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Daniel Jarick Brisbane, Australia
Kbfx Startmenu

GTK2 Themes 45 comments

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Sep 02 2008
Fixed the clock problem. Replaced the regular xfce clock with the xfce4-datetime-plugin which is a better clock applet.

Noticed something strange happen to Synaptic: the theme does not apply to it. Is this a sudo thing? I will have a go at fixing this. - Aug 30 2008
I really like this and I congratulate you on making a suburb theme.
That said, I found a little problem with the xfce4 panel. When adding or moving applets, the colours change and any tasks in the panel will go white. This may be unavoidable, but I thought I should mention it.
There is also the problem of the clock not showing up clearly. It is almost the same colour as the panel. This is the thing I really want to fix, any ideas?
I would also like to know where I can get the theme you used in your screenshots. Is it something you made or can it be found somewhere? If you made it, could you release it? - Aug 30 2008

Webcam & Monitoring 70 comments

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Jan 23 2009
when do you think this feature can be implemented?

so far i have got the app working one debian from the ubuntu deb package, and i can take pictures. i had to change the default settings because the picture was coming in too dark (this does not happen in kopete).

having a video record feature would make this app! - Aug 03 2008
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Aug 04 2009
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Aug 03 2009
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Aug 03 2009
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Aug 03 2009