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Frozen Fox
Faenza Pidgin

Icon Sub-Sets by somebodystrange 6 comments

I have them saved. I've uploaded them both to my mediafire here: - Jul 06 2011
Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

Gnome Shell Themes by satya164 47 comments

I figured out the issue with the broken scrollbars if you zoom in. Open Custom.css, and change:


to be


.. It seems to work. Note that editing the horizontal one seems to break the thumb grip, so I don't do that. When do you really run into a site that needs a horizontal zoom anyway? :P I'd fix it, but I don't really know or care how, as it works "well enough".

Anyway, I'll keep further comments off here or start a new page, just an update for those who used it. Thanks again for the nice theme, good sir :) - Apr 22 2011
Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

Gnome Shell Themes by satya164 47 comments

Oh, also. There's a quirk with using custom scrollbars I have yet to find a way around outside of extensions which zoom only text (instead of full-page zoom as chrome does). If you have zoom outside of 100%, the scrollbars tend to break entirely (look wrong) or look pretty ugly, depending on what the zoom rate is. If someone knows a way around this, let me know. - Mar 10 2011
Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

Gnome Shell Themes by satya164 47 comments

I made some matching chrome/chromium scrollbars for this theme.

I would upload them as an extension and link you to that, but that didn't work well when I tried. I've found that if you do that, the scrollbars revert to defaults on some websites, whereas it seems to work more correctly this way. There's an ambiance light scrollbars extension, and it has this issue. Those scrollbars don't quite match this theme either anyway, they're warmer.

In any case, you can find the file in the following link under the AmbianceBlue folder. Place it in /home/yourUserName/.config/chromium/Default/User StyleSheets (or google-chrome instead of chromium I think is what normal chrome uses). I can't imagine why you'd want to use custom scrollbars in windows or osx, so I couldn't tell you where it is there. You will likely need to overwrite your current one. Make a backup. - Mar 10 2011
Faenza Pidgin

Icon Sub-Sets by somebodystrange 6 comments

I've been looking for something like this for a while now. Looks pretty good! Many thanks :) - Jan 28 2011

KDE 4 Splashscreens by nager 3 comments

In general, no matter how much of any given content you make, if it includes someone else's content, you cannot legally distribute it without their permission or give it a license other than what they allow.

IE: I can make the best wallpaper in the world and spend a year doing it, but if I copy and paste clip-art of Spider-Man in the corner to ruin it just because I feel like throwing it in there, it still can't be legally given the GPL license because I don't own the rights to Spider-Man.

If you do not know what license any given content is (or if you use someone else's content in any way), it's best to set it to proprietary until otherwise determined. - Aug 20 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens by nager 3 comments

PLEASE people, stop setting the license of uploaded content to GPL or similar for characters, names, brands, etc you don't own the copyrights to.. I really wish this site would default the license to proprietary since three quarters of the things on here are proprietary or of questionable license validity/consistency anyway.. - Aug 16 2010

GTK2 Themes by juandejesuss 41 comments

Small addendum to the above for those who use gtk2 stuff in windows..

I couldn't get your icons from your win2-7 pack working or another win7 icon set i found working under windows to make gtk's icons match.. however, this one did work for some reason:

It's not anywhere near perfect (some of the buttons suck or don't exist actually), but it's good enough until one of these others works, which I'm looking into right now by comparing them.

Also, it seems the pidgin chat window background on your theme is a light blue when it should be a light gray. If/when I fix the above, I will try to remember to post the tweaks back :p

The icons go in C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\share\icons [or Program Files (x86)].

Add a gtk-icon-theme-name = "whatever" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\GTK\2.0\etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrc to do it globally, or your specific theme's gtkrc to do it for that theme only (recommended..). - Mar 03 2010

GTK2 Themes by juandejesuss 41 comments

I'm using this theme in *windows*, because the default gtk windows theme on Win7 doesn't look quite right in some respects in my gtk apps (like Pidgin on Win7). This fixes pretty much all of the things that bugged me, and looks/works orders of magnitude better than my own hack I made from dissatisfaction with other win7 theme clones. My only tweak to do is make the font larger if possible, as it is smaller than everything else. Thanks a lot.

