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Ole Holm Frandsen , Denmark
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by Lacky
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May 17 2013
Hi there

Thanks for your comment :-)

Froksen, When launching the Fdesktop configure to show by defaut the language system to display if exist the default system lenguage instead of english.

Not sure that I understand your comment fully.
The program should always choose the "System language" if possible (and not chosen otherwise).

Maybe some strings haven't been translated and thats why its in english rather in your language?

Another suggestion is use in terminal call "fdesktoprecorder" instead of "FDesktopRecorder".

Have though of this serveral times too. Sadly I don't have that much time at the moment to fix or do almost anything on the fdesktoprecorder.

But it has been added to the issuetracker on github :-) - Apr 09 2013
While recording?

Sounds like a super idea. Currently though, I have no idea how to make it. But again great idea :-)

Moved your request to Github: - Feb 20 2013
Its still a working process, but get the job done :) Always nice to hear that it is working and is useable :-) - Dec 15 2012

Currently it is not possible via the program. I have been searching for a way to do this. But as far as I was able to find, it looks like it has something to do with whether your hardware supports it or not. (Haven't testet it on my own box yet).

Try looking at the following:
- - Dec 15 2012
>> Hi Frosken, the translation is complete.

Fantastic job! Thanks! (BTW, there are some new/changed strings on Transifex :-)

>> Sugestion: A program FDesktopRecorder in GTK interface would be great.
Good idea, although I cannot code in GTK and will focus on making the Qt/KDE version better rather than making two "lesser versions" :-)
(Note: I take it as a compliment that you want a GTK version of my program :-))

But if you or anybody else want to, be free to do so. Although the fdesktoprecorder uses alot of Qt-stuff, so it would be more or less a rewrite - I guess:-/

Again thanks for your translation and your fine comment.
- Dec 02 2012
Hi XandarKablandar

Thank you for your very fine comment, it always nice to know that other people think one are doing a good job. :-) - Nov 12 2012
Hi DMCorsa

Thanks for the fine comment, happy to hear that you like it :-)

>> 2 - Be able to draw an area rectangle on the screen to be recorded separate from the Single Window option.
This is one of the things I'll properly want try to do in future versions - but no guarantee. It would be an fantastic feature. Although I do not have too much time at the moment - sadly :-/

>> 1 - When selecting a Single Window, be able to specify whether to include all the window decorations or only record the viewable frame within the window.
Will properly be possible when/if #2 is done, although an interessting though. Just curious - why do you want this, in which use case? :-)

Again, thanks for your comment :-) - Nov 12 2012
roentgen's issue was solved by installing "xwininfo".
I have updated the dependencies for the program, see github for more info:

Thanks to "roentgen" for letting me know of this issue :-) - Oct 28 2012
Sent you a private message :-) - Oct 27 2012
Okay.. Strange.. Looks like its not getting any width and height of the selected window.

Hmm.. I will see what I can do, and let me know how it does with your debugging package :-/

As far as I know, you are the first having this issue :-/ - Oct 25 2012
Hi roentgen

Hmm.. sounds really strange..
* On which distro and environment do you get this error?
* Could I get you to copy the consoleput to a pastebin like: ? :)
* Have you experienced this with previous versions or is it a new issue?

Currently I have no idea what goes wrong, sry - hoping on the consoleoutput can tell more :-) - Oct 24 2012
Good to hear and thank you for packaging my small project :-)

Hmm, sure I keep that in mind for future releases..

Again thanks.. - Oct 21 2012
Hi tetris4

My mistake that I didn't make this change more clear. Please see updated build info on github:

Hope it helps, otherwise you just write again :-) - Oct 21 2012
Hi tadeufilippini

Currently no one is building packages for Kubuntu or any *.deb based distros. So currently the only way to get the program is to compile it from the sourcecode.
(I only use openSUSE/Fedora myself (rpm based))

But you are more than welcome to let me know if you find any *.deb repos or make one yourself :-) - Sep 30 2012
Hi shang

Well, my program does not currently support ogv, although ffmpeg does.

I have been testing if there was a workarround, so you could do it directly - so far unsuccesfully, but maybe it works on your computer?

