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Fri13 Fri13 Lahti, Finland
Cool Effect

Kwin Effects by keluoinhac 29 comments

And what does this effect do?
No screenshot and no description of the functionality and the name is lame.

- Mar 03 2014

Graphic Apps by sars 49 comments

Just install "grive" what allows you to sync specific directory with Google Drive and then you have it.

I use that for everything what I want to sync with smartphone and netbook. I just copy files to that directory. - Sep 24 2012
Virus Recordings

Wallpaper Other by bkeating 22 comments

1) User Interface (UI) is not just software, that groups belongs all hardware as well, like keyboard, mouse and display. Every human interaction with the device is part of the user interface. Lights, buttons, switches, keys, wheels, resolution, colors, shapes, materials...
The Graphical or Text oriented user interface generated with software is half of the UI while the hardware is other half.

2) Operating System does not have a user interface. It is other softwares job to generate the graphical or textual user interface. Operating Systems task is to operate the resources so all other software can work and lease those resoures.

- Feb 19 2012
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD 642 comments

Two functions should be possible be set by user.

1) Close task with middle mouse button
2) Close task with right mouse button

- Nov 06 2011
Just awesome!

I have missed the Domination style and I have loved the QtCurve style configration possibilities and this one really is great!

Kudos for you by making KDE SC look great after great Oxygen style!

You managed to get still a nice copy of already unique Domination KDE style to KDE SC 4.6 to be something different than what most copy-cats tries to do always copying other desktop environments! - Mar 10 2011
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

I have never used pager widget separately on desktop and dragging tasks there as it is much easier to use grid desktop for that.

And thats why the "close the task" by dragging from taskpanel would be good optional configuration and it would feel natural. (why Apple even made that function to dock to remove icons from it as *puff*). - Dec 08 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

I tried to find out the linked site where to place wishes but I could not find it so I place it now here.

I have setup where I dont have any buttons in window decoration (close, maximize, minimize etc) but I manage the windows with Alt+MB1/MB2 and from smooth task itself (click to minimize) and from KWin active screen edges (maximize/50% maximize).

The only problem is currently the way to close the window. As it only really has two ways:

1) Middle click the task (what I use)
2) Right click the task and selecting "close"

(yes, there are shortcuts like Alt+F4 etc to do it but they are harder).

One great functionality in smoothtask (etc) is that it is very easy to group or move tasks just by dragging them.

So my wish is to make it even simpler to close the window by simply dragging it up.

Think about same way as users remove objects from Mac OS X dock and it disappears with puff.

But just simply dragging a task away from the panel and it would get closed.

This way users could get the great power manage tasks from smooth tasks as well. - Nov 24 2010
Flatbed Cursors

Cursors by jlue 34 comments

I really much love the "Orange Huge" version because it is great for screencast. But I dont like the transparency of the cursor. Is there change to get officially (by you) a opaque versions or should I do myself such?

What really is so awesome at this cursor set is the amount of different sizes and especially the busy cursor (huge ball with small hole on it!) - Nov 17 2010

Video Apps by nowardev 2 comments

People! Remember that this kind scripts does not need to be in the system side. Just copy the servicemenu to ~/.kde4/share/services/ServiceMenus/

And then the binary to ~/bin directory.

That way you protect that the system can not get affected by anykind malware in the future.

(This is not saying this would have, but precausion is just for being safe!) - Nov 04 2010
Cryptsetup Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by PittaGurneyi 3 comments

How does this mount the specific device? Like does it use UUID or what? - Sep 12 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase 784 comments

Does not matter because Maverick is still a beta. And it is not wise at all to relay to engines from GIT and not the stable release. Unless wants to limit the userbase size to one (or few) distributions and those who are willing to learn how to compile from GIT. - Sep 06 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase 784 comments

Actually I installed it before commenting for several different distributions to test.
And ubuntu developers does not use GIT versions from engines, they use stable or unstable versions. Themes what demands to user to download latest GIT version instead using the last stable is not good at all. That I have told many many times for Ubuntu developers and packagers and they agree. - Sep 06 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase 784 comments

Too difficult to install.

All themes should be designed in such way that end-user would not need to compile them. We can not expect users to have development environments set up just to get a theme. All GIT versions of the engines should be limited as well.

Fonts should be possible install just by copying them to correct folder.
Icons and themes by drag and dropping to theme manager. Wallpapers by choosing from folder etc etc.

Good looking theme but if end user need to spend hunting down precompiled packages or source packages the theme has failed.

If wanted to keep a development bracnh (depency to GIT version of the engine) then it should be renamed as such. - Sep 05 2010
Linux on Wall (Blue)

Wallpaper Other by Fri13 4 comments

I have added a version of this blue wallpaper without text "Linux" on it. The link is in the download options.

