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Kaj Munsterhjelm Espanola, ON, Canada
Wicd Client KDE

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Feb 07 2013
It's available to gnome users and does use gtk libs. However, I don't know if wicd works with usb wifi adpters on pcs running gnome desktop.It may however work fine with built in wifi chips such as those on laptops. It used to work on my acer extensa 4630z laptop, but since network manager was fixed on ubuntu lucid I haven't needed to use wicd on my laptop. - Sep 15 2010
I've tried several times on kubuntu lucid to make this app work with a belkin usb adapter without resorting to ndiswrapper with poor results ... it just refuses to find the the router's address. Wicd is configured with wpa-psk but refuses to connect past the router to the internet.Wicd gui claims to be connected , but isn't.
- Sep 15 2010