PS: For those with the same problems, just copy the theme folder to C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\share\themes and select it with the gtk theme selector program that comes with gtk2. If you're on 64 bit, it would be in "Program Files(x86)" for 32 bit programs like pidgin. - Mar 03 2010
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Don't mean to bug you, but if anyone else has the problem I did at some point, I found out *why* an update fixed hal not working properly for this a ways back. A suggestion earlier on the pkgbuild comments to the linuxwacom maintainer was what fixed it:

"Add the configure switch "--libexecdir=/usr/lib/hal" (default is /usr/libexec , which is Arch-incompatible)."

Ie, if anyone uses a non-default hal executables directory, linuxwacom needs to be configured accordingly or it will cause that old issue (affecting this program and wacom+hal in general), even if your linuxwacom drivers are current. - Oct 28 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

FYI, whatever the problem was has been resolved on Arch afaict. All of you Archers passing by here, pacman -Syu and go ahead and install 1.9 manually or via yaourt (wacom-utility). Should be good now. If the above problems still occur, use the Testing repo or wait a while for stuff to move into the main repos.

Thank you again for your program btw :) - Sep 01 2009

Plasma Themes by pmarki 28 comments

As a workaround, install and use the adjustable clock plasmoid, which will let you change the color of its font among many other things. - Aug 04 2009
Gaia Recycled

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 16 comments

Stopped by again to say thank you so much & your new work is unsurprisingly awesome. Once again as well, I'll not be using it personally, but I think it will make my sister quite happy :) - Aug 04 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

I didn't intend to suggest that it was any sort of bug of yours. I was just hoping since you wrote this program, you might have a good guess toward the root of the problem.

As for the version, I don't think that's the case unfortunately. Arch is a bleeding edge distribution. I update it daily and it nearly always has newer packages than Ubuntu, usually about the same ones as the current development ubuntu (karmic now). Arch's linuxwacom-dev I'd been using was v, whereas jaunty was at

I took your suggestion a step further, though, and tried compiling the ubuntu wacom-tools source, which is akin to arch's linuxwacom, from jaunty. Wouldn't compile even after a patch that solved my initial error, so I gave up on jaunty's. Tried ubuntu karmic's after, and it compiled fine. I included udev rules and the kernel module (the 2nd time around anyway). Unfortunately, even after rebooting for good measure with ubuntu's wacom-tools installed (and their fdi file too of course), I still had no luck. The previous command you gave still shows the same thing afaict. Sigh.

Taken from:

This is a little more difficult than it should be given that my sister keeps taking her tablet to class/work with her and I'm unable to try to solve this until she's around and awake to ask for it.

I'm sorry to bother you in any case. If you've no further suggestions, I'll see what the Arch forum ppl have to say and wait it out if that proves fruitless, I suppose.

If you or anyone else on this thread wants to take a look, I've posted the "linuxwacom-ubuntu" package tarball here. It includes the pkgbuild (build script), udev rules, post-install file (*.install), downloaded source, and pkg.tar.gz (end result i686 arch binary).

- Jul 14 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

1) No, I don't believe it did. However, I also removed the stuff from xorg.conf before running 1.9.


"Type is wacom stylus".. I don't see any others. I suppose that means I need to go digging around for why hal isn't picking up the other stuff some more? - Jul 13 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

It seems Arch *does* have the patch, as far as I can tell after some research -_-..

The fdi file seems to match the one in linuxwacom-dev:


Trying to use the given patch on the linuxwacom-dev source resulted in the console nagging at me saying its already patched and asking if I wanted to remove it instead. Looking at the source code for it vs the patch, everything I bothered to compare was there in the source already. So I don't know what the deal is. Restarting hal didn't seem to help.

When I get the time to look into this further and confirm *everything* is there in the source that exists in the patch against 8.2 or whatever, I will post back with a solution if any are found. - Jul 09 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Apologies for posting so soon above, it seems I found information on the issue I didn't notice before. It seems I was correct.. hal can't configure one device multiple times, so it won't configure the tablet properly. Jaunty seems to have patched this with a workaround in wacom-tools that I (and probably most other distros) will need to look into.

