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Plasma 5 Monitoring 46 comments

Score 82.9%
Nov 15 2015
Sure, should be easy. Next release :) - Oct 26 2015
I'm glad it is useful :) - Oct 22 2015
Good idea, thanks for feedback and reference to the gnome extension. I'll add an option to show the speeds bigger and in one line :-) - Oct 01 2015
Hello! Is it too small? Have you tried increasing Wrapping coefficient in Appearance settings? The speed numbers can also be bigger if you uncheck "Show device names" in the same settings. - Sep 04 2015
Thanks! - Aug 11 2015
Hi! Thanks for suggestions. I try to think of a way to maximize the text size. But I'll need to extend the width of this widget so it can hold the big numbers. So far I kept the connections as squares... - Jul 15 2015
I'm happy to see you made it working! I didn't mention the plasmoid makes use of PlasmaNM component just like the default plasma-nm plasmoid. I wonder if this is also the solution for ChemBro. - May 25 2015
I've just came up with one more test:
In plasma 5.3 there is also a built-in Network Monitor plasmoid (different icon, description: "A network usage monitor"). Try to add it and then play with with its settings (check/uncheck checkboxes for devices) Does it work? - May 23 2015
I'm sorry but I'm out of ideas right now. I've already tried to install this plasmoid on three different notebooks (with Arch Linux) and always with no problems regarding white-listing devices.

Maybe I have some magical additional package installed and you don't? But which one I have no clue. In Arch I have "plasma-meta" package installed if this is of any help... Sorry again.

Thanks for the info about older motherboards. I didn't know about that.

I will keep this bug in mind and will try to reproduce it on other hardware if I get the chance. - May 23 2015
OK so we have multiple reports now :)

When I enter "ip link" to terminal, I get an output and part of it is this line:
3: enp0s25: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc fq_codel state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000

...I have 'enp0s25' inserted in my white-list textbox. And red icon in plasmoid because of the "state DOWN" - disconnected LAN cable. After connecting it the line looks like this:
3: enp0s25: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc fq_codel state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000

...and I can see the device in plasmoid.

To narrow the issue: Please try to insert e.g. 'enp.*' to the white-list textbox. Does it work? (For me it also does)

@domryba: Do you have some udev rules to change the default names of network devices? Because I believe in Arch Linux there are eth0-like devices no more. What does "ip link" command say for you? - May 23 2015
That is weird. I've just tested it again. It should be working. Please note that it only shows active connections (not the currently disconnected ones). Please double check the name of your device and that there are no residual whitespace characters around. - May 20 2015
Uptime Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring 8 comments

Score 80.0%
Nov 15 2015
Thanks a lot for your positive feedback and suggestions. All of them will be addressed in the next version. - Oct 25 2015
Redshift Control

Plasma 5 Applets 53 comments

Score 86.0%
Aug 06 2017
Hi! Thanks for feedback. I cannot reproduce this behaviour... Do you have your location correctly set (I mean Settings -> Advanced -> Location)? You can set the GPS coordinates manually or use the button to retrieve it from Mozilla Location Service.

But if this is not the case, I'm not sure what is wrong. Time and timezone should also be correctly set. But you probably have all these things correct.

If you still experience this issue, please tell me your settings and I'll test your use-case myself :) - Oct 19 2015
Thank you a lot for your positive words! :) - Sep 17 2015
Hi! The plasmoid uses program called Redshift. It is described very nicely on its web pages here:

There is also a screenshot of what it does to screen colour at night. Basically it changes colour of your screen a little to make it more red at night so your eyes are more comfortable with it. - Jul 30 2015
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather 152 comments

Score 87.8%
Oct 06 2017
It's always nice to hear such words :) - Oct 12 2015
Thanks for your feedback! :) Yes, the missing icon is a pain. I was unable to specify my custom icon other way then with absolute path to it which only works if the widget is installed by a package manager to system.

I've already asked a question in forums, but no answer yet: - Sep 18 2015
Not yet, sorry :) It will be once get to do it. - Aug 21 2015
Hi! Thanks for feedback. Actually there are 2 reasons.

The main reason is that systray expanded area has fixed width and height (content is typically only vertically scrollable) so I can't place the wide meteogram picture from

The tooltip cannot be rich-text (I couldn't come up with working code) like in normal widgets in panel. But it certainly can contain more info.

That leads to the second reason: I was too lazy to make this systray mode more usable. So I plan to add today's textual forecast in the expanded area and enhance the tooltip a little. - Aug 18 2015
I don't think it is (or will be) possible. I plan (already started) to add support for Open Weather Map but I doubt one can receive aggregated weather info for all Europe. It is usually related to GPS coordinates right? Otherwise e.g. one temperature for all Europe would be useless. But I don't know much about meteorology so I may be wrong or I don't know exactly what you mean. - Jul 27 2015
Hi! No. the problem is that I was too lazy to do it right :-) I plan to fix it by reading and using sunrise/sunset time from the server. Thanks for reporting! - Jul 20 2015
I'm really sorry but I'm out of ideas right now. Cannot replicate this bug on my side therefore cannot repair this issue right now. - Jul 15 2015
And one more question. Does other places without accented characters work? - Jul 15 2015
Yes, it is. I've just removed my custom widgets and installed this one by plasma addon installer. Your URL works fine.

What version of plasma are you using? I have Plasma 5.3.2, KDE Frameworks 5.12.

