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Jul 30 2013
If you speak french there is now a tip of the day on website - Jun 07 2012
The difference in length is due to transition, for an example if you have :

2 slide of 4 sec with transitions of 1 second for each one :

4s + 4s - 1s (for first trans) -1s (for second trans) = 6s .... the slideshow will have a length of 6 sec.

Transitions are applied on slide length they are not cumulated like in the firsts release....

Stéphane - Oct 19 2011
Try the git branches until i release the 1.7.2

git clone git://

Stéphane - Oct 08 2011
It's just warning ... no problem for running app. - Oct 14 2010

I will see that as soon as possible

Stéphane - Apr 16 2010
No i don't download it ... But if you wan't i will put it on gnome-look one day - Mar 03 2010
It's a modifiy gtk theme made by me...

Stéphane - Mar 02 2010
You need qt4.6 developpement packages
after in 2ManDVD directory


To launch use what i explain on the project description and don't forget the -graphicsystem raster ... - Feb 27 2010
2ManDVD can't decide for you to update the bitrate ... I can add an message box to tell you that you have exced the dvd size... but that all ... Is this that you want ?

Stéphane - Feb 26 2010
Yes i could but no ... It's a rc so don't package it ... the final will be releas as soon as possible....

RC id not fully stable ...

Stéphane - Feb 13 2010
Yes you need absolutely qt4.6...

But you can download it and install it in your user profile with trolltech site.

Stéphane - Feb 13 2010
Strange i have not this problem ... NTSC or PAL ? - Feb 03 2010
Yes you can ... Big thanks - Jan 14 2010
Could you preview the result of your dvd... if no there is a problem when generating project... give the logfile here... it is in your project directory. If you can preview it and using ubuntu i know there is a problem with the tool for generating iso. - Jan 10 2010
You don't have qt4 developpement package installed. - Nov 26 2009
Yes no problem...

Currently i stop dev because i'm changing my home ... so i will restart probably in the beginning of 2010 ... or a bit before ...

Stéphane - Nov 22 2009

For second bug i will try this weekend...
For first it's not a bug... black zones are overlays drawing zone. In the beginning 2ManDVD make overlay zone overall your button, so the drawing zone is fully black... If you want drawing differently, start with using the eraser and you will give back an empty zone ...

Sorry for my poor english

Stéphane - Nov 12 2009
There is one missing file into your distro package ... download source archive and copy the file in the right place


Stéphane - Oct 09 2009
seems to be an error of my part ... will try to correct it as soon as possible


Stéphane - Oct 04 2009

will be in 1.0 final release..

Stéphane - Sep 27 2009

I think you don't use correct headers of qt ... Seems to be qt3-devel package not qt4 ... See with someone that use your distribution.

Stéphane - Sep 06 2009
it seems that some player doesn't like AC3 encoding. You can replace all ac3 string by a52 in render.cpp

If this is better i will change it for a next release.
Other persons make test we will see if it is better.


Stéphane - Aug 25 2009
Why ? Is it so ugly ? - Aug 22 2009
The easiest way is to download the source and compile it.

If you have qt4 developpement package installed :


Stéphane - Aug 19 2009
It seem that the package you use doesn't put the langage file in the correct place. Contact the packager

Stéphane - Aug 19 2009
Maybe mplex bug ... Because i have the same problem with some dvdplayer... Currently i search another method - Aug 17 2009
If you define a background motion menu or simply create a thumbnail animated button and you want it goes into loop while displaying the menu, check the following box - Aug 06 2009

Ready for the next release

Stéphane - Aug 04 2009

Will be in the next release.

Stéphane - Aug 04 2009
Thanks ! It will be in the next release

Stéphane - Aug 04 2009
Yes for next release. Thanks

Stéphane - Aug 02 2009
This should be fixe with 0.9b2 or 0.9b3, no ? - Aug 01 2009
It's a beta don't package it there will be new release probably before end of week or begin on next week. Translations will come next.

For the moment i would like ideas or critism (!!!) on the interface or bug chase


Stéphane - Jul 29 2009
The problem will be fix maybe in the next release if i find time.

You can also convert your avi file to mpeg (DVD) with avidemux.

Stéphane - Jun 28 2009

Yes you can change the font size but whith the zoom tool (top menu). Text is known as an image... and fill your button size.

For the automatic resize when you reopen a project it's a bug and i'm working on it .... It's due to the return you put at the nd of your line.

Sorry for my english

Stéphane - Jun 26 2009
Your problem should be fix with 0.8.8 release. But you must reimport your media.

Stéphane - Jun 01 2009
No currently i have not work on a stable structure for project file ... it is one of my main job for 0.9.x series with reworking ui. Sorry

I take the opportunity to launch a call for mockups of idea for a totally new interface.

Hope a lot of people can help me...

Stéphane - Jun 01 2009

Can you try this form a console and give me the result

mplayer -identify -frames 0 yourmpegfile.mpg

Stéphane - May 31 2009
It's probably because your input file are not in mpeg2 format.
In mandvd there was a possibility to adjust the audiotrack... it will be back in a next release.
For the moment use avidemux (for example) to reencode to MPEG2 (DVD)

Stéphane - May 10 2009
Yes if we have a tool for that on linux ... dvdauthor only support DVD for now but ...

Stéphane - May 06 2009
Sorry i have make a mistake and currently reupload the archive.

Excuse me

Stéphane - May 02 2009
On a DVD player or on Xine or VLC ? - May 02 2009

Stéphane - Apr 29 2009
Yes when you click on a chapter there is a latency beetween your click and the player tracking position... I'm sorry for that but i have no solution for now.

Stéphane - Apr 28 2009
It's because in trhe translation there is some word wich mus'nt be translated. I will try to update this for next release because i have a big bug in the current one ...

Stéphane - Apr 26 2009
Control your deps : maybe ffmpegthumbailer (1.5) i think and so ffmpeg (0.5.0)

Because i can't reproduce on many PCs ...

Stéphane - Apr 25 2009
You don't have devel package of QT4 - Apr 19 2009

Today i test kde 4.2.2 and it occurs with oxygen style ... Not with other ... Maybe an oxygen problem

Stéphane - Apr 18 2009
You must not use qm file but ts file with qt4-linguist.

Translation are not totally up do date in english but i will try for next release. But if you can review after please correct my poor english ...


Stéphane - Apr 17 2009
No not idea ... I will look it this weekend ... Thanks a lot

Stéphane - Apr 15 2009