All other versions (4) you can find by searching the "Linux on wall". - Sep 05 2010
Linux on Wall (Blue)

Wallpaper Other by Fri13 4 comments

I have added a version of this blue wallpaper without text "Linux" on it. The link is in the download options.

All other versions (4) you can find by searching the "Linux on wall". - Sep 05 2010
kppp oxygen

Icon Sub-Sets by lupo0k 2 comments

Only KDE Workspace program icons are chromatic. All normal application programs (like kppp) are colored. - Sep 01 2010

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

Very nice to hear that!
Hopefully someday it will come as option to GUI settings. So those who can not or do not know how to edit source coude could get it changed as well if they dont like it either.

I am now very happy :-D - Jul 30 2010

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

I like the look when it is sharp. But only thing what I dislike is the progress bars look. Could there be a option to have a typical kind progressbar, from left to right? It is easier to read for some peope, even that the style is otherwise most fit for them. - Jul 26 2010
Txt Reader

Office Apps by lsyer 4 comments

Could it be possible to add a screenshot with english menu so people would understand it better?

You can start KDE (Qt) application with other language by going to Help menu. - Jul 13 2010

Audioplayers by zarlino 14 comments

I just installed this to Arch Linux (from AUR) and I must say that the UI is really cool. The idea to have 1:1 format artwork (artists, albums etc) is just so great that it resembles more to use ordinary music collection from the shelf than in digital format. Exactly what it should be as well.

One thing just made me sad is that there is no support for CD number metadata but forces to add misinformation to metadata to get different CD's. What causes Albums what has multiple CD's to been seen as multiple albums and not CD's.

The UI really looks nice and this is more what I would expect from Amarok 2 database. (It does not either follow the CD number what makes it useless for audiobooks and multi CD albums.)
- Jul 13 2010

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Is the Testatur-monitor tied to the main window or can it be separated?

I would love to see something like the KWin effect showing the pressed shortcuts. Or plasmoid what we could place to panel and it could show the shortcuts (like Ctrl+Shift+A) on it. Then it could be placed to own panel what be placed top of windowses and get it been visible all the times without main window of this application! - Jun 27 2010

Video Players by DavidEdmundson 12 comments

OSD does look really nice. Would it be too much asked that you would suggest the OSD for Bangarang mediaplayer? It would need this kind and help for them would be needed as well. Even just that you would contact them and suggest to check your code. - Jun 16 2010
Glassified MacOS (left/right)

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Klosterfrau 13 comments

I would as well like to get that wallpaper :) - Jun 07 2010

Graphic Apps by faster 21 comments

Point for this KDE-Apps site to exist is that here are applications what uses KDE Platform and not just Qt platform.

Pure Qt application belongs to the site. That is its purpose to exist that users get pure Qt apps what works same way.

Here are all applications what use KDE libraries and KDE Technologies so user has seamesly integrated application for all KDE Apps.

That is just logical and pure fact. - Apr 22 2010
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

We should do something to get new developers to start making the 2.0 true. This is a *must* application for students. This could even be one of key apps what would push KDE SC to the mainstream in schools!

How can we spread that we need developers to make this happend?
(And yes, this should come to KDE SC first) - Jan 22 2010
kwin glide effects

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by yagami 20 comments

Animations can always be very helpfull if they do not clutter the UI. Especially for old people or new users who do not understand what actually happens. They only see that stuff appears and disappears on screen and they do not have a idea why and how.

Pro users knows stuff and they usually want to minimize all possible waiting time. They do not want to wait 500ms to open a menu but just pop-up right away because everything is on their muscle memory. Thats why pro users use commandline so much because there is zero obstacles.

Many calls this kind effects just eyecandy but they do not actually know these are really helpfull. Just like you said, if we can get more informative effects to use, it turns the whole use more easier to learn.

Example, closing window should not just disappear suddnely with mouse press, but give somekind information it is closed. Pro user knows what happend but new user does but thinks where it went. Even old people do not understand the taskbar how windows are minimized there and how they can run multiple windows together side by side, placing other behind other etc. - Jan 19 2010

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

I have GIT version and I still get this error every time when I use urpmi (Mandriva distribution) package manager to install other packages or I install other software what I compile myself from source.

Could not parse file '/usr/share/applications/kde4/bangarang.desktop': Key file contains line '/* BANGARANG MEDIA PLAYER' which is not a key-value pair, group, or comment - Jan 17 2010

Graphic Apps by faster 21 comments

If you want to keep it as pure Qt application, you can move it to site. The site is for applications what use KDE platform and so on integrates well to the Plasma-desktop or Plasma-netbook desktops.

