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Etienne Brodu Lyon, France
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Jun 21 2014
Can you make sure the cairo engine is installed on your machine ?
I think it is the one used by gnome to render svg.
If this doesn't resolve the blurry effect, try to change your icon theme, to see if another theme make a change.

Also about that other bug.
I am aware of it, and will fix it as soon as I can.
Icons on the notification message tray are very heterogeneous from one application to another, so if I make some notifications look good, it make the other look broken.
If you use empathy, you should see nice icons for conversations, as I used these notification to test the theme. - Jun 29 2014
Hi, thanks for trying this theme :)

My first guess is that you miss a vector renderer, so fonts and icons seems blurry.

I can't really see in your picture, is the panel bar also blurry, or only the pop-up system menu ?

And what is your linux distribution ? - Jun 29 2014
Hi :)

You should install Roboto.

Don't forget to back your current gnome-theme up, as the installation process will overwrite it. - May 19 2014
Sorry for the late answer, I can't find the problem.

It's seems the error is not inside my code, so it must be a missing dependency.
To isolate the error, could you try to comment all themes except gnome-shell in Ink.yml, and to try to execute each task separatly by commenting the others in gnome-shelle/build.yml and building with sudo id && node build.js ?

You might need to be in the root directory of the theme.

Thanks a lot, that would help me a lot :) - Apr 07 2014
Oh, well :/

I forgot js-yaml in the package.json.
If you pull, or clone now, it should (might ?) work.

Don't forget to npm install before building, and run sudo id && node build.js.

Let me know if it works, and glad you like it :) - Apr 04 2014