Can you please post a screen of your weather widget settings dialog and also what exactly does not work? Do you see temperatures in expanded plasmoid? Do you see "Offline mode" instead of meteogram picture? - Jul 15 2015
Hi! Please use the english version of to search for places. Try this URL:

But oddly enough your URL is working for me, too. I've already tested this applet with places with accented letters so this should be no problem... - Jul 15 2015
That is always nice to hear. Thanks for feedback! - Jul 12 2015
Thanks, you're right, description updated:) And you are thanking me too soon for the providers - I didn't have enough time to do that. But I'll get to that eventually. - Jun 28 2015
Hi, sorry I did not answer right away. Mail notifications from kde-apps just stopped working so I'm now catching up:)

@petelewis: I'm glad you sorted it out. I'll try to address this issue.

@paviluf: Oh, I can see the error now, thanks! Your instructions are correct for my arch system, too. Sorry...
And to your "accuweather" post: I've already received a request to add openweathermap support. I'll try to work something out. But the widget is quite tightly connected to XML model of feed and there is also the meteogram picture. But yes, since you are not alone to request this, I'll probably think something out :) - Jun 16 2015
Hi! Thanks for reporting! Both will be fixed in next version. - May 20 2015
Done. Hearing such praise makes me always very satisfied - thanks for your feedback and suggestion. This one was easy:) - May 16 2015
Sounds reasonable. The default popup should be replaced with something useful. Or did you mean showing some info instead of default temperature and icon directly inside panel (on mouse hover)? That could be interesting, too :) - May 12 2015
OK, lets narrow the problems:
1) What version of plasma do you have installed?
2) Make sure you have also qt5-graphicaleffects package installed (or something like this in your distribution).
3) Can you see the widget in widget selection?
4) Or is the widget added to panel but does not show anything? Or some error after clicking on it?
5) Please post output of this command:
tree ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.weatherWidget/
6) And this command:
tree ~/.local/share/kservices5/
(maybe you will have to install "tree")

- May 11 2015
Interesting idea! Personally I like it on a persistent spot in panel (and bigger then systray icon) but I probably could make it possible to place it in system tray. Since I've never done this before it will probably take some time... :) - May 06 2015
Active Window Control

Plasma 5 Applets 126 comments

Score 87.2%
Jun 08 2017
Hi! Thanks for suggestions!

ad 1) OK this should be doable.
ad 2) I'm not sure I understand. What is cap? What looks bad? Because there already is a logic which decide how many lines of text and how long is the text before it gets short with ellipsis.
as 3) This is simple, I can do that. - Aug 18 2015
Thanks! And about the menu bar - I've investigated a little bit and it seems there is no menubar export support in Plasma 5 yet. I've also didn't see the menu button option in kwin decorations. When this is supported in plasma5/kf5 I think I'll be able to make the menubar support in the widget happening. - Aug 07 2015
I will:) I didn't think of this use-case. - May 11 2015
np, I'm glad to hear that:) - May 06 2015
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 90 comments

Score 84.4%
Sep 08 2017
Thanks! I've done it for the rest of my widgets. - Jun 28 2015
You're right, thanks for these suggestions. I'll try to improve the situation :) - Jun 26 2015
Hi! So even if you fill the "Alias" field while adding new resource you still cannot see the "text above temperature"? If it is the case please also ensure, you have non-zero "Alias font size" inside Appearance settings section. - Jun 25 2015
Oh, I've never test it as a standalone widget on desktop. I use it inside panel. OK, I'll try to repair the behaviour. Thanks for reporting :) - Jun 18 2015
Actually to me this is also quite cryptic:) I've tried to find some info about these names (acpiz-virtual-0... wtf? I know, I'm amateur) so I can add some hints for each sensor. But so far I wasn't very successful. When I do find something, I'll add the hints. - Jun 17 2015
And finally I've learned how to make installable plasmoid. Please just head to "Add widgets..." -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets. Find Thermal Monitor and install it with the first item (thermal-monitor.plasmoid).

If the option with *.plasmoid isn't there, restart plasma, sometimes it stays cached... - Jun 17 2015
OK, please note that there isn't any actual compiling. The cmake command is just configuring the package and preparing installation paths. "make install" command is just installing files into the right paths. But I suspect that the cmake is not working for you. In that case install it manually this way:

git clone --depth=1

cd plasma-applet-thermal-monitor/

sudo mkdir /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.thermalMonitor

sudo cp -r package/* /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.thermalMonitor/

sudo cp package/metadata.desktop /usr/share/kservices5/plasma-applet-org.kde.thermalMonitor.desktop

That should do it. Yes I should probably learn how to package the widgets so it can be easily installed on any distro... - Jun 17 2015
You mean the warning and meltdown ones? These icons only show up when a certain temperature is exceeded. These edge temperatures are configurable. - Jun 17 2015
I've just added instructions to the description. Please let me know if it was sufficient. Thanks! - Jun 17 2015
I've just quickly added some appearance options... - Jun 16 2015
Resources Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 18 comments

Score 81.9%
Nov 15 2015
Hi, I haven't decided, yet. I really made it just because of the the "history-graphs" of resources and to see more info in smaller area. When I have more time I'll think about it :) Thanks for the idea! - Jun 16 2015
Thanks, you're right I made terrible typo there! :) I definitely repair the Hz nonsense. But I like the minimal version of GiB -> G, MiB -> M. It's perfect for these small applets and makes space for more numbers. So I probably stick with that. - Jun 16 2015
Thank you both for your feedback :) - May 27 2015