Suggestion is always to desig the application for KDE platform so you can keep the application here ;) - Dec 29 2009
I found the problem why the GTK+ style was not followed on KDE4, even it was set on GNOME or KDE4 side with gnome-control-center with same user account. You need to configure the GTK+ style to be QtCurve on KDE4 with gtk-chtheme application. Then all GTK apps use QtCurve on KDE4 and shares the configuration. - Nov 21 2009

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Is there any plans to make a plasma widget?

I have made a mockup long time ago about this kind feature what would use the recordmydesktop, but it was targetted first for webcams only. But it would have the recordmydesktop support as well.

but why not just have plasmoid for that as well? - Nov 05 2009
Okay, so it should be enough that I just config my KDE apps to use QtCurve settings what I want and when I start GTK+ application on KDE (or wiseversa when using QtCurve on GNOME) it use same configs?

I have then somekind problem. When I am logged in GNOME desktop, the QtCurve is in use and all GTK+ apps works and KDE apps looks same. But when I login to KDE and I start GTK+ application (GIMP, Scribus etc) it use system default GTK+ theme.

Need to solve this out because it might be Mandriva depended thing.
Thanks for information that I do not need such hacks to get it working on GTK+ apps then. - Nov 05 2009

I have tried to search help (answer) to my question.

How do I get QtCurve-GTK use same style as QtCurve-KDE4?

I have config file but when I rename it as qtcurvestylerc and I move it to ~/.config it still use the QtCurve-GTK default style and not the configured one.

Is it really so that QtCurve-GTK does not allow any kind configuration but that is only for KDE/Qt version? So Gnome users are forced to think QtCurve as one style while KDE users as engine what allows tweaking?

I use KDE myself and I would like to get GIMP look like style what I have created for KDE4 with QtCurve. - Nov 05 2009
wacom tablet

System Software by Etric 267 comments

I wish it could be possible get this kind functionality for Aiptek 1200U tablet. - Nov 04 2009
Atelier 5

QtCurve by III 6 comments

How about applying this (or any QtCurve) config to GTK+ versionf QtCurve? I have both installed but when I apply the QtCurve on Gnome so they would look like on KDE4 by such way. It only use the default QtCurve-GTK style and I can not get it use this or any other QtCurve config like on KDE4.

Is it possible anyway to configure QtCurve-GTK? - Nov 01 2009
Color Folder

Dolphin Service Menus by HessiJames 73 comments

Please update this to KDE4 Oxygen :-) - Oct 29 2009

QtCurve by Scnd101 13 comments

I believe you need to replace the nitrogenrc config file on ~/.kde(4)/share/config directory. - Oct 26 2009
Kupo Finale

GTK2 Themes by lassekongo83 11 comments

The wallpaper is KDE4's and is licensed under LGPL license, not under CC. You can find it easily by searching "Air" if I remember correctly it's name. But it is KDE4's default between 4.2 and 4.3 releases. - Oct 19 2009

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

Needed to come vote this application. Just so awesome on alpha state.

btw, wouldn't the propitiate site be the than the (just the subclass, because player is designed for KDE4 pillars in mind?). - Oct 08 2009

Video Apps by wusel1007 10 comments

Promising looking application here. Hopefully we get this to KDE 4.3/4.4. And good thing is, if it is for KDE technologies and fits to the KDE desktop, like usually pure Qt applications does not :-( - Sep 10 2009
Da Vinci

GFXBoot by jimreynold2nd 9 comments

Hopefully you will keep the possiblity of 16:10 and 16:9 formats as well, those are on these days the "standard".

Nice work! - Jun 22 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by mbaszczewski 445 comments

That would be awesome as well.

You have three windows open on current desktop. And you would see 8 tasks on Stasks what all are on the other desktops. This would remove the need of swtiching desktops or using KWin effect "Present windows" on all desktops.

Sometimes I like to use feature "Show only minimized" and this would fall to same feature.

It just could overlaps the feature requested to allow include ("pin" as Windows 7 says) shortcuts to it. - Jun 17 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by mbaszczewski 445 comments

+1 vote from me...

Just great functionality with this for all of us who use vertical bars and not horizontal. - Jun 17 2009

Board by pcapriotti 5 comments is down, but seems to be found on Freshmeat.

Hopefully someone would start maintaining that... because we need kool board games. - Jun 11 2009
Device Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions by giucam 175 comments

I like to see new features on that, like long waited "open with". But with text on them, they take so much space. Is is possible to have only icons next to each other (we could have 4-5 icons on one row) or get only 16-22px sized icons for those actions, so they would be clearly visible as actions?

And one option to not show unmountable drives?

I have 12 partitions on my computers on (6 drivers) and this is unusable for me if I can not hide all but one (system root) like on Dolphin. Just right click them and select "hide/unhide" and "show hided" like on Dolphin.

