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Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

Score 82.7%
Feb 29 2016
Thanks for the plasmoid. I just had one problem with the rows in a vertical panel so I made a small modification that swaps rows and columns when the panel is vertical. With the change, one row translates to one vertical column in a vertical panel.

The patch is here: - Nov 08 2011
Glowing Progress

KDE 4 Splashscreens 1 comment

Score 72.2%
Sep 19 2011
This is really cool. It looks like a coronagraph. - Sep 20 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 185 comments

Score 85.4%
Aug 29 2011
Scripts do not inherit aliases. - Jul 30 2011
You need the libmagic devel files installed. On Ubuntu/Debian it's libmagic-dev. - Jul 30 2011

KDE 4 Splashscreens 5 comments

Score 73.0%
Jun 29 2011
Thanks, Syvolc. - Jul 12 2011
Konsole Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions 39 comments

Score 83.5%
Jun 06 2012
Line 146 of refers to a function "configDenied" that isn't defined for your applet class. That bug keeps the configuration interface from showing. Commenting out that line fixes the problem.

Thanks. - Jun 15 2011
Klingon KDM

KDM4 Themes 1 comment

Score 68.5%
Mar 09 2011
Awesome! - Mar 09 2011

Beryl/Emerald Themes 11 comments

Score 58.0%
Nov 21 2008
Thanks, but it's actually KDE shown in the screen shots. The first and last are using the theme "bespin" and the middle shot is using "skulpture". - Dec 05 2010
Oxygen Refit Black

Full Icon Themes 36 comments

Score 60.5%
Mar 09 2009
No problem. I should have done it sooner. - Feb 26 2010
Thanks. I was aware of the issue. There were some problems with the index.theme file. I'll be uploading a new package shortly, but if you want, you can just get the new theme file and put in ~/.kde/share/icons/OxygenRefit2-black-version/ and it should work fine. Here's the link for that: - Jul 03 2009
I don't know how to fix that. It seems to be something with kde 3 apps. It should inherit those icons from the original oxygen theme, but doesn't. I'm open to suggestions. - Mar 09 2009
Lyricsdownloader for Conky

Conky 60 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 11 2009
I've made a few changes that I think should mostly work. You can try them out with this version of the script: - Nov 04 2009
I'll install Audacious 2 and see what I can do. - Nov 04 2009
I think this should be fixed with the newest version. Please let me know if it's not. - Nov 04 2009
Sorry to be responding so late, but could you point me to some of the songs that have problem lyrics so I can try to figure out what's going wrong? - Nov 04 2009
Thanks for the update. I actually just fixed this the other day. I just hadn't packaged a new version yet. The weird characters are HTML entities, and they're converted to the real text in the latest version. - Nov 04 2009
It should be possible. It looks like that script uses xwininfo to find the program spotify.exe running under wine and then gets the artist and songname from the window title. The only problems are that spotify isn't available in my country yet, but when it is, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. - Aug 31 2009
Those should have been 'dpkg -i /tmp/lyricsdownloader_0.9.4.deb' and 'sudo dpkg -i /tmp/lyricsdownloader_0.9.4.deb' respectively. - Jul 08 2009
You might be able to open a file browser to your /tmp directory and double click the file. If that doesn't work, the surest way would be to use the command 'dpkg -i tmp/lyricsdownloader_0.9.4.deb' from a root terminal or 'sudo dpkg -i tmp/lyricsdownloader_0.9.4.deb' if you're on a distribution that uses sudo. Please be sure to include your distribution if these suggestions don't work for you. - Jul 08 2009
I just updated. Check out the new version and the change log. You should be able to get lyricsdownloader to output a conky alignment setting now. In your case, your conkyrc should look something like this:
${font}${execpi 10 ~/.scripts/ -a '${alignc}' | fold -sw60 }${font}
- May 11 2009
This is kind of a hackish way to achieve what you want to do. I'll have to consider adding an alignment option for future revisions, but right now, you can change the final "else:" in the printLyrics command from:

else: print '\n'.join(lyrics)

else: print '\n'.join(map(lambda x:,lyrics))
- May 11 2009
You would use it like this:
${font}${execi 10 lyricsdownloader -c 50 | fold -sw60 }${font}

or you can just drop the fold altogether like this:
${font}${execi 10 lyricsdownloader -c 50 }${font}

