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Eric Katz
Kpl 5.0

Science by stille 7 comments

I've been looking for an app like this for ever. 2 comments: The axis-labels print strangely when you add text, and the new-function-function is a bit unwieldy. How do I get it to just draw y=mx+b, or y=ln(x) on my plot without writing dozens of lines of code?

Does it do statistics? Regression lines? Error bars?

Woohoo! - May 04 2004

Science by cniehaus 12 comments

Having trouble with the link. URL not found. - May 04 2004

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Theology is a science? Is history a science? When you say theology, do you mean "comparative religion" or do you mean "the study of God?" The latter cannot be a science because God is not empirically observable.

However, I'll assume you mean the former. You don't provide any information in your blurb about which translations are used. Is the Hebrew taken from the Masoretic text? Is the English translated from the Masoretic, the Septaguint or from the Vulgate? Are the translations recent or historical? What other tools for comparative religion do you provide? This is the information that "scientists" of comparative religion need to know. - May 04 2004