Otherwise great work that people will extend these ;-) - Jun 10 2009
Linux kernel 2.6 (other version)

Wallpaper Other by raimis 3 comments

Oh, and I forgot to add suggest to make the line from bottom left to top right. That way it gives positive sense to person who looks it. The top left to bottom right line (lowering) gives the sense of negative idea. Just basic psychology on Art.

The Linux "border" is just nice. - Jun 08 2009
Linux kernel 2.6 (other version)

Wallpaper Other by raimis 3 comments

Nice wallpaper about Linux OS!

Possible to get different colored as well? Red, Blue, Green, White? - Jun 06 2009
Air final update (plasma theme)

Plasma Themes by linuxcolor 28 comments

Quote:every one has his own taste.and remember Mac OS and KDE 4.x are not same things.

I did not make example clear. It was not KDE4 vs Mac OS X.

There is no sense at all to install Mac OS X to PC-computer when it is designed to work only on Mac-computer.
You might get it working someway and with hardwork, even well. But you are just trying to do something what ain't designed to work that way.

Same thing on this. KDE 4.3 style ain't designed to work on KDE 4.2. It ain't meant to be used on KDE 4.2 but be a leveler for KDE 4.3 and be used it's marketing and other things to polish the new visual improvements.

If we take the wallpapers, styles etc to KDE 4.2 from SVN. The KDE 4.2 users does not feel the 4.3 as much improvement when they actually then later switch to them.
If they get bugs (what is likely) on Air style using 4.2, they might blame Air or KDE4 from it while not understanding that they are doing something what was never meant to be done.

I do not care if someone wants to install Mac OS X to their PC-computer. But by selling those PC-computers as cheaper Mac-computers for normal users, it ain't good thing in long shot for normal users.

If someone wants to test Plasma's Air theme, she/he should try it by using KDE LiveCD with 4.3 beta1 on it.

When KDE 3.4 hit the road and 3.5 was coming out. Artists were thinking they would not place wallpapers, icons and other stuff to public SVN server because some people went there and toke them to and other this kind places. They meant their work to be used to promote KDE's new release and not just fill the curiosity of normal users who could not wait one month that new version gets released and it gets packaged to their distribution by distributors.

It is well understand why some open source developers want to move the development behind doors such way that using the code ain't easy, when it comes to next new releases. They need all the power for marketing and we should respect that and be more like "Hey, the new improved version has released, lets move to that" than "Hey, new features have come, lets backport them to this older version". - May 25 2009
Air final update (plasma theme)

Plasma Themes by linuxcolor 28 comments

Quote:why so serious?

Because it is littlebit same as installing Mac OSX to PC and not get a Mac to do it right ;)

There is lots of fuzz about the upstream - downstream function. Many distributors copies the upstream features to downstream and same time they make off the new feelings of new version when the older version users have already used it on the old version.

If I get to old version what I want, I do not have reason to upgrade, what leads that others does meaningless job when no one use their work :-( - May 25 2009
HD OS Prerelease Theme Pack

Beryl/Emerald Themes by hunterhdolan 8 comments

This is nice theme for GNOME.

But why new Distribution and using a Ubuntu on it?

Linux OS already has enough distributions for normal usage, unless you have somekind nice default tricks for typical user? - May 24 2009
Air final update (plasma theme)

Plasma Themes by linuxcolor 28 comments

As already mentioned, then user need to use the KDE 4.3 SVN version to test even that plasma style.

The Plasma evolves and style usually as well. This has happend now on every KDE4 feature-release.

There is no sense to test Plasma style Air on KDE 4.2.x when it gets drawn with bugs when it does not have KDE 4.3 additions.

And this style is even older than what the current style is. It is updated and got fixed some bugs.

The Open Source is about upstream - downstream development model.

KDE4 development happens on upstream. From there it flows to every distributor alias downstream, what use the stable version for normal users.

Problems comes when the downstream takes from upstream a unstable code and mix it to stable one and then the user who use downstream release, gets problems and can not identify it to problem of downstream and not on upstream, because she/he ain't using the upstream version what can be stable.

KDE 4.3 is on upstream and 4.2 is on downstream. We should not mix 4.3 to 4.2 if it has nothing to do with code. Some code might work but many does not.

Plasma artwork is code, it ain't just wallpaper etc and it brings lots of problems.

If I want to test new Air style and help developing it by reporting bugs etc. I must be sure that nothing on my end is fault of the downstream. So I need to use updated KDE4 SVN version.

If I want just to give my opinion of new default style, I look screenshots what Pinheiro has released and I judge it by that.

Currently I am moving to KDE4 SVN version and I am going to test Air theme, but not because I want only test that, but because I want to help polishing the KDE4 next 4.3 release. - May 24 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions
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