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justin t Milwaukee, United States of America

Plasma 4 Extensions by djselbeck 17 comments

Few requests/bugs:

1) Can tooltips be added to the buttons?
2) The connect/disconnect button appears to have the status swapped: connected shows the disconnected icon.
3) On Arch, this fails to compile unless networkstatusthread.h is modified as follows:
- #include <qt4/QtCore/qthread.h>
+ #include <qthread.h>
4) Could the browser be made double-click (or an option) so that selecting an item doesn't automatically list it's contents? The only reason is that then clicking the back button takes you back to the beginning of the list, instead of where you were.

This is much easier on the processor than the python mpd plasma applet I was using (I don't need to dedicate 1 core to running a plasma applet). - Apr 07 2011