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Stan Bey New York, United States of America

Utilities by ReMoot 6 comments


I have been looking for a devise to control my HTPC-based home-theatre for a while, and this may be it! Yesterday I found out about the Nokia N810 and with a little bit more research - about you guys!

Well - to the point. IS IT POSSIBLE to use your software on the N810 as a secondary touch-screen monitor. I understand that you can probably set it up to control winamp, etc, but...

...can I set it to see what I see on my main monitor (i.e. TV) but be able to, say, open Google on the HTPC, see it open on both the TV and the N, touch-screen-click on the search box in Google/enter my search string, and see results on both monitors? Or, when watching a movie in VLC, etc, and wanting to go forward, drag the running time scale forward on the N rather than using the mouse on the main monitor.

Little confusing (I woke up at 8 to type up this question after going to sleep at 3), but I think you'll get me:)


Stan - Jan 19 2008