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Michaí«l Larouche Sept-Iles, Canada

Various Games by PikoPiko 26 comments

Funny, my first attempt to create a KDE program was called kfceu, but at that time I didn't go further than the KDE program template ;)

Nowadays, I developed a far more complete program called Gamefu found here: - Jul 29 2007
KDE Personal Wiki

Groupware by HuntsMan 13 comments

This looks similar to BasKet. - Jun 29 2006
GBA KFile Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by tkoeck 1 comment

I have done KFile plugins for ROMs as part of Kamefu, which is here at kde-apps. GBA kfile plugin is one of those.

Kamefu kde-apps page:

And I always need more developpers, though you should learn a little bit more about Qt3 and C++ ;) - May 14 2006

Emulation by DarkShock 17 comments

Thanks for pointing out. I've made the change in SVN. - May 04 2006

Emulation by DarkShock 17 comments

I have a little patch on my machine to do that. Will be in 0.2 release with the image filler plugin. Thansk for the comment - Apr 27 2006

Kopete Styles by kanutron 85 comments

Your theme is very nice, I like it. Clean and slick.

I developed the new style engine and now this is my current theme both at home and at work. - Apr 15 2006

Kopete Styles by redondos 1 comment

Please change the category of your style. This is not for Kopete 0.12 but for older version.

Kopete 0.12 use a different style format. - Feb 01 2006
KDM Theme Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by smileaf 237 comments

Just installed on my Gentoo. Very nice COnfiguration module. No more plain to edit kdmrc to install a nice KDM theme. - Dec 30 2005