Four steps (Hard way):
- Open the fdesktoprecorder configuration file at ~/.config/fdesktoprecorder/fdesktoprecorder.conf
- Set videocodec from libx264 to libtheora
- Set defaultformat from avi to ogv
- Restart the program and try to record something
(If anything does wrong or you want to restore the settings, either use the "Reset" button in the settingsdialog or just remove the file fdesktoprecorder.conf and relanch the program)

Alternatively and the easy way you can do your recordings as *.avi or *.mkv and then convert them to ogv later in shell using:
ffmpeg -i input.avi output.ogv
ffmpeg -i input.avi -vcodec libtheora output.ogv

Hope it helps :-) - Aug 27 2012
Thanks alot for the fine comment :-)

FFmpeg does not currently support pausing when recording (AFAIK).
The only way is somehow to make a number of recordings and then merge them together after worth - I will maybe try to implement this in the future who knows :-)

Again thanks for the nice comment :-) - Aug 24 2012
Hi reiniger

Seems to be a rather old version that is beeing reviewed - although I can also see that this review is from February 4, 2012 so that might be why :-)

Much has happend since then but the basics is pretty much the same so - Thanks for the review/link :-) - Jul 26 2012

KDE4 is mostly used for the notifications and for phonon, so yeah most of it is Qt.

Didn´t know of "RecordItNow" when I startet my project - there are a number of "ffmpeg recorders" arround, but it surely looks like a very useful and mature project :-)

I don´t know if there are any major advantages/disadvantages over "RecordItNow". But hey, diversity can be a good thing :-)

Use what best can furfill your needs and I hope that my project do so in some aspect :-) - Apr 10 2012
Thanks for the updates. Always great :-)

The way I have includes the KDElibs is the "offical" way. But I have experienced a simular issue with another project sometime ago. Although I wasn't trying to build for CentOS, but for Fedora.

I can't remember if I fixed the issue back then. But if you find a way, you are more than welcome to let me know and I'll see what I can do :-)
- Mar 11 2012
Hi :-)

I have added a "readme.txt" to the project. If you need more information, please let me know and then I'll add it in :-)

I have also added the "*.spec" file and so on that I use to make my openSUSE rpms - maybe you can use this?

Thanks for making a Mandriva version :-) - Feb 07 2012

Damn. My mistake I forgot all about the Desktop Icon in the sourcecode.. Sry..

I´ll upload the desktop stuff as soon as I can :-) Thanks for letting me know :-)

I know that user "swiftscythe" is working on an update of the AUR package. - Feb 06 2012

As default ffmpeg tries to autodetect the videocodec.

For better quality you have to go Edit=>Settings=>In the "Record settings tab", remove the check-mark from "Auto-detect" next to "Video codec".
Make sure that video codec is set to libx264 => Press OK and you should be good to go :-) - Jan 29 2012

Yeah, i'll make a "readme" soon, sry...

Currently there is no *.deb package, but you can compile it from source via qmake.

Make sure that you have deps installed and qmake/qt-libs + KDElibs/KDE-devels. (dont what they are called in Kubuntu)

After that. Download the sourcepackage, and extract the content. Within the folder do:


now you should have a binary file, or if not an error output that can help you further.. :-)

Hope it helps :-) - Jan 29 2012

Thanks for the tip, always nice :-) Yeah I know that some aspects/radios are invalid, although I should have made a function that takes care of that, but it is not as pretty as yours - so thanks again for the nice tip :-)

I have been looking at your sourcecode before and found some tips and tricks there as well :-) So thanks for making qX11grap - it looks great too :-)

I'm still rather new to Qt/C++ so it tips and tricks are always welcome :-) - Jan 29 2012

Fantastic, thanks. I have sent you a private message. :-) - Jan 24 2012
Hi juancho

Its very typical/normal to have these kind of start letters. Like "KSnapshot", KMess and so on.

In this case the "F" is for "Froksen" :-) - Jan 19 2012
Cool... Thanks, have added it to download links :-) - Jan 08 2012

When kalac made his comment the program was called "ktffmpegQt", I later renamed it to FDesktopRecoder :-)

But nice to hear that the name and description makes sence :-D - Jan 04 2012
Hi jboss1995

As far as I can see it is a problem with the resolution or simular and as far as I have been able to "google arround" it is a problem with ffmpeg it self.

I'll look for a fix for this, but currently I have been unable. If you or anybody knows how to fix this issue, please let me know :-)

But thanks for letting me know of this issue.. :-) - Jan 03 2012
Thanks.. Yeah I know that it isn't the best name in history. ;-)

But when I began the project it was more to learn Qt/C++ than creating the actual project (The project was stated about 1,5 month ago but was only on danish). Although as time passed the program better (IMO), so now I have translated it to english, and yeah the name has stuck but maybe I'll change it some day :D

Any suggestions? ;-) - Dec 29 2011
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