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Arnold Krille , Germany

Plasma 4 Extensions by cfigura 12 comments

...although I am not an astronomer.

But here are some ideas:

Add an option to hide the seconds. This would allow for more sleeping in the applet and thus saves power (especially on laptops).
Make the numbers svg's so they blend with the background. They could then also blend with each other just as in the real valve-displays the glowing of one would be visible in others too. - Apr 16 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by arnonym 3 comments

Ever graded students? They don't want their grades box-distributed. While their might be lots of 1 (A's), there will be the same number of 6 (F's)...

I don't think a normal stand-alone dice is needed for anything in computers (unless you take your PC to the table where you play with your friends).

But choosing the distribution and the element-range is something that is planned.

BTW: I know statistics, I do them everyday for a living;-) - Apr 16 2009
Dreamy Island 2

Wallpaper Other by arnonym 2 comments

Hehe, no. The heightfield (a 8bit-gray png) was made with gimp. Setting the objects in the right places happened with kpovmodeler. Rendering was done with povray... - Nov 21 2006

Full Icon Themes by dannya 31 comments

...has me in its spell.

I like the Black and White version more than the grayish. - Nov 28 2004

Various Stuff by davidsansome 4 comments

Why are these cool round menus only for the configuration? Why not for adding menus from the k-menu to winterbar? Or for creating own menus? - Nov 06 2004

Various Stuff by davidsansome 4 comments

I like the idea of your winterbar.

But why is it a stand-alone application? Why not make it a kicker extension?
This would give you the advantage of being movable, resizeable and being shown on all desktops without any work from you.

Arnonym - Nov 06 2004
Dreamy island

Wallpaper Other by arnonym 2 comments

Something to add: On you can find a lot more pictures of this island... - Nov 03 2004
I Love Gentoo! : Part 2

Wallpaper Other by Vanya 10 comments

I like the red version.

Root isn't one who does graphical login, "su -" is your friend... So you don't need to set red bg's for root and you can freely show your love (red) for your favourite linux distribution. :-) - Nov 03 2004

Plasma 4 Extensions
by cfigura

Apr 16 2009