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dorothea baker
BlackIce icon theme

Full Icon Themes 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 24 2013
I can't really take credit for most of it, but glad you like it! :) - Nov 27 2013

Plasma Themes 53 comments

by mcder
Score 76.7%
Jul 06 2014
:) - Nov 27 2013
Ambiance Grey + Green/Purple Highlights

Plasma Color Schemes 6 comments

Score 68.0%
Apr 15 2012
they're complementary colors, so of course they work well together! I like this theme :) - Oct 22 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions 20 comments

by tardo
Score 75.5%
Nov 03 2013
I've found Nepomuk very annoying because it doesn't index hidden files by default, and when I changed that option it looked as if it was going to take 10 years to index them all! So I've always just used the 'locate' command, it's so much quicker and will find EVERYTHING. - Oct 19 2013
thankyou for making this widget! I wanted something exactly like this and was actually going to try to learn how make one myself, but I don't need to now :)
It would be nice if it integrated with the panel (not just as a floating widget on the desktop) but other than that it's perfect. - Oct 19 2013

Full Icon Themes 70 comments

by frag
Score 74.4%
Jan 25 2014
I love this icon theme and I'd like to make a version for light color schemes (easily done by inverting the icons). Would this be ok? I'd give you credit and a link to this page of course. - Aug 10 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions
by tardo

Score 75.5%
Oct 19 2013