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Bob Good , United States of America

GTK3/4 Themes by tsujan 111 comments

This is my most favorite theme of all time. I've been using it quite a while now. It's beautiful...and yet easy on the eyes. IMO, very tastefully done.

Bob - Dec 28 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by satya164 55 comments

Amen. And well stated.

Later... - Aug 22 2014

Wallpapers Mint by Brahimsalem 1 comment

I like the poppy background but can you include a link without the Linux Mint wording?


Bob - Feb 27 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by satya164 55 comments

Can you provide a link to the wallpaper? I like it.


Later... - Oct 24 2013

GTK3/4 Themes by tsujan 111 comments

I simply love this theme. II would like to see a deeper beige/brown color added though. I use this on every Gnome distro that I try.

Also, I'd like to see an update. It's been a while, you know. You're very good at writing themes.


Bob - Dec 08 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by maskaz 1 comment

with your creation is that the fonts in the Gnome Fallback panel ClockBox are dark gray making it difficult to make out the time. Other than that, I like it. :). If you could fix that you'd have a fan.

Later... - Aug 02 2012
malys - futurebox

GTK3/4 Themes by malys777 21 comments

Your new version solved the scrollbar issue I was experiencing. Thanks. :). Looks great.

Later... - Jul 25 2012
malys - futurebox

GTK3/4 Themes by malys777 21 comments

but I'm having trouble with the scrollbar color in nautilus. The only thing I get is a light gray bar and I can't distinguish where the scrollbar is at. This is under Ubuntu 12.04 Gnome Fallback. Anyone else?

Thanks for your creations. :).

Later... - Jul 24 2012
PenOSmaster GTK3

GTK3/4 Themes by dusthillresident 32 comments

I haven't downloaded your theme yet but it does look nice. And I second the idea of a blue variation (deep blue hopefully).

Thanks for your creation.

Later... - May 19 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by fuchur 22 comments

I like it. Way to go.

Too bad about not producing a deep blue theme, though. In my opinion slate gray is too overly used in a lot of Gnome 3 themes. I like darker themes but a deep blue would be a nice change of pace...easy on the eyes and all that.

Still, your style is what sets you apart from Gnome theme creations...which is a positive.

Thanks for your efforts.

Bob - Apr 30 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by fuchur 22 comments

but it would be nice to see maybe a deep blue and black theme as the same style as this one, of course.

Nice work. Thanks.

Later... - Apr 24 2012
Living Universe

Wallpaper Other by LiquidSky64 8 comments

from a long list of nice ones, LiquidSky.


Later... - Mar 03 2012
Window List Extension

Gnome Extensions by KurtRottmann 40 comments

In talika and dockbarx only an icon is shown in the panel. It would be nice from a stand point of space on the bottom panel. Can you come up with an extension that just does that? I tried to tweak the windowlist but never could get it to do just that.


Later... - Nov 30 2011
Split files

Nautilus Scripts by soleilpqd 1 comment

Thanks. :).

If this script works properly (I haven't tried it yet) then why not combine the two into one script? A simple zenity question dialog box could be used to direct us to the appropriate section.

Thanks for your hard work.


Bob - Oct 29 2011
ASP: Airelle Scripts Package

Nautilus Scripts by airelle 13 comments

Nice scripts. Thank you.

Bob - Oct 26 2011
Join files

Nautilus Scripts by soleilpqd 4 comments

It will come in very handy. I did add this to your nautilus script should I click Cancel at the beginning...

if [ $d -eq 1 ]; then

If you click Cancel it then follows up with "All done!", which is appropriate.

Nice script.

Thanks. :).


Bob - Oct 24 2011
Quiet Friend

Wallpaper Other by LiquidSky64 6 comments

I like your work. Obviously and artist. Wish I could do stuff like that...but alas. :). - Aug 19 2011
Bunny in Grass

Wallpaper Other by GravitySucks 2 comments

...the little booger who's been helping himself to my garden vegetables! Therefore, I hate your photo. But bunnies are beautiful creatures. Hum, I've changed my mind...I like your photo, and I voted as such. ;).


