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brt kr , Hungary

Fonts by glukfonty 4 comments

As I check for updates on your site I mention that links to ttf and otf of Resagnicto are broken. Only ttf can be downloaded from - May 05 2011
LyX -- The Document Processor

Office Apps by jspitzm 35 comments

I downloaded and compiled the source with success. On browsing ftp site I took notice a patch file with the same date as the main program. What does it contain? Do I have to compile? - Nov 24 2010

Fonts by glukfonty 4 comments

Very useful font. I'm all agog to see your next developments as seen on your site. - Sep 03 2010

Graphic Apps by sallewell 24 comments

checking for kde-config... not found
configure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!
Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.

I don't know what do I have to install to run this script correctly. I use Mandriva 2010.1 with KDE4.4.3 with all packages installed on. - Aug 31 2010
Amiga Topaz Unicode Rus

Fonts by xBreeze 11 comments

Thanks. It works. - Aug 17 2010
Amiga Topaz Unicode Rus

Fonts by xBreeze 11 comments

I'm sorry so that the font doesn't contain Hungarian accentes őŐűŰ glyphs. By the way, the glyph named mu is mapped to U+00B5. But its name indicates it should be mapped to U+03BC. Fontforge said so. - Aug 14 2010

Fonts by glukfonty 4 comments

By the way. The typo height is incorrect in bold subfamilies. See video in my blog for baseline shift. - Jul 20 2010

Fonts by glukfonty 4 comments

Grats. Perfect font.
I miss only Romanian localized forms to set in GSUB. - Jul 19 2010

Fonts by west 59 comments

This font is a backward.
Let's see the problematic parts.
1. Version means that here should be only numbers without year.
2. Copyright info contains only the software created with.
3. Italic angle is not set. Appr. 14.2°.
4. Unicode ranges not set to default, so ie.: IPA extension is not useable.
5. MS Code Pages is not set to dafault, so ie.: Turkish codepage is useable.
6. There is no GSUB and GPOS lookups. It means that there is no ligatures and kernings.
7. Missing glyphs in codepages. It means that in default set (ISO8859-1) there aren't even some necessary glyphs.
8. The highly important codepage (Windows ANSI) is not filfulled with the paragraph symbol.
9. The diacritical combination is not set carefully. The following glyphs need correct direction: Ccedilla, ccedilla.
10. Ccedilla and ccedilla need remove overleap.
11. The "Copy reference" issue is not known in this font.
12. Russian iibreve contains uacute.
13. The little ya contains an extra hook and the glyph itself is too high.
14. The little ucyrill and tse is close similar. The tse needs an extra hook.
15. The little shcha needs an extra hook.
16. The little sha has an extra underline. I don't know why.
17. The following glyph needs remove overleap: AE.
18. I don't know why there are extra glyphs at U04D4 and U04D5. They exist in their original places.
19. The following glyphs come in the font lately: numbersign, dollar, percent, ampersand, asciitilde. They have no rounded endings as others have.
20. The Iociryllic contains a character what is similar to English "I" with dieresis. I think this is not Iocyrillic.

I think extremas are correct. - Jun 27 2010
Radiance_R (Radiance Right Side)

Metacity Themes by zipperback 9 comments

This is in the font category. As I see it is a theme package for GNOME. Please, correct it. - Jun 26 2010
Font Manager

Graphic Apps by Dies 14 comments

cannot create package. does not say anything. try to run the compiled program it doesn't run. - May 05 2010

Fonts by Gnom-IK 9 comments

The fonts are badly coded with deficient codepage. Contains really only the Russian alphabet.
- Apr 19 2010

Fonts by KOLYA56 16 comments

As seen on the comments Zekton is not GPL.
The creator is R. Larabie and copyrighted is under Typodermic. It costs $0. So it's a "free" font. You can download it here:

I downloaded a big amount of free fonts here with only sign up with a single email address. :)

Only Zekton Regular costs $0. The rests cost $30 per each. :(

- Mar 09 2010
SchoolBoy Text [updated]

Fonts by simunic 8 comments

Thanks. It's a useful font for create book for kids. And the Hungarian accented glyphs are the plus. - Oct 04 2009

Text Editors by asclepix 5 comments

Now I changed to new computer with new Mandriva with new development environment.
After entering 'make' the following errors say that I use too new versions of QT. The compiling fails.

uic: File generated with too old version of Qt Designer (3.3)
File 'searchdlg.ui' is not valid

I have Qt Designer 4.5.0. And the old version is not in the package list so it cannot be installed.

