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GTK2 Themes 277 comments

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Dec 14 2009
I have tried to fix that but there is no easy way of doing it. I think you should report a bug against thunderbird for that.

In the meantime you could use the following instructions to try and fix it: - Feb 28 2010
I would do it but right now I'm a bit busy and can't do anything specific. Maybe try posting to ubuntu-artwork mailing list or somewhere in the ubuntu forums.

P.S. I'll have some more free time after two months or so. If I find some other spare minute I'll see what I can do about it. - Jan 10 2010
I don't intend to change the colors of this theme neither to make variants because I don't have the necessary time. Maybe in some of my future themes I will use different colors.

As for a blue or other versions just check my favourites (fan of) page and you'll see several blue and light versions along with all gray and a violet mod. - Jan 09 2010
Thanks for the feedback!

1. Yeah for you it might look the same but for the novice user is is a relief.

2. More than 60% [1] of the Linux user are using Ubuntu so it makes sense to me. I will though provide a source package in the launchpad download section. (Expect it soon as I'm testing a new version of the program that could apply the changes as you press Save)

[1] - Jan 05 2010
To be honest I don't remember :) If yo want you can send me your email in a personal message so that I can attach it there. - Jan 05 2010
Thanks man! - Dec 16 2009
No I don't have one at the moment. I think I'll create one in the future but only when I set up a deb for the themes not only the Configurator.

Still you can use the Subscribe button on this page to be notified of changes to the theme. - Dec 15 2009
Thank you for the kind words man!

I have to say your work is very good too and a good competition (no bad thoughts here) that keeps me pushing this forward ;) - Dec 15 2009
Now :) - Dec 14 2009
Thank you for sending these screenshots. The problem is indeed solved but still that orange rectangle on the clicked menubar has to be improved to match the style of New Wave. Overall this is one of the best improvements in many months. Thanks for sharing it with me and the other users. - Sep 06 2009
You mean that the menus in the normal New Wave theme with light menus appear as in every standard GTK app? If yes that is a great news indeed and I will remove the section for OO in the Configurator. - Sep 06 2009
Thanks for the feedback.

I know that the settings are a bit heavy but I tried to warn people in the README file. But it seems that this is not your case. Can you report your bug here and give some more info about the specs of your pc: - Aug 29 2009
Interesting mockup!

I think this is hard to achieve with the pixbuf engine but I can think of one way we could get something similar. I will experiment with it and contact you when I have a working solution ;) (right now I'm away from home and I'll be back in September so expect it then) - Aug 08 2009
Thanks :)

I have to ask if this the menubar was ok in the previous version of the theme 0.8.0? Is Eclipse having the same problem? Can you answer by posting a bug here: - Aug 05 2009
Ok, I will wait with interest ;) - Aug 02 2009
I know that the hack spans a little bit wider than it should be but that is the only easy way right now. That is why it is turned off by default too.

However I think there is one other solution (using custom theme for OO) but that would need much more testing so I won't be able to deliver it soon but I will start working on it though. Thanks for making me think more about it and giving me that idea :) - Aug 01 2009
The Icon theme is not in development for a very long time because the base Elementary icons we used were very slow and we decided to wait the icons to be polished enough so that we could have fast and beautiful iconset.

This package management sounds great indeed. Right now I can promise to learn how to make them and create one for the Configurator as a start. It will be available in the Accessories menu ;) - Jul 31 2009
Thank you :)

If by NewWave icons you mean the old Elementary_Ubuntu icon set yes I worked on them along with Sebastien that now makes icons for Breathe. If no can you please send me a link to those icons because I'll be very interested to see them.

I'm also happy that the Configurator works because I did not tested with other users much before I include it in the pack. Maybe a debian package would be better though so that you can access it faster? What do you think? - Jul 30 2009
Cool! I'm glad to hear that. If somebody is interested there is a bit more detailed review at my blog: - Jul 30 2009
Thank you. if I may ask: Is the Configurator working for you? - Jul 30 2009
Why? Can you tell me how would you like them to look? - Jul 30 2009
Thank you for the comment.

I think that beauty has it's price and in the case of New Wave it's the more resources it requires. I will not port the theme to any other engine because I have no time and much of the beauty of the theme will be lost in the transition.

I can see that Shiki is the closest match you can find that is faster. With some customization you will be able to get it quite close but you will not be able to create the scrollbars, and the buttons just as you can see them in New Wave - Jul 15 2009
... well - no because FF is the strange bird here and it has it's own rendering that is not that good in all the cases. - Jul 02 2009
Well that items are in state INSENSITIVE and cannot be themed because you have only the option to change the main color but the etched in shadow cannot be modified. That is one of the reasons why New Wave has light menus by default. You could do nothing but to change that primary color or use another engine to draw the menuitems like mist. - Jul 02 2009
Open up the gtkrc file and press Ctrl+K and start typing 'Menu System' then find the style named *-menu, *-menuitem and change the bg[NORMAL] color. - Jun 30 2009
Thank you!

