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Plasma Themes 28 comments

by l4k1
Score 80.8%
May 19 2020
This looks great. What font are you using here? - Nov 16 2019

Application Styles 115 comments

Score 69.9%
Jul 08 2017
@tsjuan: I can't see your comment here, but I received your answer via mail. Thank you for your quick reply on this. - May 26 2017
I know it's a bit old, but I didn't found an answer. What GTK Themes can you recommend to get a similar look to Kvantum themes? - May 26 2017
Cool Effect

Kwin Effects 26 comments

Score 71.8%
Mar 07 2014
Is it possible to customize the script a bit?

I have visual glitches using it with LibreOffice, if you try to open a color palette, it isn't entire visible with active effect.

Is there a way to exclude apps like LibreOffice within the script? - May 09 2016

QtCurve 9 comments

Score 70.0%
Dec 22 2015
Nice work.

Which icon theme are you using on your screenshots? - Dec 22 2015
PowerMac Solid - QtCurve

QtCurve 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 15 2015
Looks great! - Oct 21 2015
Score 46.0%
Apr 06 2015
Very cool work, indeed. As an alternative, if you don't use Emerald, you can choose the QtCurve window decoration.

Additionally, I had an issue in KDE 4.13 with the lock screen. It simply went black and unusable. I needed to move my QtCurve config file and kill the locker app to get in again.

Maybe it's needed to restart the session after applying this design? I didn't tested it... - Apr 07 2015
Evolvere Icon theme [DUPLICATE]

Full Icon Themes 194 comments

Score 79.1%
Feb 24 2015
Ok, with GIT CLONE it works, but downloading the ZIP doesn't work. It seems the symlinks won't be created correctly. - Mar 03 2015
Hi, I downloaded your ZIP from Github and moved the icon folders to my ~/.kde/share/icons, but KDE doesn't find them. - Mar 03 2015
KDE 5 look

QtCurve 40 comments

Score 67.3%
Jan 08 2016
Great work - Nov 03 2014

QtCurve 5 comments

by mcder
Score 72.2%
Nov 02 2014
Very sleek design.

Where are these icons from? - Nov 03 2014