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Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 153 comments

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Jan 09 2013
Thank you for the detailled information. It helped me track it down and fix the weird tabbing issues after a window has been shaded/unshaded. Please try crystal-2.2.1.

Sorry I had so little time for crystal, lately. :-( - Jan 09 2013
Yes, it's just a prepared folder to build, so my instructions can be followed blindly. ;-) Did you try the cmake .. command? That'll populy the build folder with Makefiles. - Aug 01 2012
Can you check the package containing "kdecoration.h"? I suspect it still being from 4.8 instead of 4.9rc. - Jul 04 2012
Do you also have the latest -devel package installed, which bring the kwin header files? what distribution are you using? Maybe the installed binary and the develop packages do not match. - Jul 02 2012
Just uploaded version 2.2.0, which should work with KDE-4.9 (only). Note that due to changed API, that version will not work under KDE 4.8, please use version 2.1.1, which has the exact same features.

Please let me know if it's working fine. - Jul 01 2012
No newer kde around than 4.1? Or try to compile version 2.0.6 of the decoration, which does not yet use the window tabbing feature, introduced in newer kde releases. Maybe Mandriva ships a rpm package of the deco, and I strongly suggest to update your kde anyway. - Oct 07 2011
You are right. I removed the option to reduce complexity of the code a little while I had problems with the round corners with transparency. I guess I'll re-add them in the next version. :) Sorry for any inconvenience. - Jun 27 2011
In Ubuntu you need the develop files from the kdelibs5-dev and kdebase-workspace-dev packages. In OpenSuse try to install libkde4-devel and possibly some more (a package containing "kdecoration.h"). - Jun 23 2011
crystal-2.0.6 with kde >= 4.6.0 uses the blur effect now :) - Jun 02 2011
Don't replace as root. Run kwin --replace as user or relogin. - Jan 08 2010
Use just "su" or change back the directory, because "su -" changes the directory you are in. - Jan 07 2010
"ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in"

I guess you do not have the kde4-develop packages installed that ship the file FindKDE4Internal.cmake. I don't know the name of that package in your distribution though. - Oct 25 2009
I don't think upgrading to KDE-4.3.2 makes a bit difference but upgrading Qt might help. - Oct 13 2009
Do you use compositing? For me I have sometimes strange effects when mouseover when compositing is enabled, but that got much better in kde-4.3.2. What version of KDE and QT are you using? - Oct 10 2009
Right, I see there is a stray include of "../logos.h" in crystalconfig.cpp, which was created later on. That line can savely be removed but a second compile run as-is should already fix the error for you.
Thanks, it will be fixed in the next release. - Aug 23 2009
Sorry, I fail to see the actual error message. Could you paste some lines before that? - Aug 18 2009
Mind trying Crystal-2.0.5, if it fixes your compile problems? Let me know how it works. Thanks. :) - Aug 13 2009
Mind trying if Crystal-2.0.5 fixes your compile problem? Let me know if it works alright. - Aug 13 2009
Unfortunately no. I don't have the chance to test it on many systems though. What distribution are you using, what version of Qt? I guess switching off compositing doesn't help? - Aug 13 2009
Please replace all KDecorationUnstable with KDecoration in crystalclient.h and crystalclient.cpp and in crystalclient.cpp@1263 write "KWindowSystem::compositingActive()". Does that fix your compile problem? - Aug 12 2009
You are right, I used it for the provided compositingActive but I find that available in KWindowSystem:: too. Might try to draw my own shadows though, because they don't seem quite right all the time but that might be a kwin bug.
Thanks, went back to KDecoration for the next release for now. - Aug 12 2009
Can you send me a screenshot? Do you have compositing enabled? Did you restart kwin, in case you upgraded from a previous install? Does it happen with other buttons too; do the buttons change at all? - Aug 12 2009
1) and 2): already implemented, if you check "Allow moving and resizing of maximized windows" somewhere in the kwin settings.

3) A bit harder, but I'll think about it.

