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Raj Tiger , Mexico
Capitan Font

Fonts by Brahjma 5 comments

No, only if it is so obvious for comment, as a fan of the fonts of X system, update I like fonts, and fight for license and copyright stuff is wasting time .

I just want to share cool fonts. - Jun 02 2016
Lion Font

Fonts by Brahjma 2 comments

Yes is Luc1d4 Gr4nd3 original font converted to otf oh wtf . tttversionmacintoshfont to .ttf in online page only 5min in one pc emulated hackintosh copy font to library fonts to mac os x leopard and upload to share to internet .is so beautiful font and excellent system font ,wait not problems for 35.5kb to bytes ramdom extract to the pirate bay isos mac. - Jun 02 2016
Capitan Font

Fonts by Brahjma 5 comments

Welcome ,please take potato. - Apr 24 2016