The fold command just makes sure that no line exceeds 60 characters. Sometimes the lyrics returned have long lines that make your conky grow horizontally. - May 02 2009
I hope you managed to get it working at all. I totally missed your previous comment. About getting it to display in two columns, that's done by using the -c and -t switches and running two separate conkys. The first conky would use something like "lyricsdownloader -c 50" and the second one would use "lyricsdownloader -t 50". That way, if the lyrics are more than 50 lines, the second conky displays everything after the 50th, but disappears otherwise. - Apr 30 2009
In my opinion, a temporary hack to fix a problem is better than nothing. The svn version of my script actually has a whitelist of acceptable characters, and anything that's not in that list just gets dropped out. It's somewhat similar to your solution, just more generic.

As far as changing the text color, you'll need to edit the conkyrc. You need to change this line:

${font}${execi 10 lyricsdownloader | fold -sw60 }${font}

To this:
${font}${color 000000}${execi 10 lyricsdownloader | fold -sw60 }${font}

Where 000000 is the hex code for the color you want. Like ffffff for white and ff0000 for red and 00ff00 for green and so on. It's just HTML notation. You can also just change the value for default_color in the file if that's easier for you. Let me know if you have any more problems. - Dec 29 2008
Dworkin Dark

deKorator Themes 6 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 20 2008
It's Segoe Semibold. - Nov 01 2009
Thanks. The widget theme is bespin. - Jan 09 2009
Mousegestures for all Browsers

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

Score 68.0%
Feb 21 2010
This also works for the Konqueror kparts in Akregator and Kontact if conditions for those two applications are added. - Oct 09 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 15 comments

Score 75.5%
Nov 09 2010
I've written a small python module that gets definitions using Google's "define: word" feature. You might find it useful. - Aug 30 2009
3D Desktop Clock

Karamba & Superkaramba 19 comments

Score 58.0%
Dec 23 2008
I don't know what would cause that other than not having compositing enabled. - Jul 12 2009
I suppose you could either bookmark it or add yourself as a fan. Then when you click on your profile you'll be able to click on "fan of" and find it. - Jul 05 2009
Thank you. To change the size, you'll have to resize the images used for the digits. You should be able to enter the 'imgshd' and 'minshd' directories and run something like 'mogrify -resize 80% *'. If you do that, you'll also have to change some of the offsets in the theme file.

The easiest way to resize would be to run it as a plasmoid. Then plasma will add a resize handle. - May 21 2009
Thanks, and I would agree with you, It's a very simple idea and simple execution. - Jan 09 2009
Thanks! - Jan 04 2009 streaming plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 7 comments

Score 74.0%
Aug 08 2009
ImportError: No module named lastfmtrack

Is this module supposed to be included with your package, or does it come with another package? - Jul 09 2009

KDE 3 Color Schemes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 14 2008
I think that should be set in an rc file in ~/.kde/share/config/. kdesktoprc maybe. I'm not really sure. - Jun 15 2009
You need to open Control Center and go to where you set the colors and there should be an import button that you can click and browse to where you downloaded the file. - Jun 14 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

Score 64.5%
Mar 21 2009
I have the same problem on 4.2.90. - Jun 11 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 323 comments

Score 63.3%
Jan 13 2010
Thanks for writing this plasmoid. I have just one problem. If I close it and then try to add it again, it crashes plasma every single time. I've uploaded a backtrace here:

I'm on KDE 4.2.2. - Apr 06 2009
Ransom Countdown

Plasma 4 Extensions 4 comments

Score 63.3%
Mar 27 2009
You should know that you can get the package path by calling self.package().path() so to get the image directory, you can use: self.package().path() + "contents/images/". - Mar 27 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 53 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 26 2009
Thanks! I look foward to it. - Mar 03 2009
I really like this plasmoid. Would it be possible to get an option to move the file instead of just copying it? - Mar 02 2009
Breathless for Kde 4.x

