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Jonas K.

Plasma 4 Extensions 53 comments

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Jul 09 2010
Perhaps it´s a KDE-Bug and I guess I should wait for a new KDE 4.3 release.
Thanks for your help! - Nov 24 2009
Thank you for the quick reply but it still doesn´t work! It´s not already installed and the error message is still shown. Do I need root privileges to install? - Nov 23 2009
As I´m trying to install the plasmoid, there´s an error message: The installation failed /home/xxxxx/plasma_pyweather.plasmoid
(It´s translated from German into English) - Nov 22 2009
Aurorae Theme Engine

Various Plasma Theming 178 comments

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Aug 14 2009
I can't find the package kwin-aurorae-theme in the repository you referred to!!!
Is there a way not to have kwin-aurorae-theme installed and still install aurorae? - Nov 06 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets 55 comments

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Jul 16 2012
The icons look really cool!
But could you please make a version of the wallpaper in 1920x1200 or 2560x1600 :D
- Sep 16 2009
Score 81.0%
Jan 27 2011
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets
by Podstavsky

Score 53.9%
Oct 22 2009