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by Barud
Score 80.7%
Feb 20 2020
Oups sorry, I just read your note about New Icon Request, I'll follow that.
Thanks - Dec 12 2015
Beautiful icon theme, thanks for your work.
Some icons are missing on my desktop, is it possible to add some more like asunder, filezilla, gnome-mplayer, gnome-subtitles, gtranslator, keepass, pdfshuffler, pinta, spotify (icon name: spotify-client), transmageddon, wireshark, zenmap.
These are (I think) the most 'known' apps I use that still have no shadowed icon.
Also, is it possible to publish a variant with an empty default icon folder (instead of the one with the gnome footprint) ? It's harder (maybe only for me ;) ) to see special folder's when every folder is displayed with some picture inside.
Thanks - Dec 12 2015
Xenlism : WildFire

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May 13 2018
It seems like the icon for gnome-contact is missing.
Its name is Icon=x-office-address-book
could you please add it ?
- Nov 01 2015
Thanks a lot, both new icons looks fine !
I've noticed unetbootin, gtranslator and soundconverter (you could use the previous one from avidemux ?) are still missing.
- Sep 08 2015
Wow, you're really fast, almost all icons in my application view are now Xenlismed ;)
I just have two little observations, maybe the 'light line' in the scanner icon is too thin to be seen on small icons, I think a thicker (and maybe white) one would be better, do you ?
Also, maybe the icon you used for avidemux would be better for soundconverter as it is related to sound only ?
Thanks for all. - Sep 08 2015
These are really nice icons, awesome work.

I've some missing apps or links on my archlinux mainly running gtk apps (icon named is given when different of the app name):
- simple scan, icon name : scanner
- backintime, icon name : document-save
- gvim (there is already an icon named vim in your theme but no gvim one)
- avidemux, soundconverter, unetbootin, cups, keepass, gksu, gconf-editor
and some maybe less known/used apps like bleachbit (cleaning application), meld (file merging/diff/... utility), pdfshuffler (pdf manipulation), pyrenamer (mass renaming app), subdownloader (subtitle edition), transmageddon (video format convertion), asunder (audio cd ripper)

This is my new icon theme ;) - Sep 07 2015
Vertex - Theme

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Sep 09 2017
there's a little issue concerning the software updates checkbox present on the frame appearing after clicking on poweroff button (the one with cancel, reboot and shutdown).
the mark in the check box isn't displayed even if the option is checked, it works fine but the 'v' mark isn't displayed, the checkbox remains empty when clicking.
It works fine with adwaita theme but not with vertex.
I don't know if this check box is present on all distributions ?
I hope it's clear enought, screenshot does not work on this frame :(
Thanks for your help - May 30 2015
I did not found llvmpipe:

$ glxinfo | grep render
direct rendering: Yes
GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent, GLX_MESA_query_renderer,
GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent, GLX_MESA_query_renderer,
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Desktop
GL_MESA_texture_signed_rgba, GL_NV_conditional_render, GL_NV_depth_clamp,
GL_NV_conditional_render, GL_NV_depth_clamp, GL_NV_light_max_exponent,
GL_OES_element_index_uint, GL_OES_fbo_render_mipmap,

I'll test your modifications, also I haven't tested to apply gtk theme alone (without your GS theme), maybe I'll try this first to see if crashes still occurs... - Aug 31 2014
Your theme is very nice but it makes GS crash or reload very often, I have no problem when using Adwaita or even another theme like Numix-N for GTK and Zukiwo for GS theme.
How could I find what is going wrong ?
Thanks for your help. - Aug 30 2014
My new GTK theme ;)
Even without using the chromium theme it does look nice !
Do you have any suggestion about a GS theme ?
Last question ;) what's the background app's name in the second screenshot ?
Thanks a lot! - Jul 30 2014

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Score 82.8%
Feb 20 2019
Very nice icon theme, Love it!

Could you please add :
software name / icon name
backintime / gtk-save
gloobus-preview / gloobus-preview
avahi/bssh/bvnc / network-wired
transmageddon / transmageddon
subdownloader / subdownloader

Thanks! - Nov 09 2014
Ceti-2 - Theme

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Score 76.3%
Sep 22 2015
Great job, thank you ! - Oct 19 2014
Evolvere Icon theme

