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gonzalo ponce , Spain

Cinnamon Themes by ArquetypeLinux 3 comments

I appreciate your opinion, here you got the link of a new cinnamon theme that i build, hope you like it !!! - Mar 29 2016
Arquetype Dark "plasma 5"

Plasma Themes by ArquetypeLinux 7 comments

I'm thinking about to build a black translucent version, maybe i can add some colored versions to download if i do it. - Aug 18 2015
i will look for some icon pack with flat style that fits good with this theme.

I'm happy that you like the theme ;) - May 28 2015
Anyways you can download sources of "plasma desktop" and look the code by yourself. You will see where is the problem at shadows in text. - May 14 2015
I know exactly what you mean. But this isn't problem of plasma theme, is a bug problem of "plasma desktop" package. I solved it downloading sources and editing task manager values and set shadow to zero for dark environments, then I compile it again and install; later to reboot and start up system the problem is fixed.
I'm sorry but is a task manager problem not from plasma theme. - May 14 2015
i'm so glad that you like it, right now Arquetype team will finish a darker version for this theme. So i hope that people likes it to. - May 13 2015
Is EXO font family. You can find it and download in "google fonts". - May 12 2015
this is the link of waallpaper: - May 05 2015