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Gennariello Esposito

Plasma 4 Extensions by dridk 284 comments

Hi, I want first of all thank you for this plasmoid, really good and one of my favourites.
But I must report problems with the new kde (actually still hybrid 4/5 on my Arch), if you write something, translatoid doesn't answer. I am asking if you are thinking about an update for the new plasma 5. Please do it!
Thank you again! - Aug 24 2015
Konsole Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions by JustinBuser 39 comments

Hi, today on my Arch i have done an update, now i have konsole 3.0.1 with kde framework 5.6. I am so sad when at reboot, the konsole widget (my favourite widget ) don't works. I have X red icon on my panel. Please tell me a solution!! thank you! - Jan 24 2015
Just Cover Art

Plasma 4 Extensions by graywind 6 comments

really good! this is what i mean with Plasmoid! Become invisible when it is useless!!! Only one thing to be perfect, you should add a playbar and some info about the current song! - Oct 08 2014
Just Cover Art

Plasma 4 Extensions
by graywind

9   Oct 08 2014