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Bruce Ashford Oxford, United Kingdom

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Nov 16 2019
The latest (2018-09-20) changes look good, I especially like the new, very slightly, rounded top corners. All is working well on Gnome 3.26 including Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird.
I know this isn't your most popular theme but please keep updating it. I'm linux SysAdmin and use it all the time on my home and work machines because it is consistent, clean, elegant and easy to live with.
Thanks again for a great job! - Sep 21 2018
Superb! - Jan 17 2018
I thought Vimix was good but this is even better! Works nicely with Gnome 3.20 on RHEL 7.4. - Jan 17 2018

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Jan 06 2020
Works great! Thx! - Sep 26 2017
Perfect, thank you! - Sep 22 2017
I have been running the Vimix-Light for the last month... it's great. For me it's a subtle, stylish and classy theme. I have even had comments from colleagues wanting to know what it is!
I've just upgraded from your 2017.08.17 release (on github) to the the 2017.09.16 release attached here and noticed a change in the window title bars. The screenshot at is from the latest release and shows a dark line separating the title bar from the menu bar. I much prefered the way these elements were displayed in the earlier release (see where there was no line and the title bar and menu bar merged neatly together. Please can you revert to the previous design? - Sep 22 2017
Score 78.3%
Mar 08 2018
Score 78.3%
9   Jan 17 2018
Score 84.0%
9   Oct 06 2017