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evan moore

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Oct 23 2005
In file included from /usr/include/dvdread/ifo_read.h:24,
from frmdvdinfo.h:24,
from frmdvdinfo.cpp:22:
/usr/include/dvdread/ifo_types.h:32:2: error: #error "Must include or before any libdvdread header."
/usr/include/dvdread/ifo_types.h:68: error: ‘uint8_t’ does not name a type

After looking into this I found that kdvdbackup uses some deprecated calls to dvdread, which have been removed in Fedora Core 4... apparently someone decided these calls where not the right thing to do, and thought it was better to break applications and remove it rather than simply just pop up a compiler warning... to get this to run on FC4 you have to recompile dvdread from source :( ... - Jan 10 2006

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by Fry26
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Jul 12 2006
Rather than dl 44Mb of debug libs, dl kswap.h from websvn and copy it to /usr/local/include. Compile works fine. - Nov 14 2005