The comment with info on the patches, from one of the above: - Jul 08 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Hello, me again.

With 1.9, most of the configuration areas seem to be missing, as the subject suggests. I only have one configuration area shown at all. Perhaps there is some kind of hal .fdi file needed that I don't have that others do somewhere? Any idea where I can find this, or is it some other problem perhaps? Considering the only suggested difference is the move to hal, that makes the most sense to me. Perhaps it's only picking up the stylus.

Also, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you provide this as a plain structured tar.gz? - Jul 08 2009

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 87 comments

I'll probably never use your themes, as they don't suit my personal tastes, but I love them anyway. It's quite satisfying to see themes that are actually different beyond color and transparency. Fantastic. Thank you :) - Jul 05 2009
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 354 comments

2.0 worked fine other than the seconds being stuck and annoying resize problems, but for 2.1 the clock itself is stuck in the panel. It won't change after whatever time is set when I log in. Oddly though, the tooltip seems to be correct.

I've pasted the main settings here if that will be helpful to you.

Further information if necessary: I'm running Arch, up to date, i686, using the Arch testing repository and running KDEMod Testing (4.3 rc1 / 4.2.95). - Jul 01 2009
Arch light

Wallpapers Arch by vkart 3 comments

I love it. Made my Arch look just a little bit nicer. Thank you! :) - Jun 27 2009
Arch light

Wallpapers Arch by vkart 3 comments

Any chance you could offer the logo there as an icon (or is it somewhere already?)? I like the gloss on it, seems to be nicer than the one I'm using for a start button :) - Jun 27 2009

Audio Apps by ukw 18 comments

Very cool project :)

Will it eventually work with MPD like sonata or will it stay standalone? - Jun 26 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Submitted to AUR, the Arch User Repository. Thank you so much! It works great :) - Jun 26 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Thank you so much! It works perfectly. - Jun 26 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Indeed it is :)

Everything works fine now as far as I can tell.

I have one more thing to bug you about though. It's trivial, and somewhere between a bug report and feature request. The window by default is too small in width to see the entire button scheme in the reference/view area, thus requiring it to be resized. Could the window be auto-resized by compensating for the image's width?

Thanks a bunch! - Jun 25 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Awesome, thanks. Tested and your fix works great.

As for what version, Arch doesn't -have- a version per se, it is a rolling release distro. Any Arch CD can be upgraded to be current pretty much. Mine is just up-to-date / synchronized with the mirrors. It can take a lot of time to set up, and does not have any official graphical livecd. As such, I figure it is not worth your time to look into that problem, it is very minor and could well be a problem with my own setup. If you wish to anyway though, the Chakra livecd's available are unofficial Arch + KDEMod4, and would accomplish the same thing. I've not tried them personally though.

Hahah, I just noticed I forgot to remove the putty-svn line from the pkgbuild I posted earlier for 1.5 (I used another pkgbuild I made as a template for this one). Oops.

As for button order.. I gave the buttons 1-12 corresponding letters A-L, then typed in the console in button order. I got:


So basically, it looks like buttons 4 and 8 and the touch strips are correct, but the others are not.

I'm not sure if that is what you need. If not, please let me know what to do :) - Jun 25 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments


I noticed a week after my previous post, you responded to the person *below* me but didn't say anything to this.. another week-ish later, nothing here still.. I'm sure you're busy, but could you at least respond? It seems kind of weird you'd just skim over this and answer the next person without comment.. An "I'm working on it" or "I'm not going to fix it" or "I'll get back to you" or "Give me this information", something, anything would do..

I'd like to *help* get this fixed if I can, by perhaps providing you with a correct button map or something. I'd go ahead and give you output from xev or something, but I don't know if that would be what you need.. - Jun 25 2009
He's probably referring to the gnome panels. - Jun 24 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments


I've done a quick conversion on your deb to Arch Linux (pkgbuild script) format. When you have the non-deb source available, I'll redo it and post it to the user repo. It worked fine, as I see every file in it that was in the original deb. The program also runs nearly properly as far as I can tell. If you need to see the script or someone else wants to try it, its tarballed here (will be removed when posted on AUR):


1) I needed to *totally* reboot instead of just log out and in for it to work, otherwise it would just show the one options section with the 2 checkboxes. Which is pretty bizarre, considering it only made changes to xorg.conf afaict. Whatever, it worked. This might have nothing to do with your program though, this is more just to let others know, if you don't see other options and stuff is checked properly, reboot.

