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Plasma Wallpaper Plugins 36 comments

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Dec 01 2019
Doesn't work for me. Not sure how to debug. I have Kubuntu 16.05, KDE plasma 5.5.5, kernel 4.4. Regardless of what I try and set in the Vallpaper dialog, every desktop is jut this one:
and it doesn't save my settings.

I found some errors in "~/.xession-errors":
"Error loading QML file.\n27: module \"org.kde.plasma.private.mediaframe\" is not installed\n"
file:///usr/share/plasma/wallpapers/at.lehklu.plasmoid.vallpaper/contents/ui/config.qml:152: TypeError: Cannot call method 'push' of undefined
- Aug 31 2018
Well, I figured out how to use it now, but it just doesn't work. When I right click on my Desktop, the menu item is called 'Folder View Settings' for some reason. From there I can select Vallpaper under 'Wallpaper Type'. Unfortunately, this usually crashed plasma for some reason (Segmentation fault). I must have some conflict or something. I can't figure out any way to debug it either. - Jul 07 2018
How do you use it? I followed instructions to install - and that seemed to work. I can't find the settings panel to use it though. Do you need to restart plasma after installing? - Jun 28 2018

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins
by lehklu

Score 75.0%
Jun 28 2018