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Girish Ramakrishnan

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Apr 05 2005
They achieve the same purpose but KDocker has lots of extra features like balooning, select and dock thru mouse, works on GNOME+KDE, session management, skipping taskbar, dock when minimize/obscure to name a few. Please have a look at the project page for a complete list.

Girish - Apr 06 2005
Well, the icon is remember across sessions. If you restart the program over the same session, why not just create an alias and put the alias in your bashrc or something?

alias myprogram='kdocker -i /dir/myicon.png program'

If you are using a shortcut instead, then just change the command to execute for the shortcut.

Will that solve the annoyance :)

Girish - Apr 06 2005
Fixed. Please try downloading again. - Apr 05 2005
Fixed. Please try downloading again. - Apr 05 2005
Sorry for my late reply (I didnt see this notice). Which desktop do you use and what is the version?

Girish - Apr 05 2005
Launch thunderbird as:
kdocker -l thunderbird

-l is the same as "Launch on startup" which is selectable from the KDocker menu.

If you launch thunderbird and then dock it, you require "thunderbird-bin" (not just "thunderbird") in your path.

This is because thunderbird does not support session management. You can read more about this on the README. - Feb 03 2005
I will take that as a compliment :) I will need to KDEise the code even before I make an attempt to get it into the KDE CVS. That isnt too hard but I dont want to lose out on support for other WM at the same time. - Jan 24 2005
Doing a xprop on a kdialog, I see
. It is flagged as a "modal" dialog, which is not normally not the main window for an application.

xdialog wont have this property set since it is not NET WM compliant (kde is). If you want I can add a command line option which will suppress the warning.

BTW, I noticed something interesting. In src/util.cpp function isNormalWindow() should have _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG
and not _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIATRACE :) I had done a find/replace of log with trace at some point in time. I will fix that.

Thank you,

p.s Thanks for your concern about the tsunami tragedy. All my friends/relatives are safe. I am helping out by sending medicines to the affected areas. - Jan 04 2005
Well, all you have to do is
kdocker program arguments_to_program
Which version od KDocker are you using?

Try this,
1. Kill all instances of KDocker.
2. From a console/konsole/shell "kdocker ls -l". It should display the output of the "ls -l". Does that work?

Feel free to mail me at

Girish - Jan 03 2005
Thanks :) - Jan 03 2005
Does "xmms file.mp3" work? - Dec 29 2004
I added a link from for the package. If you want your name to be put there, let me know by email or post a comment here. - Dec 22 2004
This is KDocker. Not KXDocker :) - Dec 11 2004
Hey, which option fixed it? Also, what version of kdocker are you are using? Looks like a bug. I can fix it if you provide me the details.

Girish - Dec 07 2004
Are you using 1.0 rc2? KDE or GNOME?

Try this and let me know if it helped,
1. In the context menu, unselect "dock when minimized" and see if it is ok
2. In the context menu, unselect "dock when obscured" and see if it is ok

Thank you,
Girish - Dec 06 2004
aaaaaaah. something wrong with the kde-apps add comment. anyway, let me try again.

i am trying to say, please add a line #include stdlib.h in src/kdocker.cpp.
have angle brackets around stdlib.h (you will find many other #include's in the file).

if you are developer, you probably get what i am saying. if not, i will be glad to help your out more.

will be fixed in final release

Girish - Nov 24 2004
please add a line "#include " in src/kdocker.cpp. let me know if that helped.

Girish - Nov 24 2004
Add the line
in the beginning of src/kdocker.cpp.

Let me know if that helped.

Girish - Nov 24 2004
Ok, I thought this had to do with my ChangeLog. My description is misleading indeed. And its been that way ever since I posted KDocker here :( Thanks for pointing that out.

Girish - Nov 22 2004
Yup, I know that :) XMMS is one of my favorite testing grounds. The plugin cannot offer functionality, like skipping the taskbar, autodock when xmms is obscured, changing the ugly(imo) icon. Or can it? The best part of the plugin is the context menu which KDocker can never provide. - Nov 22 2004
Wow :)

If you can send me a screenshot (png preferrably) I could put it up in the kdocker site.

Thank you,
Girish - Nov 16 2004
Yup, this would be a really nice functionality to have. But it needs to a part of kwin - Nov 16 2004
This was added in 0.5. You can use the "-t" option in the command line or go through the menus to skip the taskbar. - Oct 24 2004
good to hear it works. autoconf is planned for 1.0. I am learning it right now :) you can google for kdocker rpm's. i found a few sites. - Oct 19 2004
You probably need to create the makefile once again.