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

Score 70.0%
Mar 02 2009
Yeah, that first link still doesn't work. The rapidshare link is fine though. Thanks. - Mar 03 2009
The download link doesn't work. It tells me "Pobieranie pliku nie powiodlo sie. Sprobuj ponownie." every time I click, "pobierz plik". - Mar 02 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

Score 85.4%
Dec 12 2010
I'm pretty new to QT and plamsa, but I'd love to help out. Have you considered setting up a source repository? - Feb 24 2009
I don't have any idea how to enable the tooltips. I have an intel-hda (82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) to be specific) and before I made the changes, it only showed two channels also. Now I've got sliders for master, pcm, digital, int mic, and ext mic. The only one that doesn't work is digital. Alsaaudio says there's no such channel for some reason. The reason they all control the same channel is that you're setting all the tooltips to 'Master' and then using that tooltip to tell changeVolume what mixer to control.

About Phonon/Solid, the AudioInterface class in PyKDE4.solid looks like it might do the job. I don't think it would be too difficult to also add a configuration dialog that tells it what channels to display. - Feb 24 2009
I had to changes some things with this plasmoid to get it to run. In the loop that adds the sliders, some of the mixers on my system return an empty list when you call getvolume() and some of them return a value of -MAXINT. So I added some checks to make sure it doesn't throw any exceptions. Also, shouldn't "slider.setToolTip('Master')" be "slider.setToolTip(m)" since presumable you want the tooltip to correspond to the channel you're controlling? Lastly, I'm not sure why you're setting the channel in that loop when it's not used and just gets set when you call changeVolume anyway.

My changes are here: - Feb 23 2009
Binary Clock for Conky

Conky 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 15 2009

That seems to be a problem with trying to use the clock in an existing conkyrc. You might try adding a ${font} tag before the call to the clock, or we can try to add some space to that first line to make it line up. To do that, you'll have to change the line:


for g,i in enumerate(horzclock(hours,minutes,seconds)): print cols(columns,g,options.font)+fontpiz + ' '.join(i)


for g,i in enumerate(horzclock(hours,minutes,seconds)): print ['',' '][g==0] + cols(columns,g,options.font)+fontpiz + ' '.join(i)

Note that that should still be just one line. You should be able to change the number of spaces in this part, ,' '] until you can get it to line up correctly. - Feb 16 2009
Hi lonerocker,

Can you post a screenshot so that I can maybe tell what the problem is?

Also, you might try changing draw_shades to no. - Feb 15 2009

deKorator Themes 4 comments

Score 58.0%
Dec 20 2008
It's named after the philosopher Ronald Dworkin. - Jan 15 2009
3D Desktop Date

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

by ZAS1
Score 50.0%
Jan 18 2009
I don't think I'd call it a ripoff. It's more of a logical, natural extension to the original idea. - Jan 09 2009

Wallpaper Other
by taner

Score 50.0%
Aug 03 2010
Mousegestures for all Browsers

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by nablaoperator

Score 68.0%
Oct 09 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbaszczewski

Score 64.5%
Mar 09 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Musikolo

Score 82.7%
9   Nov 08 2011
Fedora Girl

Wallpaper Other
by KingSphinx

Score 62.0%
3   Oct 20 2011
Glowing Progress

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by Num83rGuy

Score 72.2%
9   Sep 20 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by joseexposito89

Score 85.4%
9   Jul 30 2011
Klingon KDM

KDM4 Themes
by vaxxipooh

Score 68.5%
9   Mar 09 2011
3D Clock with seconds

Karamba & Superkaramba
by jtandrews

Score 67.1%
9   Dec 06 2010
Glow Ksplash

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by rezz

Score 77.1%
9   Nov 15 2010
Glow KDM

KDM4 Themes
by rezz

Score 80.6%
9   Nov 15 2010
Score 58.9%
3   Nov 13 2010