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Bruce Mag

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Jan 14 2020
vinceliuice, I've just found a glitch (I guess) regarding texts on buttons. Please, check the image on the link. Is this related to the theme itself? Can it be fixed? Thanks for your attention. Your theme rocks! - Jun 08 2019
Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

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Apr 29 2019
I have logged in just to thank and congratulate the author for this masterpiece.

This is the best icon theme I have ever used! I'm really glad I found it!

For those using Ubuntu 18.10, a suggestion for a perfect outcome:

1) Find and edit the "index.theme" file in the "Suru++" icons folder;
2) Add the text "Inherits=Yaru" right before the text "Example=folder".

This will fix the big icons where 8px sized icons are used in the system, for Suru++ Icons Theme doesn't provide such icon size.

Congratulations to the author! Keep up the great work! :) - Jan 07 2019
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Sep 01 2017
Awesome theme. Congratulations. What exactly did you do with the panel and the window? Did you merge the panel and the window title bar, just like in Unity, with the Close/Max/Min buttons on it and a global menu? If so, how did you do that? Would you mind sharing the steps to do it? Thank you very much. :) - Sep 01 2017
KNumix Light - Flat Theme

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Jun 27 2014

Hello, what's up, buddy? :)

Your theme seems to be one of the best I've seen out there, really beautiful and neat. I'd like to ask you a question, though.

I don't want to sound rude, so please don't get me wrong, OK? Are you the only author? How commited are you to the development and maintenance of this theme?

I'm asking you this because I believe many people, myself included, enjoy using such an awesome theme, providing that it has a regular maintenance. Everyone likes to have a theme that comes the closest it can get to perfection. So, if you tell me that you are that commited to your theme, I will definitely give it a try and, who knows, make it my default KDE theme.

I've used Ubuntu (Unity) for a long time and was very happy with the Numix GTK Theme. Those guys are really doing a great job. Now I've decided to use Linux Mint KDE and intend to stick with it for a while. I really don't like Oxygen and I'm looking for a good theme to replace it. Your theme seems to be the one.

Just a another question... How do GTK applications look like with your theme?

Once again, I hope you don't get me wrong. I just want to know if your theme is going to "live long". Because, you know, there's a bunch of themes out there that appeared out of nowhere, were successful for a while and then literally died because of no maintenance, no commitment.

Thanks for your attention. Cheers, buddy. :)

brunces - Aug 31 2014

Hi, what's up?

I've noticed you're using Numix and Numix Circle icons. How do you like them so far? I mean, I saw a comment on DeviantArt saying the icons are not 100% compatible with KDE. So, what's your impression about it so far? Have you noticed any fallbacks? Any glitches?

Thanks for your attention. :)

brunces - Aug 31 2014

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Feb 09 2014
Never mind, nale12. I've tested Flattastic-Light and the issue is the same, so I guess there's nothing to do. Pity. :(

Thanks a lot. Cheers. :)

brunces - Mar 27 2014
Hi, nale12. Thanks for you answer.

If the package you mean is gtk2-engines-pixbuf, yes, it's installed. Is that the correct one or is there any other pixbuf I have to install? I don't know much about that stuff. :)

The author of Flattastic Theme says that, for Qt applications, "it is recommended to use Flattastic-Light themes, because Flatastic theme has text color problems with qt applications".

Is Flatts based on Flattastic or Flattastic-Light theme? Because if it's based on regular Flattastic, maybe that's the reason Qt applications don't look good as they should, right?

Anyway, thanks for your time, dude. I really appreciate it. :)

brunces - Mar 27 2014
nale12, I've found something weird with your theme when using Skype. Please, take a look at the attached image:

Is there anywhere else I can report "bugs" for this theme of yours? I'm posting things here, but maybe this is not the most appropriate place. If there is such place, please let me know, OK. I don't want to be annoying here. :)

Well, any thoughts on how to fix those issues on my screenshot?

I hope it's useful. Thanks for your time. :)

brunces - Mar 26 2014
OK, then. No problem. Thanks, buddy. :) - Mar 25 2014
Oops! Image missing. Here it is...

Thanks. :) - Mar 25 2014
nale12, me again (eheh)...

Please, take a look at the attached image. There are two thin unnecessary lines, one on the top and another at the bottom. They don't appear with other themes I've used here. Is this something I can get rid of or is it something I have to live with (lol)?

Thanks for your time. :)

brunces - Mar 25 2014
nale12, the "unity.css" tip worked like a charm!
Now it's perfect for me! Your theme rocks!
Thanks a lot! :) - Mar 25 2014
Uhm, interesting! I'll give it a try.
Thanks for your prompt response. :) - Mar 25 2014
Hello, nale12. I've been using your theme for a couple of days and I have to say it is by far one of the most beautiful themes I've ever tried! It is really awesome!

There's only one thing I don't like very much: the light top panel (Unity). Don't get me wrong, please. It's a matter of taste, of course. It's me who doesn't like it. :)

Would you consider making an alternative version of your theme with a dark top panel for Unity? It's not a dark version of the theme. It's the same theme, however with a dark top panel only, that's all. I would really appreciate that (and I believe other people would too).

By the way, Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit, using default Unity, here.

Anyway, your theme rocks! Congratulations!

Cheers! :)

brunces - Mar 24 2014
Adwaita GRN+

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by nana4
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Oct 08 2013
Great theme. Does it fit Unity (Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04) as well, or is it restricted to Gnome Shell? :) - Jun 24 2013
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by nale12

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