Your work will make a lot of people very happy. I'm glad that there are people like you to help others. - Jun 29 2009
You cannot change the colours of the theme except of the basic ones: background, text, and textbox background colour. As far as the minimal theme I am working on this but don't expect it soon because I have a lot of more important work these days. You could try to modify the gtkrc but it is a bit complicated. - Jun 29 2009

Check this out:

You could start by that theme or take my latest version and recolor all images. - Jun 22 2009
I've fixed this and it will be available in the next version of the theme.

Thank you for reporting it! - Jun 22 2009
I'm planing a service pack to this version - will be 0.8.1 or smth like that. It will fix some bugs and finally fix the problem of dark menutext in FF OO but don't expect it soon because I'm busy till august.

P.S. For the arrows you could join the discussion here: - Jun 19 2009
Check the Questions and Answers tab. In there is one issue that can solve your problem. - Jun 10 2009
Thank You!

P.S. It is the same version ;) unless Canonical haven't modified something. What do you think is different. - May 19 2009
Thank You!

I will have a look and will probably include smth similar in the next New Wave release. - May 15 2009
Hmmm, I have not heard of it. Can you tell me more? I'm open to new things and would like to make the experience with the theme as seamless and integrated as possible. - May 14 2009
There is no way of modifying this because the pixmap engine has this shadow hardcoded and I can't change it's color. You may try to use another engine for the separators but I don't recommend it if you are not familiar with gtk themes. - Apr 18 2009
I'm already using this via the gtkrc file and that's why you cannot change all. In order to do it open the gtkrc file and find inside this:
style "panel" = "newwave-default"

then replace bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "Images/Panel/PanelBarLong.png" with smth like that:
bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "Smoke image location.png" - Apr 15 2009
Thank you for the feedback :) I'm happy when ppl are happy. - Apr 12 2009
The pixmap engine supports transparency of almost all widgets but the windows behind are not controlled by the theme but by gtk and the application itself. GTK 3.0 and gnome 3.0 respectively will enable this by default in all applications so then you will be able to adjust the transparency. - Apr 08 2009
I can't understand the second part of your question. Can you please ask it with other words.

I'd have to say that this theme is not using the murrine engine as many of you think and this theme will not get rgba support until Gnome 3.0 is released. - Apr 08 2009

GTK2 Themes 52 comments

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Mar 11 2010
Good job man I like it! Your themes are always amongst the best in quality an detail.

- Dec 16 2009
New Wave Gimp Splashes Pack

Gimp Splashes 3 comments

Score 58.0%
Nov 15 2009
The font used in the first screenshot is "You Are Loved" form DaFont.

Installation instructions I found somewhere in the web but don't remember where exactly. - Nov 17 2009
Light Wave

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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Jul 08 2009
Good work man! I like it - Jul 08 2009
New Wave Circles

Metacity Themes 8 comments

Score 58.0%
Dec 23 2008
Yes ;) because I can't possibly satisfy everybody. - Jun 24 2009
New Wave OB

Openbox Themes 6 comments

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Apr 26 2009
Well you could do a list but I don't know if I could make everything because I'm extremely busy these day ad it will be like that in the future until the midst of July.

Still a list would be good in because I would know what should be done in the future ;) - May 08 2009
I'm glad you like it. I don't know what people use to manage their desktops and taskbars but if it needs themeing I can do it. just tell me the most common ones because I'm not going to make skins for every single app ;) - Apr 27 2009
Thanks. - Apr 27 2009

Cairo Clock 3 comments

Score 58.0%
May 04 2009
Clean and stylish - keep up the good work! - May 04 2009
New Wave 4 Xfwm

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 10 2009
Me thank you :) - May 02 2009

GTK2 Themes 66 comments

Score 58.0%
Sep 16 2006
Good job! I like the precision of your work. - Apr 26 2009
New Wave Gdm Face Browser

GDM Themes 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 02 2008
What do you mean? Can you ask the question in other words.

If you ask how to change the pictures of other users - each of them should change it as you have changed yours. - Apr 21 2009
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Oct 10 2009
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Aug 21 2009
Score 50.0%
Jul 16 2009
Light Wave

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Jul 08 2009
Breathe Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes
by BreatheMgr

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May 31 2009
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May 24 2009
New Wave XFWM Theme

by SteveD

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May 18 2009

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May 18 2009
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions
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Score 81.3%
May 18 2009
Blue Wave

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May 16 2009
New Wave Bright

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May 16 2009
Score 50.0%
May 03 2009
Score 85.7%
May 03 2009

by guiodic

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May 03 2009
NewWave Planks

Wallpaper Other
by hackerdl

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Apr 25 2009
Elementary Wave

Full Icon Themes
by benjamimgois

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Apr 05 2009
Score 81.9%
Mar 23 2009
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Mar 22 2009

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Mar 09 2009

Full Icon Themes
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Mar 01 2009

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Feb 04 2009
Score 50.0%
Jan 17 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Score 74.0%
Dec 27 2008
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes
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Dec 24 2008
elementary Icons

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Score 82.0%
Dec 23 2008
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Dec 23 2008
New Brave

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9   Jan 31 2012
Score 58.0%
9   Jan 31 2012
Victory Gtk Theme

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9   Jan 31 2012
New Wave Reprise

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9   Sep 25 2010