4) Most likely no, because I'd need a composite manager and I don't even know how to use kwins one yet (I want real transparency). :-) At least I have no idea how to implement it with normal technics. - Mar 21 2009
Sure, it just follows the KDE color scheme. So the setting is not to be changed in the decoration settings but in KDEs own color settings. - Mar 19 2009
Correct and the buttons move up a bit too. This is a bug and I'll work on fixing this. Thanks for reporting. - Mar 03 2009
Kubuntu Intrepid has a package for this theme (calles kwin-style-crystal): - Feb 07 2009
Sure, but could you send me the overlays first instead of creating a different package? I might just ship them with the official package. - Jan 29 2009
It's already done and just waiting for me to release it. :-D Meaning, the next release will have more possibilities there. But please hold on a bit... - Jan 28 2009
Yes. But see file client/crystalclient.cpp, line 263 and change the size of the buttons. And if you have something nice, feel free to show it me to include it. :) - Dec 19 2008
Yeah, hacked it together in 2.0.2. Now embedtool is generated and always used to update tiles.h. Please give it a try. - Dec 18 2008
make should be run as user, make install should be run as root. That's why it's a 3-step, not a 2-step. - Sep 27 2008
I believe that the KDE3 headers are used, which are stored in /usr/include on your machine, instead of the KDE4 headers, that are in /opt/kde4/include.

In the topmost CMakeFiles.txt try change the order of include_directories to:

include_directories (${KDE4_INCLUDES} ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR} ) - Apr 01 2008

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 541 comments

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Feb 01 2009
It's gkrellm - Jun 18 2008
That is gkrellm: - Jun 18 2008
I released a development snapshot of the KDE4 port of this decoration. It has several regressions but I try to add some features back. Feedback is welcome, in case you want to test it. - Feb 10 2008
Already possible. Just check the checkbox somewhere in the window settings, category "moving", "allow moving of maximized windows". - Feb 03 2008
Nope, that's not trivial and so I did not even start yet. And since KDE 4.0 is no production quality and not meant for end users anyway, I don't hurry. But it's on my todo list. - Jan 21 2008
No. You can get it here: - Dec 01 2007
No, I haven't started porting it yet. I will start when KDE 4 is released first, since I don't want to bother installing the beta now. And I think the users can still wait a bit. ;-)
I'm glad that you like my work. - Nov 17 2007
I DID fix it. They were Qt errors, now it's complaining about KDE and again it's my fault. :-S

Please add $(LIB_KDECORE) to kwin3_crystal_la_LIBADD in file client/ and to kwin_crystal_config_la_LIBADD in file client/config/, 'make' again and tell me if it fixes this then. Thank you. - Sep 26 2007
It's a window decoration, not a theme/style. If it does not appear under window decorations, ask in debian's forums/chats/bugzillas. - Sep 15 2007
Thanks for reporting, I appreciate it. Sorry for the bug, it's fixed in 1.0.5. The feature is a hack and instead of crashing it now either works or uses the kde setting for mouse wheel. The default action is now set to use the kde setting to not confuse people. Hope it works right. - Aug 28 2007
You don't have the develop programs installed to compile the package.

You need at least gcc, g++ (gpp) and make. Dependencies should pull in the rest.

Furthermore, for this package you need qt-devel and kde-devel packages (the one with the kdecoration.h file). - Jul 26 2007
I'm sorry, it was my fault. Didn't even test the command. :-S Please try:

./configure CXXFLAGS="-lqt"

Crystal-1.0.3 works perfectly? (

You are the first with a compiling problem. You can try "make -f Makefile.cvs" and then run ./configure again.

Sorry, I'm pretty much out of tips for a 64bit Linux... - Jul 22 2007
Well, you seem to have a system problem here that is most likely not related to Crystal. Ask your distribution how to get your compiler working. Sorry. - Jul 22 2007
Sorry, no idea. And I don't have a 64 bit system to test. Looks like qt3 is not completely recognized and used by the configure script.

Can you run add a "-lqt" to the failing command? (Or run: ./configure LDFLAGS="-lqt") - Jul 21 2007
Is the package kwin-style-crystal installed? - Jun 29 2007
Well, then selectin crystal to refresh every 50ms when moving. This should work even when aquamarine does not tell crystal that the window has moved.

If the window is transformed, bend, whatever, crystal can't compute correct faux transparency, because the window is stretched. What position does the window have then? Crystal assumes of course that the window is perfectly rectangular, has a position width and height. It wouldn't look that good. - Jun 21 2007
Well, it's not the vista button theme but one of the Kubuntu themes (in this case Feisty). - Jun 20 2007

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 175 comments

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Jan 26 2005
I tried it and it worked great. I can recommend it, but I had problems with it because there was a deadlock somewhere when using the Qt OpenGL widget in a window decoration during KDE startup. So I had to use some dirty workarounds/hacks. But that has to do with kwin and is not Qt's fault. - Sep 09 2007