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Dirk Ziegelmeier
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Jul 18 2005
Any chance to have native nxtvepg database format support? I know nxtvepg can export into xmltv, but this is uncomfortable. I'd like to just start your program and it fetches the data directly from nxtvepg. Simply speaking, I'd like to get rid of the suboptimal Tcl/Tk GUI of nxtvepg, but the nxtvepg daemon is a useful data source ;-) - Apr 13 2005

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Aug 06 2006
Would only make sense for a huge amount of channels, but most people have less than 40 channels - Mar 28 2005
This is not planned by me ATM and noone else volunteered to do it up to now. - Mar 28 2005
Hauppauge WinTV pci cards should be very easy to set up. Generally speaking, analog TV cards that use the bt8x8 chipset should work with Linux and kdetv. "Common" models are autodetected by the bttv driver and are thus easier to install. - Mar 28 2005
Try out the new v4l2 plugin in 0.8.4 (enable compilation in plugins/video/ It should present all norms your tuner supports. - Nov 27 2004
No, we don't have an image filtering backend (yet?) that such a plugin could use. If someeone adds it, it will only be used for deinterlacing! - Apr 19 2004
You need to have the libzvbi library and headers installed when you run ./configure. The packages are usually called libzvbi and libzvbi-devel. For the distrubing sound, try increasing the volume restoration delay (Settings/Sound). - Apr 13 2004
Forgot to mention that development is so slow because I'm practically the only person working on it. - Mar 27 2004
You have to know the programs' history for that.

KWinTV is an app written my Moritz Wenk, he stopped working on it shortly after fininshing his studies. George Staikos took over maintenance of KWinTV and fixed some bugs.

QtVision was an entry for a Qt Embedded contest written by George Staikos. George was unable to fix all of KWinTV's problems due to the programs architecture and decided to to make QtVision the successor of KWinTV, but development slowed down after some time.

Half a year ago, I got annoyed because I did not find a good TV app for KDE and started hacking on QtVision. With the help of many people from the kwintv mailing list I stabilized the application so we are now nearly ready to release a beta version.

The renaming to kdetv was decided some weeks ago because QtVision is misleading - it's _NOT_ a Qt application, but a KDE application. - Mar 27 2004
So why don't you help us by reporing bugs to the mailing list or KDE bugtracking system??? For me, kdetv/qtvision works stable for more than 4 months. I can only fix bugs that someone reports! - Mar 27 2004