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Daniel Foré Sacramento, United States of America
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Apr 09 2010
Hey Denis, if you could file a bug in launchpad it will be harder for me to forget :P - Nov 30 2010
Can you post a picture of the problem? I'm not sure I understand what is happening :p

If you can, click this link to chat with someone on our team - Jun 09 2010
ah, no Its fixed in BZR. So you have to pull from our branch in launchpad.

you can do this by opening terminal and typing "bzr branch lp:egtk" - May 02 2010
hehe, too late. I fixed it already :p - May 01 2010
The link seems to still work for me, can you try again? - Apr 28 2010
This is related to your GTK theme, not the icon theme ;) - Apr 28 2010
What I'm waiting for is to make sure the monochromes are implemented properly and there isn't any sort of icon "leak". For me, It'd be better to have a color icon in the status area than to have a monochrome somewhere that it doesn't make sense ;) - Mar 14 2010
Yep, It'll come. - Mar 06 2010
I was playing around with doing some monochrome player controls for this release. The big problem is that it doesn't look the good or even the same in every application. So, it has to be a per-app kind of thing. In this way, I've included some of these per-app icon customizations in the next version of my GTK theme instead of the icon theme. - Mar 02 2010
You don't *have* to buy them ;) That link is just a direct download so that you don't have to go through my DeviantArt page (which is the first link).

But, generally, I would recommend you check out the latest version from bzr by opening up terminal and typing "bzr branch lp:elementaryicons" - Feb 17 2010
hehe, already done ;) - Feb 16 2010
You must go into wherever you installed the theme and go to "places" and find "distributor-logo.svg" in each of the folders. Change that image with whatever image you want to use instead. - Feb 07 2010
I'm excited that you like it so much!

I'm working pretty hard to make it even more beautiful, so just wait! :D - Jan 15 2010
You'd have to go through and modify every icon that has a folder in it manually. - Jan 01 2010
haha, that's what the readme is for ;)

monochrome doesn't work on dark panels!

Don't worry, I'll have a version for dark panels in the future. But, for now it's light panels only :) - Jan 01 2010
hmm... that's interesting... Maybe your download was corrupted? Can you try downloading again?

I fixed the link ;)

The deb package isn't updated yet! Hopefully within a couple of days. - Jan 01 2010
Yea! It's called Humanity :D

I've added a new monochrome set for elementary, but if you want the Ubuntu logo you'll have to either copy it from Humanity or just use Humanity :p - Dec 31 2009
haha, thanks :D - Dec 12 2009
Open up terminal and type "bzr branch lp:elementaryicons" - Nov 13 2009
I'm working on it now. You can test it in bzr at lp:elementaryicons

I'll do an initial release for Christmas and eventually I'll most likely deprecate the colored version. - Nov 02 2009
I'll check it out...

haha! Two years of just playing around :D I didn't get it right the first time, of course. - Oct 13 2009
Hm.. It should have the same glossiness as folders and the like, but I'll double check it.

I've been getting a lot of request for that. I'll experiment with it, but I'm not sure exactly what I can offer there.

Ah, I don't actually have a real color palette ;) It's all just kind of done by my personal taste. But, feel free to make whatever based on the colors in these icons :D - Oct 13 2009
Ah, You know what? People have reported problems with PCManFM before. I believe it has something to do with the way it handles symlinks.

For now, supported File Browsers are Nautilus and Thunar ;) - Oct 12 2009
Unfortunately, there is no PPA for elementary icons :(

I can't figure out how to make it work! I've followed all the instructions and I still can't make it work. Perhaps there is someone who can be a packager for elementary art team on launchpad? - Oct 12 2009
Don't worry more icons will come :D

In fact, a lot of syncing between Humanity and this theme will happen before the next release.

Right now, I'm just focusing on the polishing of what I have now, leading up to 3.0 which I hope will have every icon currently available in every size.

Also, I'm going to try and perfect those beautiful monochrome icons. I want to make sure that elementary has an un-paralleled experience for those. - Oct 12 2009
That sounds like quite the bug ;)

I'm not sure what you mean about it missing icons. They should all be there.

My suggestion is to remove the old directory first.

It's either going to be in your home directory in a hidden folder called .icons

or it's going to be in /usr/share/icons, in which case you need root privileges to remove it.

Then, you should re-download the latest release, which I just downloaded to check for errors. There are none that I can see ;) - Oct 10 2009
It's just inherited from the gnome icon theme, ATM. I'm working now on really trying to make monochrome icons work. So, we might see a monochrome one for the next release. - Oct 06 2009

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May 16 2012
I like the colors just fine :) It's just a really simple, monochrome look. - Nov 05 2010
Looking super awesome Emily! I think the only thing I would do is make some of the elements smaller like button height, scrollbar and progressbar width, etc. - Nov 05 2010
Elementary Refresh

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May 23 2010
Hey, be nice!