1. Check if the paths in match the ones with your distro.
2. qmake -o Makefile
3. make

Let me know if that helped. - Oct 18 2004
hmm.. i am looking into how session management can be incorporated into kdocker - Oct 13 2004
Its possible but that should be a part of KWin. - Oct 02 2004
Say thats a very good idea. Why didnt I think of it. Very easy to add this functionality. Expect a 0.9 pretty soon. - Oct 02 2004
Thanks :) - Oct 02 2004
a. ksystraycmd wont work properly in launch up scripts since its algorithm to map pid to wid is wrong. it just docks the first window that comes up.
b. kdocker works for both kdocker and gnome
c. kdocker can dock applications that are already launched. ok you can say ksystraycmd -window 0x234. no thanks :)
d. you can skip taskbar using kdocker. you can autodock when your window is obscured (by some other window).
e. on FC2, ksystraycmd firefox wont work. Neither does ksystraycmd xmms - Sep 29 2004
Nice idea. Will do.

I just installed FC2. Some wierd behaviour with Skipping Taskbar with the latest KDE. Am fixing that.

Thank you,
Girish - Sep 03 2004
Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the reviews, mails and rating.

I have run out of ideas for adding new features to KDocker. If you have anything in mind that would be nice to have, let me know.

Thank you,
Girish - Aug 30 2004
I have fixed the issue and it will be released very shortly.

You can kill them for now, by choosing unchecking "Balloon title changes" in the menu. - Aug 27 2004
ksystraycmd has lots of problems. Try,
"ksystraycmd gaim" or "ksystraycmd xmms". Wont work.

Please read, - Aug 25 2004
Made the change and put your suggestion in README. Thanks - Jun 19 2004
Hey, this is easier than I thought. In fact i just added all the i18n support and checked them in. Take the english one in i18n folder in cvs and use linguist to create the spanish one. Mail it to me at

Creating translations for my native language (tamil) and other languages I know hindi, kannada :) - Jun 19 2004
It would be nice to have some 18n code. Here's me TODO list,
1. Start apps from command line. So, "kdocker xmms" would start xmms and dock it automatically. Nice to use this feature in startup scripts. I am having difficulty get it work for all apps.

2. The code in CVS is horribly idented. Mostly because I mixed whitespaces and tabs. It looks fine here but people have complained. I will finish this up as soon as I can so you can work on i18n.

3. Make install

I have never Internationalized and have no idea how to go about it. Maybe you can help me out. I am reading right now :)

Anything more that needs to be in TODO? - Jun 19 2004
Thanks :) - Jun 19 2004
1. i get the issue with xmms but i dont think much can be done. let me see how ksyswintraycmd handles them (if it does). the same happens with the playlist.
3. instead of left clicking, right click and it wont dock it

2,4,5. on my TODO. 2 is very annoying, i have to say.

Thanks for the comments - Jun 15 2004
i think it requires me to tweak a few of the window manager hints. technically its possible, but i want to make sure i dont violate icccm. And also not break any toolkit code. check this space tommorrow :) - Jun 14 2004
Hmm. I didnt know ksystraycmd even existed! I would have modified ksystraycmd source instead :)

The advantages (from what i saw just now) however are,
1. you can just click and select an application to dock using mouse. you have to ksystray -win winid :( or ksystray kwrite :((. i would rather dock apps which are already up and running on the desktop and have dock/undock whenever i want.
2. if you need to dock 10 application, 10 ksystraycmd seem to run. Only one instance of kdocker to dock any number of apps.
3. Cool balloning feature when title changes (try with xmms, its really nice)
4. kdocker works for both GNOME and KDE. I am not sure if ksystraycmd works.
5. I just checked in "Dock when minimise" and "Dock when obscured" :)

also i cannot find the source in cvs. any idea? - Jun 14 2004
after changing the pro file,
do a "make clean" and then make - Jun 14 2004
-lXmu needs to be added in the pro file. I will check in the changes in CVS.

Basically in, change
LIBS += -lXpm
LIBS += -lXpm -lXmu

Now run make. Thanks for letting me know. For some reason it builds without it on mine - Jun 14 2004
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 167 comments

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Apr 10 2006
I love it. Does this work for thunderbird too? - Oct 21 2004

Network 805 comments

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Aug 20 2015
awesome program. working on my t42 with 0 issues for the past 2 weeks. no hazzles with install and i have not found any bugs. i started using it for the custom menus which i added for my wireless (a LEAP authentication script using the custom menu since ifup-wireless dont do it). - Sep 27 2004