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deus nova , Italy
The Last Amazing Grays Iconset

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Jun 29 2010
I am sorry but I don't know if I correctly understood your question.
As I can read, you are asking me something about the systray icons of Ubuntu.
As far as I can tell you, my systray [and the one of everyone who is using the TLAG icons] should look like this:

So, what's the point?
I am very sorry, but my english is good, but not so good to understand what you're asking me, BTW :( - Jun 29 2010
I replied on ;) - Mar 19 2010
First of all, many thanks for your feedback.
I aim to create an almost 100% B/W iconset, with all flavours of gray tones.
But I'd also like to place a tiny drop of colour into some of them.
As you can see, my desktop and folder-wallpapers icons have the default gnome wall as element [it does identify the desktop], and also pidgin user status tray icons will have coloured emblems on them [red dot for busy status, a green one for online status, and so on].

In my hones opinion, this kind of icons makes better the usability of the desktop.
But I promise, I'll try to use the colours with responsability :) - Mar 19 2010
:) Grazie! - Mar 19 2010
It's only a preview mate...
I am still working on it. - Mar 19 2010
The Days of Grays

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Jul 06 2010
:) Thanks so much for your appreciation! - Apr 20 2010
Thanks to you :) - Apr 20 2010
Thanks :) - Apr 20 2010
The Widget Factory entries are in Candara 8px 100dpi.
ThePreview Title should be Calibri Caps, but I'm sorry I don't exactly remember. - Apr 20 2010
Thanks to you :) - Apr 20 2010
:) Thanks to you! - Mar 30 2010
First of all, many thanks for your feedbacks.
I just fixed al the "gray-on-gray" bugs, now everything works perfectly.
As I just wrote on other comments, please download and install the updated version to test it by yourself and feel free to tell me if you'd experience other bugs I didn't fixed.

About the panelBG... How to automatically change it when a 30px size is selected? - Mar 28 2010
I fixed it.
Try the updated version, it should work like a charm :) - Mar 28 2010
Everything should be fixed now :)
Try the updated version and feel free to let me know if you'd experience other bugs I didn't notice! - Mar 28 2010
Rami Verdi

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Apr 19 2010
Take a look here:

What do you think? :) - Apr 19 2010
TextOnly NowPlaying Themes

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Apr 10 2010
Take a look here:
Within the deviation comments, I also added a .xcf template of my desktop, featuring the panel you mentioned :) - Apr 12 2010
Glad you liked! - Apr 12 2010
:) Thank you! - Apr 12 2010

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Mar 16 2010
Sorry, it was my fault.
This does work: - Mar 19 2010
Try this link: - Mar 18 2010
You must install these two iconsets.
The one I am using in my screenshot is ubuntu-mono-dark, which depends on humanity.

Download them here: - Mar 16 2010
NP man :)
Thanks to you! - Mar 16 2010
You can find it there. - Mar 16 2010
Of course, I mean those icons.
If you want I can post a link to the wallpaper and the iconset [even if I didn't test it on KK].
But maybe you can just find them with a google clic ;) - Mar 16 2010
The iconset is the default mono-dark.
The icons you can see in the bottom panel are the popular token, which I assigned to the launchers one by one.

Many thanks for your feedback. - Mar 16 2010
FFW [fast forward]

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Mar 15 2010
Thunar doesn't have Docs/Pictures/Videos etc. customized folders.
You have to do it manually.
In nautilus, with every iconset you use, you have different folders for Docs/Pictures/Videos, and so on. - Mar 17 2010
Never tried them in newer Gnome versions than 2.26.1.
But I guess that the script should do its work too.

Did you cd to the .icons/ffw directory and applied the changes as described within the istructions?

Please try and retry them.
They are 100% tested and working. - Nov 22 2009
Did you read the 'customizing instructions' file contained within the tarball?
Which GNU/Linux distro are you using? - Nov 22 2009
Glad you liked so much :)
See ya then. - Nov 19 2009
I am sorry, but I can't handle a resolution so wide :(
I can send you a half-wided wallpaper, to replyx2 in your dual widescreen.
You can find it here:

Enjoy! - Nov 19 2009
Thank you :)
The wallpaper is a shot I did some time ago

If you want it in a higher resoloution feel free to ask and specify it :) - Nov 18 2009
The gtk theme is shiki-wine, which I edited a little bit to fit my needs.
I am glad you liked my work :)
Thanks! - Oct 28 2009
Done :)
A row preview file added. - Oct 28 2009
I am still working on a preview file :)
I'll upload it as soon as I can!
Stay tuned... - Oct 28 2009
best wallpapers of nature

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Mar 02 2010
I am sorry... as not said :)
My apologize... - Mar 02 2010
Must send an sms to receive a password for downloading file.
100% pure shit.
Stay away. - Mar 02 2010

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Oct 17 2013
Hi all.
I am wondering on how to display the new vinyl cover art with rhythmbox.
My conky script to do it looks like this:

${exec cp "`conkyRhythmbox --datatype=CA | sed -e 's/\\\//g'`" /home/deusnova/.album.jpg}${image /home/deusnova/.album.jpg -s 50x50}

I have a .folder.jpg file within all my music album folders, so the script grabs them from there.
But I didn't understood how to do this with conky-colors.

Can someone please tell me how to do it?
I can now display the cover, but I'd like to add the vinyl effect to the album art :) - Dec 30 2009

GTK2 Themes
by IamJustUs

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Aug 14 2010
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Mar 16 2010
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Jan 29 2010