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Ansgar Chmiel , Germany

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 27 comments

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Nov 07 2013
Something like this is just what I needed!

It's still a bit unstable, windows are not accessible after a little while, but this is understandable. It is release 0.2 after all.

Some suggestions:

1. I would love some way of customizing the window title. Something with Variables like "My Project 1 ($nameOfActiveSubWindow)". Maybe even a way to customize the window icon.

2. An option to show some resize handles between the sub-windows would be great, so one can easily change the proportions the individual sub-windows take of the container window surface.

3. I'm using the new window menu feature in KDE 4.10. Sadly the menus of sub-windows go lost when using Kontainer. Some workaround for that would be great. Maybe there is even some way to merge the Kontainer menu with the menu of the active sub-window. Wishful thinking, I presume. - Mar 17 2013
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
I think there is a bug in your theme.

When using Oxygen KDE in Firefox, all text editor fields in extensions like “Stylish” or “Scriptish” are missing.

I have made two screenshots to illustrate this bug:

  • - Jun 16 2012
    I liked the old close tab icons better, but I can live with the new ones.

    But the mouse over and click states are different in native KDE applications:
    There the icons don't have a blue border on mouse over but are illuminated differently.

    Otherwise: Good work in making Firefox look more native in our favorite desktop environment. :) - Jun 16 2012
    I'm glad that you are fond of my ideas and I'm thankful, that you already implemented the first one.

    Sadly, it doesn't work with the Movable Firefox Button extension. (The other Button Styles did.)

    It does act a bit different than regular buttons, too. It doesn't have a blue border on mouse over and a pressed state on mouse click. Instead it uses different state indicators, which looks inconsistent when moving the Button in the Tool Bar next to the search field.

    I know, it's just nitpicking at this point. - Jun 16 2012

    thank you for making the Firefox KDE Oxygen plugin this great. :)

    I have a few suggestions:

    1. Since the option to drag the Firefox window has the rather annoying side effect of restoring unmaximized window state when you click at an empty area of a maximised Firefox window and since it seems imposible to have a small delay before the window movement is triggered, wouldn't it be a good idea to add an additional option, which triggers window movementg only, if said window is not maximized?

    2. Since I open way to many tabs to sacrifice any space in the tab row I use the Firefox extension „Movable Firefox Button“ to move the Firefox menu to the right of the bookmarks menu (see screenshot: I would love to get the option of changing the Firefox button to a wrench icon a la Dolphin and rekonq.

    3. I don't know if it's possible or not, but it would be a great addition: In kwin, when you middle or right click with your mouse on the maximize window button, it only maximizes the window vertically or horizontally respectively. Since this behaviour is incredible usefull in my workflow, could you implement such a behaviour if one clicks your extensions “faked” window buttons?

    4. You said you fixed the solid gradient in your latest version of your extension. It doesn't look fixed in my installation. It has a small gradient which doesn't match the window borders. (see screenshot: Could you re-check the relating code?

    5. There is a change in how the tab overview button (the one with the list of opened tabs) works in Firefox 12: It only apears, if you have more tabs open than your tab bar can handle whithout scroll arrows. Since this change, the tab overview button isn't properly styled anymore. Please look into this. - Apr 28 2012
    Great! :)

    I'm eagerly anticipating the next release. - Feb 12 2012
    Yes, of course:
    (folder and folder-bookmark)


    Another (marginal) flaw:
    This button, which appears, when one wants to install an extension, looks a bit off:

    In my opinion it should look more like this: - Feb 11 2012
    The option “Oxygen style (solid)” in Configure Oxygen KDE > General > Background style doesn't work anymore. :(

    Also, could you please change the favourite folder icon to the one in the latest version of the Oxygen icon set? - Feb 11 2012
    I wanted to ask, since you made it possible to deactivate the title bar and use the tab bar as an alternative title bar, if you could realise this as an alternative tab layout:

    It would save quite some space and still would be consistent with oxygen and kde. - Sep 27 2011
    Also, I have a bug to report:

    I use the extension “Download Statusbar”, which adds your downloads in a toolbar at the bottom of the browser window (like in Google Chrome).
    Sadly its buttons are no longer clickable, but instead function as a trigger for the drag-mode.

    Please fix this. - Jul 08 2011
    Also, I have a bug to report:

    I use the extension “Download Statusbar”, which adds your downloads in a toolbar at the bottom of the browser window (like in Google Chrome).
    Sadly its buttons are no longer clickable, but instead function as a trigger for the drag-mode.