Bob - Aug 09 2011
Prophet 2011 - II.

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 5 comments

the problem is I can't display this as a desktop wallpaper. You know...the wife and kids. Though I will say you are an artist. I like the majority of your work.

Bob - Jul 31 2011
Mountain Reflection

Mountains by csberry 4 comments

cause it's modern and different.

Thank you.

Bob - Jun 08 2011
Talika applet

Various Gnome Stuff by vinoddahiya 114 comments

...and I think it's great. Just what I was looking for. Better than dockbarx for my use and it uses one third the ram, as well. Nice. Please keep on developing it. I'm now a fan.

Again, thank you.

Bob - Jun 01 2011
Hash Checker 4.0.8

Nautilus Scripts by Cooleech 116 comments

but all praise goes to its creator. Funny, but it's surprising how much I use Hash Checker. A very useful tool. Looking forward to your new releases.

Thanks again.

Bob - Apr 11 2011

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 1 comment

I like it. You do good work.

Later... - Apr 02 2011
Hash Checker 4.0.8

Nautilus Scripts by Cooleech 116 comments

Good to hear. Looking forward to your next releases.

Keep up the great work. :).

Later... - Mar 03 2011
Hash Checker 4.0.8

Nautilus Scripts by Cooleech 116 comments

I like your nautilus script. Very useful. But how about adding SHA1 to your selection list. I know SHA1 is not as common as md5 or SHA256 but it does pop up once in a while.

Thanks for your efforts. - Mar 03 2011
Earth Sunrise Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by zeckman1138 35 comments

I love it. After fixing my Plymouth resolution and rebooted your creation floored me. It was beautiful. I can't come up with any suggestions about improving it cause it's fine the way it is.

Later.... - Feb 16 2011
Plymouth Stargate

Plymouth Themes by zeckman1138 19 comments

I'd like it better if the background was something like black. Ditch the gray. It detracts from your creation. BTW, I'm a big StarGate fan. Sucks that I don't get to watch it anymore. Curse you, SyFy Network! Curse you!!!


Later... - Feb 16 2011
A new friend

Wallpaper Other by carlin0 2 comments

All I can say is...I like it. Find some more like that one.

Later... - Feb 13 2011

Metacity Themes by varlash 4 comments

I happen to like this metacity theme very much. If you're using Scientific Linux 6 Alpha 3 then as you know using Emerald is not an option so this theme is your next best choice. I like the color choice as well. Nice effort. Congratulations. - Jan 13 2011

Pek-WM Themes by urukrama 4 comments

I found some close, max, and min pngs that better suited my needs and substituted them into your theme. Now I am happy.

Thanks again for your creation. I like it very much. The turquoise and deep brown go quite nicely together.

Bob - Oct 04 2010
PekWM Windows XP

Pek-WM Themes by ShadowKyogre 1 comment

Your creation was one of the reasons I decided to try PekWM in the first place. I'm sure other people like your theme as well, so don't take it too hard that no one has added a comment.

Thanks for your creation.

Bob - Oct 02 2010

Pek-WM Themes by urukrama 4 comments

Hi, urukrama
This is Trespasser (from Ubuntuforum...:)). I love your theme but I have a request. Can you make a version in which the close, min-max, reduce buttons are larger (on the scale of 3 to 4 times)? The defaults are so small that I have trouble with them.

Thanks for your creation.

Bob (Trespasser) - Oct 02 2010
Redmond 2009

Openbox Themes by rswoods 23 comments

You've captured the look and feel of Windows 98. I like it, but I have a request. If you can find the time can you create a Windows XP Openbox theme? I'd like to have one like that too and I believe you're the guy to do it. Besides, both IceWM and PekWM have an XP theme available...why not one for Openbox?

Thanks for your creation.

Bob - Sep 24 2010
Pasta al forno

Wallpaper Other by muriddhu 1 comment


Thanks, dude.