2) On the Intuos3 6x8, the button mapping is messed up. How might I help you fix that?

3) If I edit one of the buttons, one of the others will change to the same button-response on its own o_O. Ie, I changed button 1 to "K" and button 4 or something changed to "K". Changing button 2 to "L" then also randomly changed 3 to "L". Or something to that effect. Really weird. This may be related to #2, though at one point I believe if I changed one, it would immediately change the *next* one.

4) I notice when you click 'edit' for a button, the drop down list has a load of empty spaces before starting, but scrolling a little down then back up fixes it. No biggie though.

Thank you for this utility, my sister will undoubtedly appreciate it, being an artist type who finds Linux lacking such necessary friendly hardware cfg GUIs. - Jun 11 2009
NUT - Network UTility

Network by Inphos 38 comments

Indeed, the dbus file is there. In other news, I thought I removed netdev (and my user from it) after last trying, but apparently not.

Still the same problem, anyway.

However, I inadvertently ran into ANOTHER thread with actual posted pkgbuild stuff by chance (as nice of an app as this seems to be, ffs @ the common word name) that mentions a few things I missed that are probably an issue:

From what Maki83 says, there's a little more involved than my pkgbuild was doing. I will work on it some more tomorrow and see if I can get it going.

- May 15 2009
Arch KMenu 2

Single Icon/Logo by mck182 8 comments

I would gladly make a package for such stuff normally, but it's kind of pointless to do so. I mean, it's one icon. Not to mention you would have to use the -f flag to force the install because the start menu icon already exists as a file in another package.

If you really wanted to, I suppose you could edit the icons package to manually replace it in a less hackish fashion (I think 4.2.3 has them in kdemod-runtime-icons or hicolor-icons and 4.2.85/4.3b1 uses oxygen-icons).. but who is going to download such a huge package over again solely to replace one icon? If you wish to do this yourself, see the last post here for pkgbuild links, but it's really probably more trouble than it's worth. - May 14 2009

Cursors by KuduK 3 comments

I notice you're pushing all of these converted cursors out very quickly (thanks btw, we DO need more decent cursors in linux land), and all of them are GPL'ed. Something about that suggests to me that you are not getting the cursor authors' permissions to license them as GPL. Unless you are getting such permission, please fix the licenses to proprietary or whatever the author wanted it to be if you have such information.. apologies if you already did have such permission, and in which case, ignore all of the above except the gratitude.

Thanks. - May 12 2009
NUT - Network UTility

Network by Inphos 38 comments

Grrrrr, that's SO SO irritating when these sites erase my comment because it took a while to type and I need to log in again. 2ifh2io3ho32ifh32fff3-29jf-49of4

My prior post should've been: I'm not sure why it has 0.5.0 there; it's certainly 0.5.1 unless the link is lying and nut-0.5.1.tar.bz2 is 0.5.0.


"Have you tried running nuts in a console as well as qnut?"

Yes. It reports:

Try setting watch dir to "/var/run"
Pid file name is ""
Filedescriptor for inotify is 23
Connected SocketNotifier for inotify
Set dbus pid to: 4901
(Inotify) Setting up watches
Setup Pid file dir watch with 1
Device(eth0) gotCarrier
Set next environment 0
Device(eth0) is up!

Btw, might I suggest "Trying to set watch dir to" instead of its current message? I got the impression that it was telling -me- to do something, not that the program was trying to do something (which seems to be the actual behavior) and spent some time looking around to be sure.

"nuts config files and dbus config files are put in the right place?"

Nuts config file is in the right place, as the devices in it are reported as "up" and nuts no longer nags about it. As for dbus stuff, I don't know what you're referring to or where to start looking, but something like that was mentioned on the KDEmod/Chakra forum link. I'll wait for them to post their stuff, which will probably fix that. Or post mine in a week or so if someone else wants to try to figure it out if they haven't done that by then. In any case, answering that question might help others with the same issue on other distros.

