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Thomas Thomas Wolfe
KFiresaver3D (OpenGL) - Source

Screensavers by koral 145 comments

I cannot get sound to work, I am running ALSA 0.9.6 and it just will not work. Great job though, it looks wonderfull and with the sound working I don't think you could ask for a better screen saver. If anyone knows how to get it to work with alsa please let me know. thanks - Oct 24 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ceebx 233 comments

checking for snprintf... yes
checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!
[thomas@x1-6-00-20-e0-6c-19-4d plastik-0.3.8]$

I am running Mandrake 9.2 any ideas? and yes I tried both
./configure --prefix=/usr --datadir=/usr/share --libdir=/usr/lib
./configure --prefix=/usr
what package should I get so it will find 'X includes' thanks and nice job on the theme, can't wait to use it! - Oct 16 2003