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Score 81.7%
Mar 25 2018
Using your icons under GS 3.14 makes some strange things in GTK3 apps, for example :
Is it a problem with my distro or my user ? - Oct 19 2014
Is it possible to add a shortcut named teamviewer linked to team-viewer for the next release ?
It will be more easy to switch between icons themes ;)
Thanks - Aug 14 2014
some few apps still not evolvered ;)
gnome-logs, gnome-nettool and gksu.
Thanks - Jun 07 2014
The screencast icon is already grey, so it's fine!
Thanks ;) - May 27 2014
OK, I thought it was the opposite ;)
it's not a real problem, the only missing default icon is the one concerning airplane mode (it's the default menu in Gnome shell 3.12), I think it's this one: /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/status/airplane-mode-symbolic.svg
the other one in white on the left (the coffe cup) is from the caffeine extension. - May 27 2014
About Gnome, symlinks/icons for soundconverter, gloobus-preview, gtranslator, gnome-clocks and transmageddon are missing too ;)
Avahi things are also missing: avahi-discover, bvnc, and bssh.
Also, all status icons doesn't have the same color :
When I switch back to the default gnome icon theme they all became white (except the caps-lock one but it is normal, the key wasn't activated during the capture, also the camera one stays in grey but I believe this one is provided by the extension I use), is there something to do to have them in white ?
Thanks - May 26 2014
Works fine!
That's a fast update, thanks ;) - May 17 2014
Some more apps have now their nice Evolvere icon, thanks for this update!
I've found some missing icons under Gnome-shell, it's in the gnome-control-center window, screenshot here:
Notifications, Privacy, Search & Sharing shows the default gnome theme icons, their names are "preferences-system-$(function).png" in the gnome default theme.
Is it possible to add them ?
Thanks. - May 16 2014
Oups sorry, I didn't know offered that kind of service, I thought it was only an URL shortener like
I will track changes on this page with an extension in Chromium, and I've also disabled adb+ on ;)
Thanks. - May 08 2014
Excellent, I'll follow your work !
Thanks - May 04 2014
The link in the AUR package is not good, seems like it's impossible to download automatically a file using http with mediafire.
I believe the download link returned by mediafire for this file ( is a temporary one, it won't be good for anyone.
The file needs to be hosted on another website allowing direct download (google drive for example). - May 04 2014
I just noticed dconf-editor and gnome-tweak-tool have the exact same icon, is it normal ? - May 03 2014
Sorry, I was talking about keepass2 ;) I didn't know keepassx, the project seems to be stopped.
About teamviewer the problems comes from the teamviewer.desktop file, icon entry is Icon=/opt/teamviewer9/tv_bin/desktop/teamviewer.png
replacing with teamviewer only solves the problem, thanks! - May 03 2014
Very nice icon pack, love them.
I'm missing some icons, most important apps are keepass, easytag, backintime, asunder and also teamviewer.
Do you plan to add them ?
JanusDC, I've just tried your AUR package but it fails to download, url of icon pack seems to be wrong.
Thanks - May 03 2014
Hash Checker 4.0.8

Nautilus Scripts 116 comments

Score 84.8%
Aug 14 2017
I'm running GS 3.12 on an ArchLinux.
I've used it 2 or 3 times since my post, all is working fine, thanks! - Oct 12 2014
beautiful app, simple and easy to use!
I have had a little problem under Gnome shell with the Setup script, at the end of the install there was no script nor link in ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts
I've linked it from ~/.HashCheck/..., everything works fine now.
I've also raised the height of the first window, 250 isn't enought (290 is better) for the 4 choices we have (md5/sha1/sha256/save), don't know if it is related to GS or my GTK theme ???
Thanks for this nice program! - Oct 04 2014

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Sep 13 2017
I just noticed that nautilus and gedit tabs have not the same height, nautilus tabs are taller than other gnome apps. - May 29 2014
Very nice theme!
I have a question, is there a way to reduce height of gtk3 tabs (like tabs in nautilus/files) ? - May 29 2014

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Score 80.7%
Aug 21 2014
I've replaced yout svg by the one from the default theme in /usr/share/... and now it works.
Strange, they seems both identical seeing from eog ??
here is the original file (I'm running ArchLinux):
Thanks for your help! - Oct 27 2013
Very nice icon theme ;)
there's a little problem with gnome shell 3.10 parameters icon in user/sound menu is missing:
default gnome icon theme on the top, nouveGnome on the bottom.
Max - Oct 27 2013

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Score 74.6%
Oct 28 2012
First of all thank you for your excellent work, it's a great theme!!!
But... ;) there's a little problem with FlatStudioGray, a color is not good on tabs as you can see on this screenshot:
Max - Nov 04 2012
Hooli theme

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by umayanga

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by Barud

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Vertex - Theme

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by horst3180

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9   Oct 19 2014
Ceti-2 - Theme

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Copernico Theme

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9   May 23 2014
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9   May 23 2014

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by manicfold

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Evolvere Icon theme

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by franksouza183

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9   May 07 2014