"qnut has sufficient rights (though it looks like as if nuts can't connect to dbus)?"

Running qnut with kdesu produced the same results, as did making the group mentioned a few posts above and adding myself to it (+ reboot just in case). - May 11 2009
NUT - Network UTility

Network by Inphos 38 comments

On adding another minor patch to include stdio.h in macaddress.h, it compiles as expected.. however, same problem as the last version.

QNUT - Qt client for Network UTility Server (NUTS) (v0.5.0) started
Fri May 8 19:47:16 2009
Please start nuts. Starting idle mode

It IS bloody running! The process exists, and so does /var/run/daemons/nuts :p

Also, I'm not sure why it has 0.5.0 there, as it's certainly the 0.5.1 unless the link is lying and nut-0.5.1.tar.bz2 is 0.5.1.
- May 08 2009
NUT - Network UTility

Network by Inphos 38 comments

Blah. I can't be bothered patching this stuff anymore. Tbh I have no clue why I even did all of this, because I have no use for it whatsoever. The prior releases/gits I needed 2 small patches to compile and run properly (though as mentioned, I still had problems with qnut finding the server like a person above). The pkgbuild edited to remove said patches [for connectionmanager.cpp and common.h] on the assumption they were fixed now gives this on compiling:

macaddress.h:52: error: âsprintfâ was not declared in this scope

If you still want the files, I can still post them up. - May 08 2009
NUT - Network UTility

Network by Inphos 38 comments

I actually made NUT pkgbuilds and such. I will post them up on the forums in the pkgbuilds section a little bit later if the bug (assuming its a bug and not an error on my part) where the client can't find the server is resolved. I will test again soon and find out. - May 08 2009
Elegant Login Linux

GDM Themes by danylinux 18 comments

Hm, I wanted to add something else after reading a couple more messages around..

In saying "wholly your work", I am once again referring to logos/names/titles/slogans. For example, the ubuntu wallpapers you made: I'm not saying you didn't make them yourself; I'm saying you used a logo and name originally made by someone else in your work. Accordingly, it can't be interpreted by any stretch of the imagination as "wholly yours" (especially belonging to you in a proprietary sense), as the symbol/name/etc are not yours. I'm getting kind of tired of repeating that, but it doesn't seem to have clicked yet, so there you have it. Even if you drew your own version of the ubuntu logo, it still comes from ubuntu. For comparison, if you drew Microsoft's logo and proclaimed it legally yours (proprietary!) on a popular website, how many hours do you think it would last before microsoft brought the hammer down on you? How about youtube videos being taken down that have popular tv shows on them, commercial revenue not considered (it happens with non-commercial-ridden channels too)?

(Quote)...I dont make money... (/Quote)(Quote)I.E. if they wanted me to remove the content with any logos etc down it would come.(/Quote)

This gives off a defensive air, and I apologize and again note I don't think you've done anything wrong but make "proprietary" work with GPL things that I'm pretty sure doesn't legally "belong" to you (whether drawn by you or not) in them. This guy's taken your stuff, certainly a big problem.

(Quote)Other than that it seems plenty of people have an opinion on this matter and are only to willing to express it although it really does not involve them.(/Quote)

*Seemingly* passive-aggressive comment about whose "business this is" aside, that's not true. Theft of artwork on a public artwork submission site and the breaking copyright licenses involves everyone in the community, albeit indirectly most of the time. We all want to keep everything legitimate here, make no mistake, and we want the not-yet-linux-public to see us in a better light than most do now, "proprietary content thieves and copiers" (a'la all the xp/vista/7/mac ripoffs).

phew.. i hope that's all that needs to be said now, as this topic's getting pretty old.. do something already :p I'm too tired to go back and edit this one tonight for quality, so apologies for sloppiness/coherence issues or anything potentially offensive ahead of time :p - Apr 11 2009
Elegant Login Linux

GDM Themes by danylinux 18 comments

(Quote)Lets get this straight - its my wallpaper created by me totally - if asked I have no problem with people using my work.(/Quote)

I think you've misunderstood something I said here. I was NOT simply referring to this single work stolen by the guy in question; that's not in argument at all. I explicitly referenced everything else you've made with proprietary or explicitly GPL (viral) symbols, logos, whatnot.

