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May 16 2012
The trick to most theming in Linux, due to not much documentation, is reverse engineering things. I wondered the same in the past and just figured out how to do it myself.

I will tell you that the code is in the metacity theme. Outside of that, a mix of tag names and comments should make the rest of it apparent. Cheers. - May 17 2012
Fixed. :) - Jun 25 2011
I have not seen the first issue, although I cannot see a reason why my theme would cause it since I use no pixmaps except to make the panel handles invisible. However, as you learn when themeing GTK, it can be very unpredictable and have a mind of its own.

This is also the reason for the issue with the checkboxes and radio buttons in GTK tree widgets as well. Instead of colouring them how I define them to be coloured in every other case, it treats the check mark or radio dot as text and colours it as such. So I would really love to fix this as I noticed it ages ago, but it is a limitation of GTK and the way Lucidity is coloured. The only way to "fix" it would be to change the way Lucidity looks, which would destroy the look and feel of the theme.

Alternatively, the GTK+ authors could fix this behaviour so that radio and check buttons in treeviews can be themed. Oh well.

As for icons, as mentioned, I cannot help that the Java icon is not made with dark themes in mind. Cheers. ;o - Dec 15 2010
I am trying to work out an idea which will sort it out in the next release but not break the look and feel of a single colour.

The thing is, I have used it with shadows on at all times, and didn't realise until fairly recently that it looked that way without them. Nobody has said anything about it other than you either, which also made it harder to consider. It seems that people just like the click the '-' button for whatever reason then bugger off since I can read their minds.

At the moment I am focused on finishing up the remaining icons for the 2.4 release as I am over halfway done, but I will try to work this in as a final minor release for 2.3. Thanks for bringing this up rather than marking off the theme and moving on. Cheers. - Dec 08 2010
I looked into it and the colours are indeed static. The only way to resolve the issue on my end would be to make the background of the themes darker, which I may do via a swap of base and bg colours. Give thoughts if that is not in your favour. Cheers. - Dec 01 2010
I noticed that as well, although I also noticed it in other dark themes and it seems to be an issue with the fonts being set to a static colour.

However, I will look a bit more into that to confirm it or fix it if possible. Cheers. - Nov 29 2010
I do not get this error from any of the programs I tried running in the terminal. Which program throws this error? :) - Nov 26 2010
That is just the default Firefox theme. The icons for back/forward/etc are some of the ones I have been working on which will come with Lucidity 2.4. :) - Nov 26 2010
It must be an issue with the theme you are using. Here is how it looks for me with the default theme and no edits.

That is with Firefox of the latest version in the Ubuntu 10.10 repositories. Cheers. - Nov 26 2010
No problem. Glad to know you worked it out and it wasn't a mysterious issue with the package. :) - Nov 26 2010
I was about to look into this but the file 404'd and I do not recall the UI element in question.

Just repost it and I will see if it is something I can sort out. Sadly, Firefox is not a true GTK app so it tends to do weird things. :\ - Nov 26 2010
I have installed the package through the package manager, as I always do a wipe of my current folders and such in order to check the sanity of the newly rolled packages, and it works just fine here. I am not sure why that is happening, so let us see if we can find out.

Which icon set are you using with it? Also, could you post the contents of /usr/share/icons/Lucidity/index.theme ? Cheers. :) - Nov 26 2010
Added a link in the description to my Photobucket with them. Cheers. :) - Nov 13 2010
Haha, I suppose I do. Although I think it will be calming down soon.

However, I will look into making a launchpad repo for it. Cheers. :) - Nov 13 2010
Been there, done that. It was nice. :) - Nov 12 2010
Actually, I am my girlfriend's little sweet chick, but okay. :) - Nov 11 2010
Trying to make another eOS? o.o - Nov 09 2010
Haha, nice times. I happen to play a blood elf paladin. :) - Nov 08 2010
Yeah, I do know what you mean. I will check into that and see how it looks. :) - Nov 07 2010
Thanks for hosting these. I shall add the links to the download section after I finish my raid in WoW. :) - Nov 07 2010
Turning the brightness of blue down worked a treat for normalising my monitor's colour production. Greys look grey instead of bluish now. :) Should make finding the right colour quite simple. :D - Nov 06 2010
Change the background colour to #F1EDE9 and let me know what you think. Looks find for me, but my laptop monitor bleaches colours out a bit and makes it more difficult to test them, especially since I don't have an external monitor with a more standard colour appearance. :o - Nov 05 2010
Update: Tried it out in XFCE and it works fine. What issues are you having? :o - Nov 05 2010
On the subject of colours, I am viewing the screenshots from a monitor with a less bleached out colours and I am very pleased with how they turned out.

If your issues with the colour scheme is how dark one part is versus the other, that is simply the intention of high contrast and the basic idea behind this theme to be "Lucid," as in clear and easy to see/understand/etc. ;) - Nov 05 2010
I have designed this theme to work for GNOME, so I have no idea how it will do in XFCE. However, since XFCE is also a GTK environment I will look into why it is not working there and also look into making an XFWM version of the metacity theme to promote interoperability. Cheers. :) - Nov 05 2010
Good times. 'Tis the idea. :) - Nov 05 2010
What are your qualms with the colours? If you have some, I would like to hear them. The colours have bugged me a lot, but they seem fine to me in this release. However, I use a laptop with LED backlighting which drowns colours out a good deal and makes it more difficult to get good colouring going. ;o - Nov 05 2010
Which versions are you interested in? There are quite a few so it would help to know which you want. lol

I want to make a site to showcase all the old versions and show the evolution of the theme, complete with download links. However, I do not have the hosting, so uploading all would be difficult. :o - Nov 05 2010
I will look into such things once I release 2.0.1, which will be sometime within the next few hours. It's pretty much an extreme detail tweak release with yet another colour scheme change.

