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Bruno Bittencourt BelĂ©m, Brazil
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
Ok! I will try contact to the developer ...
Any password answer I'll post here on the page.

I'll ask on page source-forge

Thank you! - Oct 25 2010
Yes, I already tried that way. But you can see, there is an authentication failure.
I tested the integrity of the ISO, is normal.
What can be? There really is a password for this custom version?

Here in Brazil it has occurred to me to use a version called Biglinux, that also requested that password to initialize.

Thank you for your response and attention ... - Oct 25 2010
I'm trying to test the LiveCD. It is still asking for a password. What can I do to pass this step and test the LiveCD?
I am Brazilian and would love to test this customized version of Ubuntu, I am recommending Ubuntu for all my friends. With this ISO is easier for them to use Linux.

Please help to resolve my doubt. Thanks!

See the link of pictures of the startup screen: - Oct 25 2010
"Ubuntu WIN2-7 10.4 Distribution:"
requires password to test the LiveCD. What's the password for test the LiveCD without need to an installing on computer. I would like to test this excellent customized version of Ubuntu. Thanks! - Oct 24 2010
Win2-7 Pack

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by juandejesuss

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Oct 24 2010