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Easy various links manager

Network 3 comments

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Jul 04 2007
the chartframe in evlinkstraffic is take from knetdockapp.
- Jul 04 2007

Video Apps 58 comments

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Jan 27 2008
here is a chinese translation for videocut.

do not forget to change the resource file.
- Jun 21 2007
it's very dirty:-D

maybe, qt-4.3.1 will fix it, hope so.
- Jun 21 2007
there is also some other strange things about qt-4.3.

for example:
in the config dialog of videocut, the icons of list item can be "align center", it looks very well, but with qt-4.3,it is never aligned center.
- Jun 21 2007
Yes, very strange.

you can take a look of the comments of Manslide.It also had the same very strange problem. So, from Manslide-1.5.9, the author return to qt-4.2.

I had compiled it with qt-4.2.3 and qt-4.3 today.

under qt-4.2.3, works very well.

but under qt-4.3, must apply this dirty change.
- Jun 21 2007
It cause that the FrameItem in TListPanel did not show anything except empty image.

a workaround here:

change src/TListPanel/TFrameItem.cpp
painter->drawImage(pixRect, *p, source);

painter->drawImage(pixRect, (*p).scaledToWidth(bigRect.width() - widthBorder*2,Qt::SmoothTransformation)); - Jun 21 2007
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps 179 comments

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Jul 06 2008
just include :

to kaffeine.cpp

- Dec 07 2006
they are different apps and different usage.

tabs in konqueror and firefox is needed, without this, we had to start more than one browsers at the same time to browse different websites. and that is also a performance problem.

but this is not happend to kaffeine. - Dec 24 2004
kaffine-0.4.3 is the best media player I had ever seen.

but not kaffeine-0.5. up to now, I still use kaffine-0.4.3 and will never update to kaffeine-0.5.

I can not understand: what is the benefit of "Tab Widget"? why the toolbar must be dragable.why it must be KDEed.

kaffeine had lost its direction.
0.4.3: stable, clean, simple, easy to use.
0.5 : stable?, not clean, complex, hard to use. - Dec 23 2004
Emnu, new menu for KDE(proof of concept)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Sep 23 2006
I know that.

but i think the applications menu of kickoff make things complex.

we can get benefit from popup menus, because when the mouse cursor stayed in a sub menu, we know where we come from(the parent item of the submenu), we also know where we will go (very easy to activate the sub-sub menu). also, it is very easy to jump to another submenus with popupmenu.

but in kickoff.....

so I made this, it is just a idea to prove something(I like submenu)

about gui design, it it very easy to change, just because I take some codes from xkmenu, so maybe it look like XPish.

xkmenu is as same as XP menu(crazy:-D). - Sep 24 2006
it is not intend to be a xp style.

xp style is two panels. - Sep 23 2006
Windowslike - random crashes

Utilities 33 comments

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Dec 29 2004
cool, guy.

when I see this, I plan to make a blue screen and error msg emulation.

I will more windowslike i think:-D - Dec 27 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 45 comments

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Oct 21 2004
Yes, It is kicker. not a picture and not superkaramba
Full Hacked.

I modify system tray a lot, remove clock applet, and make a clock widget in system tray, and add a button to toggle.

I also modify original quick laucher applet and make it works.

The kbutton has also been modified to support pixmap.

the panner has also been modified a lot.

you are right, it is fully hacked kicker.

and the logout dialog is ksmserver. also hacked.

to hack kdm is a easy thing. - Oct 25 2004
you do not like it, but there is somebody like it.

you are you, and I am me.

please speak to anybody kindly - Oct 21 2004
It is not just a idea, but truely run on my Linux Box - Oct 20 2004
Sony VAIO LCD Brightness Controler

System Software 7 comments

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Oct 24 2004
can it works for you?

if we must set the mknod minar and major personally, I will add a config dialog to support this.

If this tool can not works, can you give me some idea?

I hope we can let this tool work on any VAIO Laptop - Oct 23 2004
I am sorry that i can not add any comment, I use Sony VAIO PCG-V505GCP.
It works.

may be the driver can not drive your device, if you find what the problem is, please tell me.

I hope this tool can work on your laptop - Oct 23 2004
good suggestion, I will add the right cliked menu to exti this program.

and add detection of power.

to set the brightness to 100 is not a good idea, it is too bright.

I plan to change the system tray icon to indicate that power line had been pluged.

if the laptop use bat, I will show the remaining of bat.

- Oct 23 2004

Developers Apps 25 comments

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Jul 16 2007
There is a bug with MessageBox.

if you did not set the button text.
It will show a button without any text.

I check the source and modify CMessage.cpp.

the patch is:

diff -Nur gambas-0.99/src/lib/qt/CMessage.cpp gambas-0.99new/src/lib/qt/CMessage.cpp
--- gambas-0.99/src/lib/qt/CMessage.cpp 2004-08-13 09:39:42.000000000 -0400
+++ gambas-0.99new/src/lib/qt/CMessage.cpp 2004-09-07 23:00:54.000000000 -0400
@@ -253,7 +253,10 @@

if (btn[1].isNull() && !btn[2].isNull())
swap = btn[1], btn[1] = btn[2], btn[2] = swap;
+ if (btn[0].isNull() && btn[1].isNull() && btn[2].isNull())
+ {
+ btn[0]="OK";
+ }
for (i = 0; i < 3; i++)
mbtn[i] = btn[i].isNull() ? QMessageBox::NoButton : (i + 1) ; - Sep 08 2004

FTP 106 comments

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Apr 28 2007
I know that to develop a app is not a easy work, but I had to say :please do not continue this app, I am sorry to say that.

the idea of ftp tranfer and operation implement is wrong, it is single thread.
so when you download something from a FTP server, the app had to lock the "remote window" to wait the thread finish.

it is the same as "kasablanca", another ftp client you can find at the site.

and, I think maybe the app is also use some idea or implementation from kasablanca.

the correct way is to use "FTP kioslave", like kbear.

up to now, there are only two useful FTP tools under KDE, the firstone is KIO_FTP, the other is KBEAR.

sorry to say that, maybe you need a new idea to implement FTP protocol, not "kasablanca" style. - Aug 18 2004