So it is not compatible with your older version.
- Jul 30 2009
Tatto Parlour

Fonts by zafar88 5 comments

OK, ok. I wrote that if you mentioned the licensor's name, it DOES NOT tell me what the rights are I can use the font with.
I haven't known it till now. I searched the net. So you'd had be corect the rights at the very start, but NOT ME. - Jun 08 2009
Digital Face Font

Fonts by zafar88 4 comments

The Digital Face font is freeware and licenced by Style-7.

See here:

The font is part of the Calculator 7 program:

- Jun 07 2009
Alphabetic Piktures

Fonts by zafar88 2 comments

The e-mail address of the licensor does not tell me the exact license such as freeware, shareware or gpl even commercial. - Jun 07 2009
Tatto Parlour

Fonts by zafar88 5 comments

Tatto Parlour font is Freeware, Non-Commercial and licenced by Gaut Fonts. - Jun 07 2009
Gun Metal

Fonts by zafar88 3 comments

Gun Metal font is freeware product and licenced by Digital Graphics Labs.
See bellow: - Jun 07 2009

Text Editors by asclepix 5 comments

I just wanted to make install the latest. Sorry to me, bacause I have no qmake.
What time will it be ported to Mandriva?
By the way. I translate it to Hungarian language with UTF-8 decoded file.
Check it here:
I hope and trust my translation will be in the next release of QPaddy.

Sorry for UTF-8. - May 12 2009
Spectrum Linux (NoteBook Edition)

Wallpaper Other by nameless89 2 comments

It's great. How did you create it? - Dec 10 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by tr33m4n 2 comments

I am sorry coz I don't use emerald, and I cannot manage the file. But I like the background you made. Could you be so kind to share it and the raw settings in txt so I should apply it to my Openbox? Thanks. - Nov 03 2008

Openbox Themes by lyrae 7 comments

Search word for wallpaper: Browndesktop
- Oct 10 2008

Openbox Themes by lyrae 7 comments

Where can I download this brown wallpaper? - Oct 10 2008
The Source.rar does not content any fonts. Only screenshots, logos and DVD cover and label for the Ubuntu 7.04 and 8.04. Telling the truth they're nice. - Sep 08 2008
YouTube Downloader+

Network by rafalfr 8 comments

There's a full and an open sourse edition in the zip. - Jun 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by astacus 2 comments

Anyway. What about selective bluring and unsharp masking? - May 12 2008

Wallpaper Other by astacus 2 comments

nice shot - May 12 2008
metallic penguins

Wallpaper Other by redshadow 2 comments

Funny certain sea birds. - Apr 24 2008
PLooks (most resolutions)

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

Wow! It's great. - Apr 20 2008

Wallpaper Other by tasmaniandiablo 4 comments

It's cool. I like it. - Apr 19 2008

Fluxbox Themes by metak 2 comments

I like it. - Apr 19 2008

Wallpapers Mandriva by asaliah91 3 comments

Simple and cool.
The logo itself could be better and have more futuristic reflection. I'd try Scribus or Inkscape. They all have capabilities for the reflection. - Apr 18 2008
African Pets Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dirceu 3 comments

I really don't know where I can use these icons. It'd be better to sit them on a drive or folder. Or a peeping giraffe from a folder icon?
Anyway they're so nice. - Apr 15 2008
StarDict 3

Education Apps by renatgaraev 4 comments

I installed it from package (3.0.0) on Mandriva. I'm sorry about character coding. The special Hungarian accented characters are badly shown because of coding in dictionary file itself. (The files are in binary and cannot be modified.) Is there possibilities in the program to change coding. It would be so cool. - Apr 14 2008

Fluxbox Themes by iron03 2 comments

I really like that there's someone working on fluxbox. Check mine. - Apr 13 2008
ROM Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Contrast 3 comments

Just to say they're nice. :) - Apr 08 2008

Plasma Themes
by nameless89

Feb 23 2011

Audio Apps
by wbsoft

Jan 13 2011
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Graphic Apps
by koral

Oct 16 2010

Graphic Apps
by mrdocs

Jun 07 2010

Office Apps
by scribusdocs

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