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Anselmo L. S. de Melo Campinas, Brazil
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Jan 04 2011
Hi Thiago!

I updated the code on gitorious, but not the package here. I added a single radio from Fortaleza, I need to find the URL of the other streams.

I'll update the package now, then try to find the URLs later.
Thanks! - Aug 17 2010
Hi there

I've just pushed some changes to my clone at (not integrated with the mainline yet). It includes 3 new radios, 2 from Rio de Janeiro and 1 from Fortaleza.

Some suggestions were not added yet because the stream url is somehow hidden (e.g. flash players), but I'll work on that soon (contributions are welcome! =)

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! - Aug 10 2010

Thank your for your suggestions!
I'll try to update the script tonight.

- Aug 09 2010
Hi thiagoaderaldo!

Of course I can! Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

--- pt_BR ---

Olá thiagoaderaldo!

Claro! Você tem alguma para sugerir? Obrigado! - Aug 05 2010

Plasma Themes
by jmtodaro

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Feb 18 2010
Tragedy Deco

Aurorae Themes
by jmtodaro

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Feb 18 2010