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Asif Ali Rizwaan
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

Though this looks good but tabs look ugly in the screenshot. I would definitely back a GhostView like style; which is clean and soft on eyes. Press ALT+F2 and run "gv" to see it. - Jul 07 2002
*NEW* super fast kde startup

Various Stuff by tkaitchuck 20 comments

KDE does seems faster at startup. I was very annoyed by watching splash screen everytime KDE starts, which I felt slows down.

Thank you, I appreciate it. - May 15 2002
Windows Media Player

Noatun Skins by asifalirizwaan 12 comments

If you don't like it don't download it and don't use it. Anyway any person no matter how stupid s/he may be can say that Windows Media Player looks better than 'Excellent' and 'Milk-Chocolate' plugins. just enable them along with this kaiman skin. you'll know the difference. - May 01 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by guest 10 comments

Why not make it Generic instead of SuSE specific. As KDE can be seen on most Unix flavors. I would suggest to remove that completely (SuSE 7.3), but if you like it. - Mar 04 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by guest 10 comments

The Red X looks bad because it tries to cut/cross the Windows. why not draw X Windows in alignment? And Using 32x32 icons would be cool. - Mar 04 2002

Ice-WM Themes by asifalirizwaan 5 comments

I respect your preferences. I have these following plans for this theme. I will put three to four themes in one tar.gz archive.

Here's what in my mind:
1. This one (without epsxe border which is 4 pixels)
2. with epsxe borders
3. small size titlebar (for 800x600 resolution) currently it is 26

so, don't worry, I will take care of your like and dislike :) - Feb 26 2002
TUX Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by GimpY 3 comments

Good Splash Screen!!! Kudos!

Now with so many nice splash screens, it is desirable to have a "random" option for Splash Screens much like screensavers.
- Feb 13 2002
windows X splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by echobrain 49 comments

If you don't like this or any other contribution then don't download it!

I feel sorry for you _inherently_despiteful_ people who don't ever contribute anything (even if you have contributed something) have no right to criticize others.

If you are too smart or creative then show your talent instead of critizing others!!!

- Jan 20 2002
Windows 2000 Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by asifalirizwaan 59 comments

download iKons theme :) - Oct 26 2001
The mozilla Scroll Bar is rather easy to click on and drag due to the pointer instead of just a clock. This is the update for the moment. I wish to add 3 more different cursors soon... :) - Oct 16 2001
Windows 2000 Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by asifalirizwaan 59 comments

I think you've not read the README file. Well, here is the content. I have been licensed to used Windows (licensee), I have the right to use the icons. If you have Licensed Windows then you are free to use it. There's no copyright violation, and I have explictly said so in the README file. - Oct 10 2001
Windows 2000 Theme

KDE 2 Themes by asifalirizwaan 28 comments

The power failed when I was uploading the theme. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. And perhaps that was the Authentic Windows touch of missing link ;) - Oct 10 2001

KDE 2 Themes by del 52 comments

I love this theme, now people will opt for Linux/KDE instead of QNX ;) Anyway, it compiled successfully but the destination KDE folder is '/usr/local/KDE/' unlike Redhat's '/usr'. So, you have to copy it by # "cp /usr/local/KDE/* /usr". The compile time is also very small. I would appreciate the icon theme for this style. Does anybody has those icons? - Oct 10 2001