Spam" in the label text box. - Mar 08 2009
This, too, is planned... It'll be available "when it's ready"©. - Feb 20 2009
This is planned but I don't know when it'll be included since I won't have that time in the coming days to work on this.

Check the SVN repo for updates regularly (or subscribe to the project RSS feed to see how things are going on). - Feb 20 2009

Karamba & Superkaramba 19 comments

by GCN
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Sep 07 2008
Dammit you're right ! Let's hope it is fixed now (looks like I was very tired or in a hurry when I released v2.0.3 :).

About the CLI tool you're requesting for. I guess it should be easy to write such a tool. If that tool gets written chances are very low it will be included with the SKZ though (I don't think this belongs here) but I could put it somewhere in the SVN.

BTW I'm not really sure about what you would like it to display (and how). And I don't know if I could find time to write this.

Since we both are french I think we should get in touch (e-mail? Jabber? IRC?) and talk to each other in french (it will be easier at least for me :).

And if you have Python skills, maybe we could write this together ? - Nov 29 2007
The nextshows (2.0.2) widget installed ok, but its not shown anywhere

Did you try to close and re-open Superkaramba? Sometimes, for an unknown reason, the widget doesn't appear and seem like it is crashed (I never figured out when and how this happens).

Any ideas if and when you'll be attempting to fix this and the above mentioned problems?

To be honest, I have no idea. I installed Kubuntu 7.10 under VirtualBox and I had the aforementioned issue. It looks like it is a Debian/Kubuntu related problem (it is working flawlessly with my current distro though).

I could probably code a workaround but I don't have that much time these days. I will try to fix this ASAP but I prefer to not promise anything. - Oct 23 2007
Not sure... Could it be possible this is linked to how Debian built PyQt or Qt ?

I'm using Qt 4.3.2, PyQt 4.3 and Python 2.5.1 and don't have any problem.

Some changes were made in the SVN to make nextShows' GUI look correcly with Qt and PyQt >4.3 but I'm not sure this will fix this particular issue. BTW, I don't have that much time these days to work on this applet, there are some things in the SVN that aren't finished yet but, I'm using that code everyday and it works (at least on my system :). - Oct 14 2007
Please, what are your: Python, PyQt and Qt versions ? - Sep 22 2007
I sent you a private message. Just send me your configuration file to the e-mail address I gave in the message.

Thanks. - Jul 04 2007
Hey !!!

In fact that's already possible :). But, I didn't added it to the GUI yet !

Just edit: ~/.superkaramba/nextShows/nextShows.conf and change this part:
date_format = %%y-%%m-%%d

Remember you have to put "%" twice. Such a feature is planned to be included in the GUI in a future release.

Thanks for your comment. - Jun 16 2007
I took a quick look at tvrage (I didn't knew that website before your comment). While I think it should be possible to use this website to gather show infos instead of, the nextShows parser will need to be fully rewritten in order to use this website instead (also if one wants to use both sites).

As said in the text above, I don't plan to add new features or change the way this widgets works for now. But I plan to adapt it to the upcoming KDE4 once the latter is available or at least enough stable to start working on a new release.

Feel free to rewrite the parser to use tvrage if you wish. If your code is stable enough, I could include it and release a new version here. - Apr 25 2007
That is pretty weird. Setting this value to 0 should be all you must do to get rid of past shows...

Is there some kind of way you can send me your nextShows.conf file ? - Apr 16 2007
Crystal Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 124 comments

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Jun 08 2010
If you wish, you can add the file "/etc/arch-release" to your code (tested here and work fine).

This way, you'll also support ArchLinux.

Regards. - Apr 28 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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Jun 26 2008
For you 1st question, I guess SKZ stands for SuperKaramba Zipped (or something like that).

If you run superkaramba prior to 0.37 you have to manually unzip your .skz file:

$ mkdir my_dir
$ cd my_dir
$ unzip /path/to/file.skz

and you're done.

Launch SK0.36 and select the .theme file maybe it'll work (maybe not :). - Nov 21 2005
You need Superkaramba 0.37-RC1 to use .skz file.

Otherwise, since .skz files are just ZIP archives, you can extract the content of the SKZ file into a folder and choose the .theme file within Superkaramba to launch it.

Regards. - Nov 21 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

by GCN
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Nov 20 2005
I'm just beginning with Python but I think it is the hardest part of the theme creation job. For Superkaramba you just have to refer to the API documentation ( and everything will go fine :).

Tip: Take your favorite Superkaramba themes and look at their source code. That's, IMHO, the best and the faster way to learn (and that's why I love Open-Source :). - Nov 21 2005
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Sep 27 2010