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Bart Van Hove

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by dwerg
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Jan 06 2005
This theme is ridiculousely underrated. I haven't even installed it yet, but the screenshots can tell me it's a beaute. - Aug 01 2004
Light 'n Crisp

Karamba & Superkaramba 34 comments

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Sep 27 2004
The font is probably tiny because you haven't installed the required one yet.

I'm not familiar with the Python errors, but I do know I'm not (that I know of) using any Python extensions, so it should load fine I suppose?

I've never used Superkaramba, I designed LNC for Karamba 0.17 and it worked fine when I used it (I'm using XD2 at the moment so no further development on this theme is planned for the time being). - Mar 27 2004
You're probably missing some Perl-modules, install them with CPAN.

You can check wich ones you need by looking at the top of the perlscripts included in my tarball, their dependencies will be taken care of by CPAN.

Also: if your provider requires you to fill in a proxy to surf the web, you must also add it in the perl-script, they need it too. - Aug 11 2003
I myself don't use this effect, but it doesn't seem hard for somebody that uses the Mac OSX bar (or what is it called?) to align it to the right and add zooming icons to his liking... - Jul 20 2003
My question exactly, if you ever find out, let me know!

My setup indeed uses multi-desktoping as a workaround... - Jul 20 2003
The kicker bar follows the same color-sheme everything in KDE uses. I've even uploaded mine on request, it's mentioned in the README/Description and is named SSSSlik! - Jul 01 2003
You already have the transparant sidebar background, it's alpha blended at 75%.

Also, I've just added a 50% transparant version in LNC 0.4, check out instructions in sidebar.theme! - Jul 01 2003
Install them with the KDE Font installer

kcontrol > System Administration > Font Installer - Jun 30 2003
yup, read the new README/description - Jun 25 2003
I've added a 1024x768 version right now in LNC version 0.2 :)

Everything stays the same except for positioning and the sizes of some bars. Also the fontsize of the xmms-bar had to be decreased. - Jun 23 2003
Read the description...

Carefully :P - Jun 23 2003
Emerge life (transparent)

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Jul 21 2003
For the record: it was I who created the background of this wallpaper.

Could you please tell me were you've found this wallpaper or is that here on KDE-Look?

I'm not at all trying to keep people from using my GPL'ed creations, but I do like to keep track of them :-D - Jul 20 2003
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2)

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Jun 05 2003
Why don't you start creating wallpapers instead of screenshotting movies and pasting softporn on ugly gradients? - Jun 06 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 222 comments

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Apr 14 2003
Yeah yeah, I'm not original: good work! I've been longing for a Samurize-alternative in Linux for a long time (gkrellm is ugly).

I think it's safe to say that you have even surpassed the cool-factor of Samurize, so you don't have an editor: who needs one when there's commandline or kwrite?

I've just spent some time customizing/drawing, I'm on 1280x960 so smaller stuff than the standard themes are more useful to me.

Also a question: what Style are you using? I know the windec is Galaxy, but the style too???

One word: Fantastic! - May 03 2003
Bart & David KDE-Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Apr 20 2003
Blue Crystal, also available in other colors: - Apr 21 2003

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 11 2002
Do not mind the post I made above: it was meant to be posted in a thread on the 1024x768 version of my wallpaper :-) Too bad I can't delete my own posts here on

About the theme: The screenshot isn't showing my win-decoration (wich is Glow), my Qt theme is Light 3d Revision

The icons are Crystal 0.8, the pixmap in the Kicker is drawn by myself, go to Wallpapers | 1600x1200 This wallpaper is on page 2 I think, in those comments you'll find the explanation about the kicker...

My color theme = most of it is Keramik, I customized my title bars a bit (added gradient...) I'll probably post a screenshot with more on it in the next couple of hours... - Nov 13 2002
Jup, looks pretty nice :-)

Don't know for sure if I'll have enough time for some Gimping today :-(

When I add it, I'll propably kind of 'embed' it, keeping the clear colors of it would probably atrackt too much attention... - Nov 13 2002

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Nov 11 2002
Jup, looks pretty nice :-)

Don't know for sure if I'll have enough time for some Gimping today :-(

When I add it, I'll propably kind of 'embed' it, keeping the clear colors of it would probably atrackt too much attention... - Nov 13 2002
I'll certainly try to realize this tomorrow, after school...

About the connectiva logo: do you have any URL to a good example? (of the logo, not the use of it) - Nov 12 2002

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Nov 11 2002
It's a png file, wich I activated in Kcontrol | Look & Feel | Panel | Look & Feel
(Look for 'Enable background image' at the bottom)

The background is some of my own GIMP-work, I uploaded it at the following URL:

More info
The size of my panel is the standard setting 'Large'

I'm using the 'Plain Clock' iwth foreground color #78797A and background color #E4E4E4. Font = Impact (size 15)

Hope this information was useful...

- Nov 11 2002
It's found in the Mac OS X collection for KDE in the subfolder 'games':


The IcOsX icons are found on kde-look:

It looks even better without the JPG compression from my screenshot :-) - Nov 11 2002
'at all of these lines' must ofcourse be 'add all of these lines'

I don't speak English, so please except any other stupid mestakes I might have made :-) - Nov 11 2002
Too bad you can't read Dutch, I've got the complete Howto posted on my site under 'Howto | Installeren'

>> NOTE: All links must be prefixed by http:// or sometimes ftp:// (removed them so kde-look would show them)

First: get Wine!
Only use this link above when you use SuSE 8.0, otherwise find your own rpm at

Now download the tarball with necessairy DLL's at
then do:

tar xzvf kazaa_dll.tar.gz
mv *.dll

Now you must edit the Wine config file:

cd /home/user/.wine
vi config

On the bottom of it, at all of these lines:

"commctrl" = "native"
"comctl32" = "native"
"comdlg32" = "native"
"msvcrt" = "native"
"shdoclc" = "native"
"shdocvw" = "native"
"shlwapi" = "native"
"urlmon" = "native"
"wininet" = "native"

Now download Kazaa Lite (no bullshit, just kazaa) 1.7.2 here:

Or here: (mirrors)

wine kazaa_lite_172_english.exe

And a setup will appear. Complete it, then run Kazaa like so:

cd /home/user/.wine/fake_windows/Program\ Files/KaZaA\ Lite/
wine Kazaa.exe

When you have SuSE (maybe also other distro's) kazaa may also create an icon on your KDE desktop...

Post any questions here! Hope it works! - Nov 11 2002
Iconica Brights Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets 6 comments

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Aug 31 2002
... still no match for the Mac OS X icons (also found elsewere on I think.

Still: good work, keep it up! - Aug 31 2002
IcOsX Theme 0.7

Icon Sub-Sets 124 comments

by shok
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Nov 08 2002
Nice, I can't wait to see the results !

PS: to make it 100% complete, you could even add some K-mail icons, but first thing's first :) - Aug 31 2002
Looking extremely good! I myself once tried to duplicate Mac OS X icons, yet didn't fully succeed in doing this (no 128x128, white edges, etc...)

Yours look fantastic! One suggestion though:

I use Konqueror for browsing the web & my files, any chance you'll create back/forward, home, stop, refresh, etc buttons for it??? - Aug 29 2002