But yeah, I will look into the licensing and make sure there is no issue changing it, then proceed to do so. Cheers. :) - Nov 04 2010
Well I was going to change the colours but I ended up tweaking a whole host of other stuff as well. Anyway, let me know how the new colours are for you. :) - Nov 03 2010
Not sure why, as the colour has not changed at all. However, I have been looking into tweaking the background colour lately, plus some other stuff. I tried a straight out grey but it did not quite work well, although that may be with the colouring of my monitor, but oh well.

Regardless, I am going to shoot for a colour which I feel matches my initial vision of the theme better and have it out at some point. Hopefully I will find something that will look good on monitors regardless of colour levels, as the current colour looks more grey for me than it does on some screens.

Different colour levels in monitors is a rather unfortunate part of designing computer art and themes. ;x - Nov 02 2010
Thanks. My goal with each release is to make it evolutionarily better than the previous release. Good to know that seems to be working out. :) - Oct 12 2010
This one?

Or was it another? :) - Oct 11 2010
Ubuntu 10.10 has been released, and therefore so has Lucidity 1.4. Please give thoughts, ideas and etc on the new changes. :) - Oct 10 2010
I have taken these ideas into consideration and have been brewing a version of Lucidity based on them and am planning a few more tweaks.

Since the look and feel is going to change a good bit from the original square look and be a better balance of moreso squared and rounded objects, I will be moving the minor revision up to 4, aka it shall be Lucidity 1.4.

I plan to polish up the changes and release it in two days to coincide with the release of Ubuntu 10.10. Cheers. :) - Oct 08 2010
I do, although I have recently ugraded to Ubuntu 10.10 and swapped it out for the new Ubuntu global menu. :) - Oct 01 2010
This is not an issue with the theme, just that the theme needs to be installed to /usr/share/themes to work for all users which is just how GNOME and such works. When running stuff as root, your user is root rather than yourself. Hope this helps. :) - Sep 28 2010
The background I got from 4chan, but it can be found here:

I will post the background in the description if more people request it. :) - Aug 28 2010
Haha, thanks for both compliments. Your post gave me a good laugh and smile for the day. :) - Aug 27 2010
The icon theme used is Ubuntu-Mono-Light, which is a default theme which comes with Ubuntu. The metathemes which are now properly packed with 1.3.1 should help get things looking correctly assuming you use Ubuntu or have its icon themes installed. Cheers. :) - Aug 27 2010
Haha, I did not even see that in it until you brought it up, but I totally do now. I will take this into consideration, but I am focused on improving the looks/contrast of the check and radio buttons atm. :3 - Jun 08 2010
Newer version has better margins in the metacity theme along with a host of other metacity improvements. Please check it out and let me know what you think. :)

Also, I share your typical use of default themes due to most themes being "off" in some way. As such, I have been very meticulous in making this theme as complete and tight as possible. Good to know I did well enough with that to make someone else see it. :) - Jun 07 2010
Sounds good. I am still doing various small tweaks to get things looking as close to the mockup as possible, so I will check into this as well. Cheers. :) - Jun 07 2010
It is just a folder name thing. If you extract the folder from the tarball and rename it from Lucidity to Lucidity-1.0 or whatever and drag it into the appearance dialogue, it will install alongside his just fine. Cheers. :) - Jun 06 2010
DejaVu Sans, which should come default with Ubuntu. :) - Jun 06 2010

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Sep 05 2017
I am proud. :) - Nov 22 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes 257 comments

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Apr 27 2011
Very nice; +1. Any ETA on that icon theme though? Looks amazing as well. :) - Jun 01 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

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by ubo
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Aug 28 2017
Do continue this work; it is very nice. :) - Jun 01 2010
Victory Gtk Theme

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Jul 22 2018
This theme is quite nice. I like the simplistic breadcrumbs and the colour scheme is nice. My only qualm is that it is perhaps a bit bright, but other than that it is very nice. :) - May 28 2010
Elementary Refresh

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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May 23 2010
The reason I released this is because someone did not have access to using bzr to get the latest version but wanted the smaller indicator applet icons from the it. I figured that Dan was much more worried about getting the latest Elementary theme up to par than making minor edits to the 1.1 release, so I modified the indicator applet widths and cleaned up some other of what I saw as loose ends.

As Dan said, the changes are subtle. That is because this is meant to be a clean up release of Elementary 1.1, hence "refresh." If you notice from my other contributions here, they are mostly clean ups of other works. That is not because I enjoy plagiarism or lack creativity, but because I pay extremely close attention to detail.

As for modifications of future elementary theme releases, I will be throwing ideas back and forth with the elementary team. My hopes are to use my acute attention to detail to help the elementary project directly from here on. Cheers. :) - May 23 2010

by NoIdea

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Dec 04 2012
Night @ Elba isle

Wallpaper Other
by zenren

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Dec 04 2012
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Dec 04 2012

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by daysofruin

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Jun 04 2010
elementary Icons

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May 25 2010

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

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