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mark underhill
Orbital Pack

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

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Jun 29 2007
Correction, I just checked this out in more detail. Your panel stops at 36 pixels.

It would be nice if theme developers made there panels able to expand out to 48 pixels, as that's where the third jump in size for the icons is at (and what my bottom panel is set to).

Again, this is just nit-picking at an overall gorgeous theme, but it's a pet peeve of mine. I suppose i picked your theme to vent this on because i like it so much :) - Aug 25 2007
This is now my Theme of choice. Truly Beautiful work.

I have a few suggestions, however.

1) the metallicity theme doesnt really separate windows to well. It's hard to explain, but if you install this (, and compare, you'll see what i mean.

2) and this is really a complaint aimed at most themes made for GTK, the panel icon is to small. When you expand the panel to anything larger than the default 23 pixels, it creates a terrible line through the middle. I, and I would imagine a lot of others, use a large monitor, and like to have a larger panel.

Minor complaints, and nothing that stops me from using this wonderful theme. But, if your striving for perfection, i would start here.
- Aug 25 2007
area o4.2 gnome

Icon Sub-Sets 25 comments

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Sep 15 2007
Also, a firefox theme for this would be great.

...and, if your up to it, a pony and a million dollars would be super sweet as well. :) - Aug 23 2007
I've been waiting for someone to port this, and it loos like you've done an amazing job with it. Thank you so much!

My only question is if your planing on expanding it over time to include more mimtypes and applications and such? - Aug 23 2007

GTK2 Themes 28 comments

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Mar 24 2006
Simply beautiful. Just the theme i was looking for.

I have found one problem, however. The bars you use to adjust things like volume, transparency, etc, etc... are still the same as from the Human theme.

Fix that, and it'll be perfect, imo.

Also, you may want to update the link for the firefox theme to ( The theme you have linked only works with older versions of firefox.

-ttfn - Aug 15 2007