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Jorge Carrillo San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Gnome Black Wallpaper

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Mar 29 2010
Now you are thinking outside the box and making existing logos your own!
Keep up the good work! - Mar 29 2010
"Pura" Ubuntu Wallpaper

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Mar 28 2010
I see that you learned about fractals with GIMP, nice!
Your are improving!
Now, unleash your inner beast mixing this, plus flares, gradients and brushes and create your masterpiece!!! - Mar 29 2010
Heart attack / America's greatest fear

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Mar 28 2010
I didn't quite get ur message but thanks for the comment (assuming it was a good comment) - Mar 28 2010
Gnome "Flare" Wallpaper

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Mar 27 2010
I've watched your gallery, and there are some impressives wallpapers there!
For example the Ubuntu one with some coloured lines is great!

And to see some example of minimalistic "good" see your other wallpaper, the Ubuntu Simple! It is also very good! - Mar 27 2010
Maybe you should put more time to your wallpapers to add more stuff so they look stunning.

This one is very simple (but not minimalistic simple, which is good).
I mean, a lens flare, a gradient and a logo... Is that all you've got?

See some tutorials, get inspiration from other people's wallpapers and try to do something original!

I'll be watching more of your work to see improvements :) - Mar 27 2010
Simplest Ubuntu Wallpaper

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Mar 27 2010
Sorry elitist coprus, but he is free to upload his wallpapers anywhere he wants.
Go troll somewhere else!

P.S. Nice Wallpaper - Mar 27 2010
Purplubuntu (Purple Ubuntu) Chrome theme

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Mar 20 2010
I heard that if you download the .crx, but save it as .zip, it will give you access to everything that is on the theme.

And, are you talking about the ferrari logo on the top right?
Well, it seems I can't anchor it so it is always moving :( - Mar 21 2010
Could you post a picture?
I might fix it - Mar 20 2010
It was a "gift" for my little brother who is also a fan of Ferrari, I'm glad you liked it :) - Mar 20 2010
Elementary theme for Chromium

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Mar 18 2010 - Mar 19 2010
Visit my Deviant art for some non-Gnome-related Chrome/ium themes =) - Mar 19 2010
Blood Flow

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Mar 16 2010
FIXED! (think so)
Thanks for reporting that anomaly in the wallpaper! - Mar 16 2010
I hate it when that happens ¬¬
I'll fix it - Mar 16 2010
Sure do!
There is a new 1900x1200 version.
To be honest, I'm not quite good at resizing, so I hope it looks good and not too pixelated.

Now, for anyone wondering:
Why is the wallpaper purple?
Why it has only 4 erythrocites?
Why isn't the blood vessel red or blue?

Well, guess what? It is a capillary! Where the blood releases it's oxygen and starts it's way back to the heart! - Mar 16 2010
Blood Flow 2 is shown in the first screenshot (the one in 3D)
Original Blood Flow is in the Second screenshot.

I made a bigger version because I thought it looked a little bit big on my laptop :P - Mar 16 2010
Gnome- AND Ubuntu-Wallpaper

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Apr 21 2008
There is a place called Ubuntu-art, which is a sister site to GNOME-look but specially for UBuntu wallpapers.
Maybe other distros don't have one, but at least Ubuntu has one. - Apr 13 2008
AMAZING! thanks - Apr 10 2008
But this isn't the place to post stuff like this, go to to post your Ubuntu artwork, for this is GNOME-look and only gnome stuff should be posted here.
PS. Im using this as my second desktop wallpaper XD - Apr 10 2008
Hardy heron

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Apr 10 2008
This is a cool wallpaper, just take away the heron and the "Hardy Heron LTS" and you've got an awesome wallpaper! - Apr 10 2008
Ubuntu ultimate Wallpaper

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Apr 10 2008
Lemme searched for a Vista wallpaper on the internet, put Ubuntu on it and uploaded it. That is sad.
Also, this place is for GNOME, stuff, not your crappy (yes, you didn't even did it right) Vista spinoffs. - Apr 10 2008
Vista Ultimate logon

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Apr 10 2008 is a Vista GDM #10000!
Also, this is not the correct place to post this (I think this shouldn't be posted anywhere...) but if you really want to post this go to, since this is GNOME-look. - Apr 10 2008

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Apr 09 2008
Not to sound rude, but there is a place called "" which is a sister site to this.
This is GNOME-look, so it should remain only Gnome, you can go to Ubuntu-art and post your artwork there.
It is quite good, but not my cup of tea :) - Apr 09 2008

Cursors 15 comments

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Apr 08 2008
It is ok, if you hadn't put Arch at the beggining, I would've thought it was another form of the Ecliz cursor.
It is quite good, but the "forbidden" cursor is quite ugly... - Apr 07 2008
rits Ubuntu Fractal east

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Apr 07 2008
Can you please put your wallpaper without the logo?
It is pretty, but this site is gnome-look, if you want to post your Ubuntu wallpaper use, it is a sister website so it is quite familiar.
- Apr 06 2008
Gnome Ubuntu

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Apr 06 2008
Not trying to sound like a jerk, but you should try to post this in
This is Gnome-look, a site devoted to Gnome, try checking Ubuntu-art, it is a sister website so you will feel quite familiar with the envirnoment :) - Apr 06 2008
Mac OS X Panther Panel

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

by Hund
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Feb 14 2008
I just needed to compileit correctly, it is a great theme - Feb 16 2008
Im talking about the theme...I get square buttons, I already have the aurora engine installed - Feb 16 2008
Why do I get ugly buttons with the theme?
I really like it, but the buttons look way too ugly and squarey - Feb 16 2008
OpenOffice 2007

OpenOffice Splash Screens 15 comments

by juaka
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Feb 16 2008
The one thing I choose OO over MS Office was the interface...sure it is pretty and has a lot of eye-candy. But for power-users like me, it is a waste of space.
I used to know where things were, but now... - Feb 16 2008