A lot of these changes, though subtle, are very very good. I've merged most of them in to trunk ;)

Just because there are a ton of other elementary mod themes, doesn't mean that there isn't a few gems out there. - May 23 2010
You should pull from bzr (just to sync up my changes), apply your changes, and then propose a merge request ;) - May 23 2010
Sense Gtk theme

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May 06 2010
Menus are absolutely beautiful! - Apr 08 2010
Ambiance/Radiance corrected

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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Mar 15 2010
Hey, good job! I forwarded your themes to Ken (The guy who wrote the originals) so hopefully we can get some of your fixes back upstream. No promises :/ But, I appreciate the effort ;) - Mar 10 2010

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Apr 09 2010
Yea, I'm looking at it and wondering if there's a way to change the button bg so that we don't need that huge bg in the toolbar.

I'm going to experiment with it and see what I can do.

If you want, shoot me an email:

I'll give you commit access to egtk and we can work together in bzr ;) - Feb 05 2010
I was looking at your theme the other day and thinking to myself that I'd have to steal some code from you ;)

but, then you go and do it for me :D

Definitely going to merge this sexyness into eGTK

Amazing work. - Feb 05 2010
Karmic X

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Nov 10 2009
That's real easy ;)

I'll play with it today after I get home from school :D - Nov 11 2009
Hey, you should really borrow the panel from Lithium! I think it fits in most perfectly. Check it out:,+Emerald,+Metacity?content=113368 - Nov 10 2009
Oh okay. Another thing I was looking at was the panel here:,+Emerald,+Metacity?content=113368

Very slick, and I think it fits the idea of the theme ;)

If you browse through the code, you'll be able to see it pretty easily. There is a pretty decent chunk that deals with fixing the sidebar. Better alignment of icons, adding a color (or not), thinning the little separator, making the top header thing not so ugly ;) - Oct 13 2009
The panel text should be the same color as the icons there. I think it would bring some consistency ;)

Also, steal the nautilus sidebar mod from here:

Otherwise, looking good. - Oct 03 2009
Bluestep Humanity

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Nov 10 2009
I can't understand why everyone keeps doing this, lol. Humanity is a fork of elementary, which is blue!

Monochrome icons for elementary are in the works in elementary bzr at lp:elementaryicons ;) - Nov 10 2009

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Nov 27 2009
Check out elementary from bzr @ lp:elementaryicons

There's a monochrome branch in there for light panels I'm working on ;) - Nov 10 2009
Well, this is interesting, but there is already a blue version of Humanity :p

Rather, Humanity is the orange version of elementary icons ;) - Nov 08 2009
Humanity Folders

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Nov 03 2009
Hate to burst your bubble, my friend, but Humanity is released under GPL and therefore all derivative works must also be GPL.

Other than that, looks nice. Makes me want to talk to the UX team and see if they won't let us change that user icon from Black to White :D - Nov 03 2009
devART Autumn 09 edition

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Nov 02 2009
VERY NICE! It's almost perfect! only thing I'd like to see is a little tiny bit less roundness. - Nov 01 2009

GTK2 Themes 39 comments

by golan
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Jan 28 2010
Only suggestions I would make is to use the new metacity because the buttons are a lot sexier ;)

But, I'm thinking of putting the black panel into eGTK very very nice! - Oct 01 2009
Hehe, that's what that little string at the bottom was!

The "bzr branch" - Sep 24 2009
Is this based on eGTK?

if so, you might want to pull the latest revision from BZR

bzr branch lp:eGTK ~/.themes/eGTK_bzr - Sep 23 2009

GDM Themes 3 comments

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Aug 16 2009
Looking real good! Only suggestion I have is, You might want to make the text-box the same color as the GTK entry widget. It'd look a little smoother.

But, I love the colors. It looks great :D - Aug 16 2009
Dynamic Stopwatch Usplash Theme

Usplash Themes 5 comments

by CRAY4
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Aug 08 2009
Might want to add that you need pngtousplash in order for it to work! - Aug 11 2009
Didn't really work for me, But I love the idea and I you get it working :D - Aug 09 2009

GTK2 Themes
by jecovier

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Feb 05 2010
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Nov 15 2009
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Oct 17 2009

GTK2 Themes
by golan

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Oct 01 2009

GTK2 Themes
by SamsamTS

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Aug 26 2009
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Aug 08 2009
Quick Black

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by cameronw

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Aug 02 2009
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Apr 28 2009
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Mar 28 2009
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Mar 16 2009
Lock Dialog Preferences

Various Gnome Stuff
by reeve

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Mar 12 2009
Kupo Finale

GTK2 Themes
by lassekongo83

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Jan 10 2009