    Please fix this. - Jul 08 2011
    - clicking on the blank space of Firefox will drag the window (comment below if you want this or not)

    I like this, but a delay/resistance would be great, because this way, when I have Firefox maximized and click at a drag area accidentally, Firefox snaps out of maximized mode and moves.
    All KDE apps have solved this by adding some kind of delay. I hope, this is possible in Firefox, otherwise this feature could become annoying. - Jul 08 2011
    I don't think it is caused by an extension.
    I now have deactivated all my extensions except Oxygen KDE Options and it still draws the pinned tabs weird.

    Maybe I should have been more specific:
    It only draws them that way when you have many tabs open and those arrows on the left and right side of the normal tabs are visible.

    Back to re-activating my extensions now. :)


    Random suggestion:
    Maybe you could implement an option in Oxygen KDE Options > Speed Dial > Select background to allow the background to be scaled down and cropped to the size of the browser area, similar like one can do that in the Plasma wallpaper config dialogue.
    That way one wouldn't have to resize the wallpaper manually. - Feb 27 2011
    Great! Looks fantastic!

    But there are still some problems with pinned tabs:

    And when you are installing an extension in Firefox 4, an icon is missing:

    Keep up your excellent work! - Feb 26 2011
    Icon Tasks

    Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

    Score 88.4%
    Nov 10 2011
    Thank you for your work on this plasmoid. I'm using 0.6.1 right now and its new Unity-like look is quite cool.

    Though I have some problems when activities and grouped windows are involved:

    If I have two windows of the same applications grouped as tabbed windows and this group is not focused and I click on its icon, neither is the window group focused, nor is the present window effect activated.

    If I have deactivated the Filter ‘Only show tasks from the current activity’ and I want to activate the icon of an application with more than one window, which are both only active on other activities, the present window effect isn't working either.

    If I have activated the Filter ‘Only show tasks from the current activity’, the window icons are often not grouped with their respective launchers when switching activities.

    This are the only bugs I noticed. Otherwise your plasmoid works smoothly on my machine. - Sep 27 2011

    Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

    Score 82.7%
    Apr 25 2013

    first of all, thank you for your XBar plasmoid. I'm using it in my desktop configuration, although not in the intended way. I am not that much of a global menu user, but I build custom menu structure in my MainMenu.xml with shortcuts for applications, places and dbus commands.

    One question I have: Is there a way to stop the „Plasma” window list menu from showing, for example through a hidden configuration in XBar.conf? If not, is there a chance that you might add such an option?

    Thank you in advance! - Sep 27 2011
    Oxygen Gtk

    QtCurve 340 comments

    Score 80.8%
    Oct 23 2014
    The following blog posting describes a way to deactivate those annoying resize handles:

    Long story short:
    Add this to your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 respectively ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4:

    style "default-style"
    GtkWindow::resize-grip-height = 0
    GtkWindow::resize-grip-width = 0

    class "GtkWidget" style "default-style"

    It's working for me. - May 05 2011
    I want to add that this is an Ubuntu Natty specific problem. Its developers have patched gtk so that it draws a resize grip to every non-maximised gtk window.

    XFCE is affected by this as well:

    Since Natty is still beta, maybe you should contact its developers. - Apr 13 2011
    German Radio Streams Service

    Amarok 2.x Scripts 141 comments

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    Oct 12 2018
    Radio Bob has seemingly changed its stream.
    The stream in „Radio Germany“ doesn't seem to work anymore, while this one from the station's homepage does: - Mar 06 2011
    Activity Manager Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions 33 comments

    by aavci
    Score 85.4%
    Dec 24 2010
    I've waited for something like this. :)

    One small request:
    Please replace the cashew-icon with the icon of the current activity.

    Oh, and I think the icons for stopping and starting the activity are too big. Maybe you could align them on the right side. That way it would resemble the interface of the devive manager. - Dec 15 2010
    QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

    QtCurve 2890 comments

    Score 82.9%
    Jan 16 2013
    Thank you very much for QtCurve. It's awesome and the best tool there is, to get an uniform look for Qt- and Gtk-Apps.

    I only have one suggestion:
    When I use Roundedness in General Settings, all Widgets are rounded the same. But could you add an option, to single out Scrollbars, so that they remain Square? It certainly would look nicer under some circumstances.

    Oh, and by the way: In the settings dialogue where you can configure "Sliders and Scrollbars", the Entry for the Scrollbar button style “Next” is translated as "Weiter" with German language settings, even though the Operating System is meant. Maybe you should fix that. - Aug 26 2009
    Activity Manager Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by aavci

    Score 85.4%
    Dec 15 2010
    Magic Folder

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by bizzl

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    Mar 12 2009
    Activity Manager Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by aavci

    Score 85.4%
    9   Dec 15 2010
    Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
    by jimmy88

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    9   Nov 25 2010