(Quote)Also yes I do write and ask creators of work I incorporate... most recently Adrien Missika who did not reply yet so I have not used it.. and the creator of the plexis theme some 2 months back on behalf of a friend as I had requested a linux port of that said theme.(/Quote)

Again, I'm specifically referencing all of the GPLed and proprietary logos and names you use, not the works made from individuals. Have you emailed the ubuntu project, the debian project, the linux foundation, etc asking to make a wallpaper? That's what I was saying I doubted you did, because it would be wholly unnecessary and ridiculous: the GPL tells you what you can and cannot do already.

On a side note, not considering "a giant group of people" seems to be less of an issue than a single artist, isn't that interesting? Somewhat identical to our tendency to be more affected by individual deaths than large numbers often times.

..Anyway, I am simply saying that branding all the work with such viral GPL stuff on them as "your proprietary stuff" is inherently as inconsiderate (and possibly illegal) as you are upset for with this guy, as I said before. I thought I made that pretty clear. I have no doubt you asked for permission for individual peoples' content, and never did, and never intended to suggest such.

(Quote below)By the way this is not GPL The Wallpaper that is used in this GDM has been taken with out my permission and I am the copyright owner.(/Quote)

If he doesn't respond soon, you do have every right and good reason to get in touch with the gnome-look admins and try to have something done; or go further if you find it necessary. Again, don't misunderstand the meaning of my previous post. I do fully agree that you've been pretty much stolen from here, just that you need to think a little bit more about some things you are upset about too, and consider finding an understanding of (and use) the popular licenses.

..back to bed again ;) - Apr 11 2009

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 9 comments

Nice :D ty. <3 the blue one. - Apr 10 2009
Elegant Login Linux

GDM Themes by danylinux 18 comments

Ah, it just occurred to me that I potentially (not necessarily -- I honestly don't know how this possibility works) contradicted myself regarding the viral GPL licensing and the suggestion of creative commons. I'm not sure how it works: 'free license' content inside content with a different 'free license'. I -think- it works out okay if done properly, but I'm not sure of what's legal there or if I've messed up all sorts of things. However, it's worth researching for uploading content here and a lot of effort has been put into their construction.

In any case, NOW it's time for bed ;) - Apr 10 2009
Elegant Login Linux

GDM Themes by danylinux 18 comments

I'm not sure who I'm more irritated at, you or him.

On one hand, I can't imagine how slow the linux community would operate if everyone who used another piece of work (or a symbol, like -you've- used in half+ of yours; I doubt you've asked all projects permission and I'm ignoring the wallpapers with the proprietary mac logo which you CERTAINLY don't own "proprietary" rights to) asked before modifying it. People seldom respond in the first place. That's precisely what standard licenses are for, and why we have SO MANY OF THEM floating around in general use! You, though, just take GPL'd project logos, whose licenses from my understanding are mostly "viral", put it in your project, and effectively label it proprietary (your licenses listed are copyright-date-yourNameHere!). Somehow I don't believe that's legal, much less "considerate" as you are angry at this guy for; its taking the rights they've specified and then closing them for yourself because you added something to it. However, I am not a legal expert, so I do not know for sure if that's how it works (viral images). In any case -- sounds like blatant hypocrisy, does it not? Perhaps if you're going to upload content that you did not make -ENTIRELY- on your own, you shouldn't selfishly claim it wholly "for yourself" through the license (intentional or not).

On the other hand, I don't blame you a single bit for wanting to be recognized for your work (especially if its ENTIRELY yours), and it shouldn't be taken and posted without recognition that you made some/most/all effort into making it. You probably worked hard on them and I and the community in general appreciate that it was at least shared for personal use.

