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Jul 01 2014
You're right, it's a method of KDE 4.5.

Well, you can comment lines from 44 to 50, and rebuild again.


P.S.: Write me an email if you still have problems. - Oct 18 2010
Yes, eComStation has been tested.

You can find packages here:

I didn't post them by myself cause I'm not the maintainer. Anyway, I'd like to thank Elbert Pol again, for all his hard work.

Tony. - Sep 14 2010
Can you help me finding out where's the problem? I cannot test it on mine, it doesn't happen.

If so, please write me at tony (at) becrux (dot) com.

Tony. - Sep 14 2010
Well, I tested it on some systems and paths are all fine.

So, I suggest to go on testing, but if you'd like, please write me at tony (at) becrux (dot) com. I think that there should be a local issue, regarding your problem.

Tony. - Aug 25 2010
Thanks for the report.

I'll fix it ASAP. - Aug 25 2010
If you're making your own deb, you should change your debian "rules" file, replacing "BUILD", "builddir" or whatever with "build".

And you should have Qt >= 4.6.0.

Tony. - Aug 25 2010
Google images have just been added. I'm waiting for translations completion before releasing.

Tony. - Aug 03 2010

have you tried reinstalling deb package using the appropriate one reported above? - May 31 2010
Glad to read that :)

I hope that in KDE 4.3 wallpaper technology will be better. I really don't like their current implementation.

I mean, I can understand that the KDE3 dcop method didn't suit so well with Plasma, but their solution is not so "extensible".

Let's wait and hope ... in the meanwhile, Wally 2.1.1 is on the way :) - Sep 02 2009
> Awesome app! Thank you for all your hard work :)

Thanks so much :)

> I noticed that the debs don't actually contain the wallyplugin :(

Yeah, I'm working on it. Next version is on the road, I moved all compilation to CMake, so it'll be easier to create a full deb. At least, I hope so :P

> And then when I went to compile wally
> itself from the source, it took me a
> while to realise that the wallyplugin
> had to be compiled separately using
> cmake, which isn't mentioned in the
> readme.
> I would also perhaps add to the
> readme that wally itself launches
> minimised in the system tray. It
> confused me after seeing the splash
> disappear as to what I should do
> next! And it also took me a while to
> figure out that the wallyplugin
> appears as an option under "Type" in
> Folder View Settings.

You're right, it's slightly mentioned. I'll be more verbose on next release.

> Sorry and one more little thing is
> that the wallpaper isn't
> automatically changing when a new one
> is downloaded, I have to go into
> Folder View Settings and re-Apply the
> wallyplugin.

Well, not exactly. First of all, you need to restart Plasma to make WallyPlugin fully working, after installation. Next, WallyPlugin has a small delay (it can require up to 10 sec.) in changing photo. Anyway, I'll explain it in detail in README.

> But these are all just little niggles
> in an otherwise superb app. There are
> sooooooo many options to play with,
> plus you keep a well organised
> history of all the previous images.
> It's awesome, really awesome what
> you've done here :)
> Thanks again, tom :)

Well, I spent so much time trying to implement it at best, and it's just a work in progress! :) Thanks so much to you, and NICE WALLYING! - Aug 29 2009
That's the reason.

For WallyPlugin, you must use Qt 4.5. Well, latest KDE4 should supply at least a release candidate of Qt 4.5, it seems strange that you don't have it ... - Apr 06 2009
Well, I cannot understand your error. This method belongs to QLocalServer, according to documentation:

bool QLocalServer::removeServer ( const QString & name )

What version of Qt4 are you using? - Apr 05 2009
Thank so much for your help in deb packages, I was trying to do them with a friend of mine, without success :(

Let me reply to your requests:

1 - why not? :) I put it in TODO list.

2 - at the moment, no. And, AFAIK, there's no way to make Plasma aware of a new wallpaper plugin without a restart.

3 - It can be implemented, but I'll put it later in TODO list, cause this request will change a bit the structure of Wally's engine.

4 - Well, I don't know. WallyPlugin is not a plasmoid, is a plasma wallpaper plugin, a technology introduced later (>= 4.2) by KDE guys, and it seems to me completely detached from anything else. I'll investigate about that, but I cannot promise you anything.

> anyway, great app :) a fan already.

Wow, you're the first :)

> one more thing, an option to enable a
> default background image (local) when
> the internet connection is down, so
> it doesnt stay with a black
> background.

Well, this is a known bug that I'm trying to solve. I save in KDE config system the last image filename, but I cannot understand why it isn't loaded later ... :( ... stay tuned, I'll find out why, soon or later :)

Tony. - Apr 05 2009
Well, good idea :)

I don't know the application you suggested, but I understood what you mean, and I think that it can be done with Files/Folders module.

I cannot promise when it will be available, a lot of TODOs have to be solved first, but I've just appended your request ... cross your fingers :) - Mar 13 2009

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Jul 01 2014

please remove the lines

#if (!defined(QT_SHARED)) && (!defined(QT_DLL))

#include <QtPlugin>

in file main.cpp. Latest Qt / CMake versions do not define QT_SHARED or QT_DLL anymore, that's why the error happens.

It has already been corrected in bzr branch, it won't occur anymore in future versions.

