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Jun 25 2011
The cause of what you describe is a temporary limitation of yp.xml (the list from xiph) to list only 1000 entries at the moment.
They are migrating the icecast directory to a new infrastructure and hopefully that limit will be removed soon. Then all radio stations should appear again.

Please refer to for current status. - Aug 15 2012
The bugfixed version will be released today, so stay tuned.

The new version does not sort by stream-type any more (i.e. Ogg/AAC/AAC+/MP3 Streams are shown in one list) but at last works with Amarok 2.4

Any hints on how to reactivate this functionality, without the bug that no streams are shown at all, are welcome.

Best regards,
- Jun 25 2011
Alternative version 1.2b available. This is without the pop-up. - Aug 06 2010

this message box is displayed on purpose. The reason is that the skript has to download approximately 1.3MB of data before it can display the stations. On ISDN for example, this would indeed need some time.

This feature is found in other scripts, too.

You could, however, comment out the respective code in the source without changing the function of the icecast directory service script.

Best regards,
cyrusdreams - Jul 19 2010
All Scripts I have seen so far do searching by sending the server a search request. Since you cannot query the Icecast server at the moment, I have no idea how to filter my results now. Hints welcome, as well as forks of the script. - Sep 06 2009 and radio streams service

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Mar 23 2012
Please post your results or any hints as I am facing the same problem with the Icecast script :(

Best Regards,
CyrusDreams - Mar 13 2011