Later... - Apr 27 2010
Machine upgrades

Wallpaper Other by LeninRussianKing 6 comments

I like the wallpaper but what the heck is it a picture of anyways? Just curious.


Later... - Apr 19 2010

Nature by bijeeshvs 3 comments

Beautiful wallpaper. Nice. - Apr 14 2010

GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs 11 comments

It's different...and the color scheme is unusual but goes nice together. - Apr 10 2010
Lyquid Water - Emerald Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Jotha 2 comments

It's quite beautiful. I use it on all my computers. Thanks for your creation and efforts. - Mar 27 2010
Clearlooks Coffee Compact

GTK2 Themes by IKRUS 5 comments

I voted you up as well. It goes nice with Radiance in the metacity position. BTW, the word "coffee" caught my interest since I like my coffee in the morning. :). I wasn't disappointed.

Later... - Mar 15 2010
Lucid NextG

GTK2 Themes by paullinux 4 comments

I especially like the design of the Close, Minimum, Maximum buttons. Quite creative. - Mar 11 2010

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 33 comments

I thanked you in the link you provided but I thought I'd thank you here, too. So...thanks, Luxie! - Mar 09 2010
QDark X

Metacity Themes by LuxieRayku 10 comments

Thanks, Luxie. :). - Mar 09 2010

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 33 comments

Metacity (I don't use compiz). Again, thanks for your theme. - Mar 09 2010

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 33 comments

I prefer it to all others. I do have a request, though. How about adding colors to the Close, Maximum, and Minimum buttons when they are clicked on. That would make it perfect as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for your efforts. - Mar 08 2010
New Wave Lucid theme

GTK2 Themes by paullinux 5 comments

I like this. Very similar to the Lucid theme. I'll be watching for future updates. Nice work. - Mar 07 2010
fresh jungle startup

System Sounds by softsaurus 2 comments

I've got it on all my Ubuntu computers. It does fit with the Ubuntu sound style. Nice job. - Mar 03 2010
I like your digital clock theme best of all but I would like to see the numbers displayed in something other than gray. Something a little more visible. But still your theme is very nice.

Thanks for your efforts. - Oct 12 2009

Cairo Clock by sito81 1 comment

I like your theme but could you change the hour, minute, and second hands to a different color? They're white but so are the color of the petals. In other words, it's hard to tell the time the way it is now.

Thanks. :).

Later... - Apr 10 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.2 Theme Final

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 86 comments

This is a great theme! I love it! It's so different. Congrats for putting it together.


Bob - Apr 03 2009
Turb splash A - All Versions

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by pequeno3d 5 comments

I personally think these are the best splash screens I've seen. I really like the black one. Nice job. - Jun 13 2007

GTK3/4 Themes
by tsujan

Dec 28 2014
Talika applet

Various Gnome Stuff
by vinoddahiya

Jun 01 2011

GTK3/4 Themes
by petrucci4prez

9   Feb 01 2017

Wallpaper Other
by hyperdude111

9   Jun 23 2014

Wallpaper Other
by hyperdude111

9   Jun 23 2014
9   Jun 08 2014
Penguin loves Linux

Wallpaper Other
by dan-dy

9   May 03 2014

Wallpaper Other
by Cycron

9   May 03 2014
9   Mar 14 2014
Be different

Wallpaper Other
by aazoic

9   Mar 14 2014

Wallpapers Mint
by Brahimsalem

9   Feb 27 2014

Wallpaper Other
by Brahimsalem

9   Jan 30 2014

Wallpaper Other
by fwxyz

9   Dec 19 2013
9   Sep 28 2013

GTK3/4 Themes
by tsujan

9   Dec 08 2012

GTK3/4 Themes
by maskaz

9   Aug 02 2012
malys - futurebox

GTK3/4 Themes
by malys777

9   Jul 25 2012

Icon Sub-Sets
by starwolf

9   Jun 09 2012
9   Jun 09 2012
Past Memories

Wallpaper Other
by LiquidSky64

9   May 20 2012
9   May 19 2012
Zen suite GTK2/3

GTK2 Themes
by cedl38

9   May 08 2012