- May 11 2010

As I told you before, that's not a bug. Wally uses available space in order to avoid that part of the images are hidden by toolbars. At the moment, it cannot be changed, but I've just added a TODO. It will be configurable in next releases. - Oct 17 2009
Sorry, I can't understand what you mean.

Wally uses the "available" space of the screen (i.e., if you have docks, Wally does not draw below them). If you mean this, it isn't a bug, it's the way it is :)

Can you better explain your problem? - Oct 17 2009

If you want, just write me an email at tony (at) becrux (dot) com, it's better for us to continue our debugging there.

In the meanwhile, I fixed the "/usr/local" problem. - Feb 24 2009
Ok, but do you see WallyPlugin now, and can you see com.becrux.WallyPlugin with qdbus? - Feb 24 2009

Please move in that directory and restart KDE. You should see it. - Feb 24 2009
You should already have something like located somewhere in your KDE installation.

WallyPlugin has to be in the same directory. - Feb 24 2009
I can see that cmake installs WallyPlugin in /usr/local/lib/kde4/

Can you check if you have something like /usr/lib/kde4 and that you have image and color inside?

In this case, try to move to that directory, and restart KDE.

Maybe is CMake that installs wallyplugin wrongly :( - Feb 24 2009
As long as you can't set WallyPlugin as default plugin image in Appearance Settings, service won't be available.

If you succeed in setting WallyPlugin there, you've to restart KDE.

Just as last question:

in your Appearance Settings, do you have at least plugins like "Image" and "Color"?

Cause, if you don't have those plugins, you don't have an up-to-date Plasma version of KDE, it means that you've a 4.1 or a partial 4.2. - Feb 24 2009
Can you post your output of qdbus?

And can you confirm that you selected WallyPlugin in Desktop Settings? - Feb 24 2009
So, install Wally deb file again, and try. - Feb 24 2009

Wally is /usr/bin cause you installed wally deb file, and it puts executable in /usr/bin. Btw, did deb installation procedure failed?

WallyPlugin is only a KDE plugin, and that isn't in /usr/bin. It's automatically installed by cmake, so you don't have to care for that. - Feb 24 2009
Well, it means that you haven't installed wally, or you removed it.

It HAS TO BE in /usr/bin.

And, YOU HAVE TO SEE "com.becrux.WallyPlugin" interface in qdbus. So please BE SURE that you selected "WallyPlugin" in your Desktop Settings. - Feb 24 2009
Well, it means that you haven't installed wally, or you removed it.

It HAS TO BE in /usr/bin.

And, YOU HAVE TO SEE "com.becrux.WallyPlugin" interface in qdbus. So please BE SURE that you selected "WallyPlugin" in your Desktop Settings. - Feb 24 2009
Don't worry.

Ok, Wally works with KDE4, the problem is that D-BUS denies access if you're not root (that's why it works with my system).

I'll solve the problem definitively in next days, I just ask you for this handy solution, if you can test it.

Just find out your D-BUS system configuration directory, it should be something like /etc/dbus-1/system.d

Create a wally.conf file in it, and type these lines in this file:

<!-- This configuration file specifies the required security policies for WallyPlugin to work. -->

<!DOCTYPE busconfig PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Bus Configuration 1.0//EN"

<policy context="default">
<allow send_destination="com.becrux.WallyPlugin"/>


Save and restart your PC (not only KDE, all your system).

After that, Wally should work correctly.

Can you tell me if it works for you?

Thank you so much. - Feb 23 2009
Well, at the moment I found out a problem using KDE 4.2.

It seems related to D-BUS access security. ASAP I have a solution, I'll post it here. - Feb 23 2009

Can you make these two tests?

1. In a console, just type "wally -debug", and check if KDE4 is detected

2. In a console, type "qdbus" and check if "com.becrux.WallyPlugin" appears. - Feb 23 2009
At the moment, I don't have a WallyPlugin deb file, last weekend I succeeded in producing Ubuntu packages.

I'll post WallyPlugin packages ASAP, in the meanwhile you can download sources and you'll find WallyPlugin in "wallyplugin" directory.

Just follow steps reported in README.KDE4, it shouldn't be so difficult. - Feb 23 2009

have you read README.KDE4?

Briefly you must compile WallyPlugin and install it. Then you've to choose "WallyPlugin" in your desktop configuration (right-clicking on your desktop).

After a restart of KDE, you should see your wallpaper changing.

Please write me if something goes wrong, and I'll ask you to do some tests. - Feb 23 2009

now, with Wally 2.0.0, if you have KDE 4.2, you can :) - Feb 07 2009

you must use Qt4 in order to build Wally.

Anyway, KDE4 is not supported at the moment, cause it doesn't offer a public interface for wallpaper change.
- Nov 27 2008

about Webshots, I've already requested an access to their resources. Unfortunately, they haven't answered me yet :(

Let's cross our fingers and hope for better! - Sep 16 2008
Of course! I've planned a new release, cause I caught a bug in HTTP cancel process, so can you post (or better, send an email to tony (at) becrux (dot) com), the command line required to change desktop background? The command should require only the full path name of the wallpaper, I don't need other parameters.

Thank so much in advance :) - Aug 31 2008
Right :)

Hey, Wally's first bug!!!! :P :P - Aug 25 2008