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mauricio mora meza Lima, Peru
CoverGloobus Panel Theme

Covergloobus by CLEARview 3 comments

I forgot:
The dots on top left between Cover art and Title are for Rating. - Mar 13 2012

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 600 comments

Maybe you could change the "Show Desktop" icon to a monochrome style too, because this theme is very used in Ubuntu, and Ubuntu uses monochrome icons for the gnome-panel basics.

Bye - Dec 06 2010
Very weird. Because I can edit colors. - Apr 24 2010

Conky by pxjava 165 comments

thank you for the work1 - Apr 18 2010
Great screenlet!
Congrats! - Apr 15 2010
Lyrics screenlet

Conky by dencer 339 comments

Maybe you forgot installing "python-numpy"?
It is announced as a dependency for Lyrics Screenlet to work properly.

Bye. - Mar 01 2010
Lyrics screenlet

Conky by dencer 339 comments

Hi man,
I see you terminal output and everything seems to be ok.
Maybe the tracks you are playing are not that popular. Try playing known songs as Thriller from Michael Jackson :D haha!
Give it a try with popular songs to be sure.
I use Ubuntu Jaunty always dist-upgraded and my LyricsScreenlet 0.5.7 works very good. Data base for lyrics are not that good as it should be, though.


Greetings for Dencer - Sep 15 2009
I was trying to use it in DigiClock, but this a a theme for DigitalClock.
Names are very similar, that is a problem, because DigitalClock does not come by default.
You NEED to be specific about that.

regards, - Jul 02 2009
Hi! :)
Now i can download this theme, but it does not work at all. i have installed a lot of screenlets themes and this is the only one that does not work.
1. uncompressed the file.
2. moved it to the right location in /usr/share/screenlets/Digiclock/themes

Does not work at all.

Blessings and regards. - Jul 02 2009
When i try to download the theme it gives me just an image.
Please fix it, i would love to try it.

blessings. - Jun 29 2009
Lyrics screenlet

Conky by dencer 339 comments

It does not work for me in openSUSE 11.1 using Exaile, i have no idea about why. It just does not show me anything. - Mar 06 2009

Wallpaper Other by Kundrius 3 comments

Thank you very much, Kundrius.

Blessings. - Mar 02 2009

Wallpaper Other by Kundrius 3 comments

Your work is amazing. I really like this wallpaper, but, higher resolutions please, my screen is 1440x900, i need at least that size.

- Feb 27 2009
Is it Simple For You?

KDE Plasma Screenshots by CLEARview 2 comments

so, do u like it or not like it?
it is free, it is just my desktop, is not it?
Peace :) - Jun 13 2008
Hi, i am going to send you this font that i downloaded from, its name is Tall...something else. - Jun 03 2008
this is Gnome-Panel, not Kicker :(

bye. - Jun 02 2008
Bellow on the left corner there are 3 ScreenLet themes: Digital Clock, Gmail Notifier and Now Playing that shows me what i am listening with Amarok right now.
Bellow on the center, it is Avant Window Navigator, with its table completly transparent.
But, i am using Ubuntu right now, so, these themes are for Gnome.
I am waiting for a better KDE 4 to go back to KDE.
Btw, what distro do you use?
I used to be a Kubuntu user, but, right now i am trying Ubuntu.
I am happy you liked my work.
Thank you.
Check the Amarok icons i made, in particular the last one. You can see it in this screenshot.

See ya... - Jun 02 2008
Amarok Black Transp Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by CLEARview 6 comments

Hi budy..
I cannot download this icon any more, please, could you tell me what to do?
I lost this work of mine and want to use my own icon for my desktop.
I am sorry about putting this icon as an amarok theme, i wont do this again.
Bye...and thank you... - Apr 19 2008
ill niño sound 4

System Sounds by CLEARview 2 comments

Thnks for the comment ;) - Sep 07 2007
Amarok Red Moon

Icon Sub-Sets by CLEARview 2 comments

Do u mean K and not just k?
bye - Aug 23 2007

KDM3 Themes by CLEARview 2 comments

That is for my favorite basketball pics, becouse i love streetball, i love playing without t-shirt, long-short-pants, and black shoes, i love plaing under the sun shinning strongly.
Bye and thnks for the comment.
btw, which kind of linux do u use? - Aug 23 2007
Moka Icon Theme

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Aug 27 2013

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