Consider this, though. Many/most of us prefer an -absolutely- free file (ie free speech, not free beer) that we are allowed to do whatever we wish with: full generosity and openness (especially to customization), in typical gnu/linux spirit. That in particular ignores the self-important/self-appreciating need to be notified when it's used, which is expected to be often. Answer this honestly: when were you going to say no if someone asked you permission? For that matter, considering your likely answer of "probably never", why does it matter, rationally speaking? If the aforementioned love of free (speech) things weren't the case, a huge chunk of us wouldn't be using open source / linux software -- we'd do just fine with Windows and the millions of wallpapers and freeware programs people post for it. Perhaps it's time to feel the essence of the 'free software' spirit: what is free for everyone, *no strings attached*! Maybe you should reconsider your own behavior regarding your comments about what the "linux community is about".

Basically, it winds down to this: your license was technically 'proprietary' and this guy had no right to take it from you whatsoever without permission. At the same time, I can't see you as having any right to "close the rights" on works including viral 'free' content (and even some proprietary content you lack rights to) for yourself.

Should my comments not persuade you to change your mind (and I honestly mean no offense, I'm trying to point out the irony here is all, and I do appreciate your work in any case; also note that I'm more on your 'side'),

I suggest you
1) Specify on all of your content that you want to be linked/referred back to / given credit OR
2) I -think- the creative commons license does that, so research and change the license to explicitly be what you want, without being a hypocrite or making it illegally AND
3) If this guy still keeps stealing stuff with no credit or fitting your license, get it contact with the gnome-look admins. It is a serious matter.

If something doesn't make sense or I made some glaring typo, apologies, It's about time for me to go to bed ;) - Apr 10 2009
ubuntubull wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by srpayo 5 comments

Instantly reminded me of the Target dog. Seems you've been beat to the punch :P

I didn't up or down vote this fyi, just an observation. - Apr 04 2009
Anarchy in the U.S.

Wallpaper Other by akohler 3 comments

I'm not sure what the most hilarious part of this is:

..The idea of an anti-government body making a 'rallying call' for pro-government constitutional authority.

..The placement of a legal license on work by those whom, by definition, advocate removing the legal system. For that matter, setting it to "creative commons" instead of "WTFPL"!

..The impression of tinfoil hattery that the first post gives off (come on, that pseudo-quote is tired anyway). The idea appears to be that this 'censorship' taking place is of the form of mass down-voting a silly wallpaper. Either that, or the comment was random or somewhat tangent to the message. Or something else unfathomable? Who knows? Amusing in either case. - Apr 03 2009

Audioplayers by seba 1 comment

Thank you!

From the screenshots, I figured I wouldn't like this. The rating gave me the push to try it though, and I'm glad it did! It actually might finally end my music player (well, specifically, MPD client) hopping. Everything I want and nothing more or less, with one exception.

The one very minor thing bothering me about it: when looking in the library, clicking on a song adds it to the queue instead of playing it. It would be nice to be able to configure what the mouse does in that respect. A switch to either add to queue or replace "current" with what's in view on the 'library' window and play the one double clicked. Or even just 'play the clicked song' would be nice. I figure different people prefer it different ways, and it shouldn't be too difficult to allow it both ways.

In any case, even if this idea is disagreeable, thank you! This is great. I have a feeling it is going to last much longer for me than other players. :) - Apr 02 2009

Various Gnome Stuff by wish21 7 comments

Note: It seems only the 1024x768 version on that link works. - Apr 02 2009

Various Gnome Stuff by wish21 7 comments - Apr 02 2009

Wallpaper Other by LinuxfanMarcel 6 comments

Great work.

I will admit that photos being uploaded to this site as wallpapers had started irritating me lately. However, I've not down-voted them because that shouldn't be the reason for a down-vote, I guess. I mostly wished people would just put it on flickr or photobucket or something instead of here. That said, there's something.. tasteful about yours that I don't seem to see in most/any others. I'm not sure what it is. Even those I don't like per se seem to have the aforementioned state of "taste" to them. Thank you for uploading them, in any case. Up-voted. :) - Mar 29 2009

Beryl/Emerald Themes by nen 4 comments

Nice. Upvoted. Any chance you could make one of a solid blue or deep blue color?

Ie, - Mar 29 2009
KDE Wallpaper 2

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by joshjtl 3 comments

I'm also pretty sure the above guy usually uses 'free'/'freeware' as a license most of the time, not explicitly saying GPL. So it would be nice of you to change it. - Mar 28 2009
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