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Chris Clayton Blackpool, United Kingdom

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Feb 02 2020
Mmmm, it seems to run OK (mostly) with a debug build. Maybe it's a timing problem and they are hard to track down. I did, however, get one crash with the following diagnostic printed:

ASSERT failure in QList::at: "index out of range", file /opt/qt-5.14.0/include/QtCore/qlist.h, line 571

If I can reliably recreate the segfault (and provide some diagnostics), I'll report back - Dec 30 2019
Building with qt-4.8.7 fails and qt-5.14.0 is the only version of qt5 I have installed. libnet is 1.1.6 and libpcap 1.9.1. The application crashes on startup (the main window never shows) with linux-4.19.91 and 5.5.0-rc3, but runs OK on 5.4.6. The OS is LInux from Scratch. Network is wlan0 - iwlwifi/mvm. - Dec 27 2019
Crashes with a segfault when built with qt-5.14.0. - Dec 26 2019
KAD - KDE aided design

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by tekki
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Nov 16 2007
Yep, That's fixed it thanks, although there still seems to be one icon missing. The mouse-over tip that pops up says "Previous View". - Nov 17 2007
I've built kad and installed it, but 'make install' doesn't install any of the .xpm or .png icons, so the toolbar just has lots of "missing icon" icons, if you see what I mean.

Chris - Nov 16 2007
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2   Dec 26 2019
Crashes with a segfault when built with qt-5.14.0.